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After you buy or sell an item in, you have a chance to leave Feedback by rating your trading partner and writing a comment. Each member has a Feedback Profile, which is made up of the ratings and comments that were left for them by the buyers and sellers they’ve had transactions with.


Using My Lelong is a great way to help you keep track of your Feedback, especially if you buy or sell regularly.


To leave Feedback:

  1. Click My Lelong at the top of most Lelong pages. You may be asked to sign in.
  2. Click the My Buying tab, and then click the My Purchase link on the left.
  3. On the right hand side of the page, you will saw the list of Purchase that you had make
  4. Click the Rate [Seller ID] link in the seller column.
  5. Enter a rating and comment for your trading partner.
  6. Click the Place Rating button.

How to rate seller in Lelong Step 1How to rate seller in Lelong Step 3
How to rate seller in Lelong Step 4




Viewing Feedback you received

  1. Click My Lelong at the top of most Lelong pages. You may be asked to sign in.
  2. Scroll down until your profile section
  3. You will see the rating just beside your profile photo
  4. Click on the rating number
  5. You will see who gave you the feedback before, either from your seller or from your buyer

View rating received

View rating received Step 2

easy Parcel logo

EasyParcel Malaysia fisr all in one shipping solution which provides an excellent delivery solution from you taking an order to the final delivery to your customer at the best and the lowest shipping rates from our top-notch courier partners. With just few click on your electronic device, your selected courier provider will come to your home or work place to collect your parcel. All orders are processed automatically with the Carrier through EasyParcel website.
Currently EasyParcel are partner with few of the well know courier company include Poslaju, DHL, Airpak Express, Skynet, Aramex, ABX Express and Nationwide Express. There are more courier company will be list into the partner list from time to time in the future.


Easy parcel howto

To book your order for shipping, just following the follow few easy step:
Step 1 – Log in your account

Step 2 – Click on the “Send Parcel”

Step 3 – Key in your parcel details

Step 4 – Click the next button and key in the Collection and Delivery address

Step 5 – Choose your preferred Courier service and click “Select” button

Step 6 – If you have another parcel to send click on the “New Item” button; click on the “Checkout” button if that’s the only parcel you want to send.

Step 7 – Once order is confirmed, click on the “Pay now” button.

Step 8 – Complete the Payment process via ipay88.

Well done! – You may now check your email for your booking confirmation.


Reason to use easy parcel

By using Easy Parcel, you can manage all the parcel in a single login to a single platform, you can book for parcel pick up, pay for your parcel sent as well as trace your shipping. The shipping status that you get from the system is always synchonize with the data in the shipping company system.


Click here for more information about EasyParcel


mycybersale-malaysia-online-sale MYCyberSALE online shopping campaign is Malaysia’s answer to the United States’ Cyber Monday, Singapore’s Bigger Better Sale and Thailand’s Online Mega Sale. Spanning over a period of 12 days, the campaign will see local E-commerce merchants like Groupon, offering simultaneous online shopping deals and discounts for the Malaysian consumers. It is an initiative by MDEC, the government agency tasked to spearhead the country’s ICT drive and oversee the development of MSC Malaysia. It is believed that #MyCyberSALE is the FIRST & BIGGEST cyber sale to be launched in Malaysia this year #MYCybrSale is aim for online sellers in Malaysia and the objectives are:

  1. Create the awareness and encourage Malaysians to shop online
  2. To boost E-Shopping cultural in Malaysia
  3. To encourage SMEs to be part of eCommerce eco-system
  4. To increase the domestic eCommerce revenue from the eCommerce spending in Malaysia


MDEC has a target of 100,000 shoppers and RM50 million sales for the campaign period. All participating online retailers, marketplaces and voucher/deal websites must be registered with MDEC, and undergo a strict vetting and approval process.


What you as an eCommerce owner will be benefit from the #MYCyberSALE event is that once your application is approved by the organizer, you will actually get the free advertisement and link back from the #MYCyberSALE advertisement page, create the exposure on the ad media such as YouTube, Google Ad, Line, Media print such as The Star, Kosmo, Xin Chew Daily, Digital ads such as OOHM, Radio Media such as Era, MyFM, and more. The best part is everything come with FREE. To join the Malaysia first and biggest sales event, you need to have the following:

  1. Malaysia registered business under Business Act 1956 or Company Act 1965
  2. Must have a complete eCommerce site
  3. Must processed a recognized payment gateway such as Paypal, MOL Pay, iPay88, or eGHL
  4. Your online store must display clear Terms & conditions, Company Contact & etc
  5. Do not have any unresolved customer complaints


#MyCyberSale Campaign Period 29 September – 10 October, 2014 #MyCyberSale Merchants Below is a list of participating E-commerce merchants: MyCyberSales Participate merchant 2 MyCyberSales Participate merchant 1


  The following is the presentation slide of what’s is the #MYCyberSALE about and also the detail.

It’s time to do some serious life evaluation. Glassdoor has compiled a list of the top 25 companies with the best-paid internships, and annualized, interns at all of these organizations make more than the median household income in the U.S., which sits at around $53,000. With that kind of money, you know no one’s fetching coffee.

Unsurprisingly, the list is tech-heavy. The highest-paying company for interns, based on average monthly base pay, is Palantir ($7,012), followed by VMWare ($6,966), and Twitter ($6,791). Oil and energy companies also made a strong showing, including ExxonMobil (No. 8, $5,972), Chevron (No. 13, $5,424), ConocoPhillips (No. 15, $5,357), and Schlumberger (No. 25, $4,634). Overall, the average intern makes between $2,400 and $3,100 a month, according to Glassdoor.


This report had some overlap with another list of the best companies to intern with, which Glassdoor released earlier this month. The firms that made an appearance on both reports include Facebook, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Qualcomm, Intel, and Schlumberger.

Conversions are vital to your sales. Many times, small efforts can mean big increases in profits. Here are 10 tips on how to increase conversions:

  1. When doing an A/B test, always have a control group so you know if you’re improving.
  2. Every word is important – which words you choose for your offers make a huge difference, so test different versions. Words like “free”, “trial” or “limited offer” can increase or decrease your conversion rate.
  3. Use Data, not opinions, to make decisions – You may think something looks pretty or would be effective, but you don’t really know until you test it, either with an A/B test or checking your analytics. The best validation of a test is if someone buys. A opinion doesn’t matter if no one is buying.
  4. Be Patient – Allow plenty of time to collect statistically relevant data, at least 30
  5. Color makes a different – different colors affect people differently, so keep in mind that colors affect conversion rates. For example, red vs. green. Stop and go. Think about how you feel when you see a red button vs. a green one.
  6. Many people dislike reading – try different formats on your site – video, text, images. That way you are communicating in the way your visitors consume information.
  7. Some people like reading – on the other hand, some people, often analytical, like to read and find out all they can. For some products, off the detailed, fine print.
  8. Help people trust you – Many people are hesitant about putting in their credit card and personal information into a website they don’t know. Add trust elements such as the TRUSTe badge or the BBB seal, as well as client testimonials (text and video).
  9. Look at the large picture – there are many steps along the way to conversion: find product, select product, add to cart, enter credit card, check out, etc. Work on each step, but keep in mind that all that matters is if they buy.




Do you wondering how much an IT related field people worth? How much the market rate for a employees who are working in an IT company in Malaysia are being paid?
Are you an employee? Always wondering what kind of salary you should deserve?

A special thanks to Johnson Tan, an experienced HR / Recruitment specialist and IT professional who has shared with us some of his market insights.

You can refer to the table below on the salary guidelines of IT and e-commerce talents in Malaysia:

 Position  Years of experience  Min annual salary (RM)  Max annual salary (RM)
Software Developer / Programmer 1 to 4 30,000 90,000
Software Engineer 1 to 4 24,000 84,000
Senior Software Engineer 5 to 9 80,000 132,000
Web Designer 1 to 4 30,000 60,000
Web Application / Team Lead 5 to 9 84,000 138,000
Product Manager 5 to 9 72,000 144,000
Project Manager 5 to 9 72,000 156,000
Project Manager 10 to 20 120,000 220,000
Executive 1 to 4 24,000 48,000
Senior Executive 5 to 9 48,000 72,000
Manager 10 to 14 72,000 156,000
Senior Manager / Management 15 and above 120,000 260,000


There are a few interesting observations for us, the first one being the difference between Software Developer / Programmer and Software Engineer. Software Developer / Programmer is fetching higher salary than Software Engineer, but what is the differences on job scope between these two?

According to Johnson, who is also the country manager for a HR & Recruiting software company, “both share similar job scope, it is just that by the name of Software Developer or Programmer, you might be able to fetch slightly higher salary”.


Technical skills is very IMPORTANT
If you look into the details from the table above, you will realize that talents with technical skills are generally fetching higher salary package.

For example, the maximum annual salary for a Software Engineer is RM84,000, while it is only RM48,000 for an Executive with similar years of experience. The definition of Executive here can be those in sales, business development, marketing and so on.

Web designer with maximum of RM60,000 per annum is also higher than the Executive’s RM48,000.

Similar can be said on a 10-years-experience Manager’s minimum pay of RM72,000, while a Project Manager with technical implementations is able to garner almost 67% more, with an annual package of RM120,000.

The conclusion is, always equip yourself with technical skills especially when you are just starting your career in IT or e-commerce industry. Besides coding or designing, it can also be some specialized skills like digital advertising, analytics and so on.

As long as you get your hands dirty, there is where you learn and grow the most.

As for employers, always remember that talent is one of your most important assets in the business, even more so when you are in e-commerce or IT industry.


Loyalty cards and rewards programs have greatly increased in number recently. Gone are the days when only high end brands offer such things. Today, more and more brands have realized the great importance of having loyalty cards and rewards programs as far as keeping their customers and brand promotion is concerned.

Giift - Free Voucher

Since almost every brand, store, and grocery today offers some sort of loyalty card or reward programs, consumers cannot catch up with what is happening to a specific loyalty card. As a result, most of the reward points either expire or become forgotten.


If you are quite a shopaholic like us, then you must have experienced losing more than one loyalty card or losing track of the rewards points simply because you have lost count of how many cards you have already acquired. I am also betting you have no plans of making them all fit in your card holder and carry them every single day.


Despite all these, we all are still tempted to get as much loyalty card and rewards points as we can. Regardless if we can actually make good use of them in the future or not, we still collect them. Now how would you feel if I tell you we have found an amazing application that acts like a digital wallet for all our loyalty cards and reward points?


I guess we were sort of hoping and expecting for an application like this to come out sooner or later because of the increase in mobile loyalty cards and rewards points. But totally went beyond our expectations.


It is a truly revolutionary mobile application that has made lives of millions of people in Singapore easier. Today, they have geared towards the global stage with offices at Beijing, Paris, and New York.


What is About Exactly? is basically called a gift network. It is currently the largest loyalty card network with more than 1,200 programs. In addition to this, it can also track reward balance programs in over 50 countries. It is even available in three different languages namely English, Chinese (Mandarin), and French.Giift - Smart Phone Voucher


This basically works in a way that all you need to do is register and from there you can start adding up all your acquired loyalty cards and rewards programs. Their database is quite vast with more than 500 programs. We did not have a hard time registering and adding up our loyalty cards one by one so I do not expect you to have a hard time either.


After adding all the loyalty cards and rewards programs we have gathered through the many years, we were surprised some of which we have not used and have forgotten are still active. This took us a while adding up everything though but the result is very satisfying. Where else can you find an app today that compiles everything so efficiently?


The best thing about is that it is more than just a digital wallet. It also acts as a social platform since you can connect with friends and exchange unused loyalty or reward points with them. You can even get paid simply by recruiting your friends to register.


From how we see it, this is an application where the saying, “the more, the merrier” is applicable. The more friends you get to join, the more you get paid and the more options you have if you plan to exchange points.


With, you not only have the benefit of monitoring all your loyalty cards and rewards points but you can also use them even for your online purchases. Through that way, you can still get more points. Check now and you will surely never look back at disorganized loyalty and reward cards all over your bags.


This downloadable app allows you to get more bang for your buck with the vast array of exclusive loyalty programs and discounts. Check their video which will give you a good idea of what they offer:

Pinterest in Bahasa Malayu

Pinterest, the famous visual bookmarking site today announced that the site has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia. Starting today, people in Malaysia can access a translated version of the Pinterest website, as well as in iOS and Android apps.


“We’re excited to help Pinterest fans explore the things they love to do in Bahasa Malaysia. Pinterest Malaysia already has an active pinning community with our most popular categories including fashion, travel, crafts, food and home décor. Today’s localization is a first step toward helping pinners discover their interests and hobbies in an entirely new way,” said Matt Crystal, Head of International, Pinterest.


In the last year, Pinterest has launched in more than 20 languages and will continue with more translations in 2014.

People use Pinterest to create wish lists, plan decor for their home, get inspired about places to visit, discover new recipes, and more. On Pinterest, people can follow Pinners with similar interests to get creative ideas for the everyday activities in their lives or things they hope to do someday in the future. As a global discovery tool, Pinners get access to a worldwide resource of visual content based on the categories they’re most interested in.

Click here to view Pinterest in Malasia Version

H370 240314 01

PETALING JAYA: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has announced that British investigators from its Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) have concluded that the flight of Malaysian Airlines MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.

He said that Immarsat, the company that indicated the plane flew along northern and southern corridors, have managed to trace its final flight path, using sophisticated technology.

“Using a type of analysis never before used in an investigation of this sort, they have been able to shed more light on MH370’s flight path.”

He said that MAS, together with AAIB, determined that MH370 flew along the southern corridor, and its last position was in the middle of the Indian Ocean, west of Perth.

All 239 passengers and crew on board MH370 are feared dead after it was determined that the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 went down in the Indian Ocean.

While Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced live over TV that the flight ended in the Indian Ocean based on confirmation from investigators, Malaysia Airlines sent a text message to families expressing deep regret.

The text message read:

“Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived. As you will hear in the next hour from Malaysia’s Prime Minister, we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.”

Families in Beijing and Kuala Lumpur were seen wailing when they heard the news that the plane had crashed and there was no hope of any survivor.

Some of the family members in Beijing were seen knocking their head. First teams rushed in to help several of the collapsed family members and sent them on to ambulance to hospital. 

Nuisance calls are the bane of the modern age. If you’re not being rung up by a teenager in a call centre about signing up a credit card, apply for personal or some promotion call. They’re enough to turn the advantages of a mobile phone – easy communications, wherever and whenever – into a curse. Fortunately you can block specific callers, enabling you to avoid them safely without having to cut yourself off from the people you want to talk to.


This features has been waiting long by the iPhone user since their previous version of iOS, finally this features delivered together with the latest iPhone OS, iOS 7. The following are the step how to block any unwanted incoming call to your device.


1. If you are on iOS7, you can block the number from your settings.



2. Open your call log. From the Phone icon, select “Recents” at the bottom. The call log is called “Recents.”



3. Find the number you want to block. You may need to scroll up or down to find it.



Touch on the “i” next to the phone number, and select “Block This Contact” towards the bottom of the screen.

This will block the number from contacting you on calls, texts, Facetime, anything. You won’t even know they called.



5. It works the same way in your message log and Facetime log, should you want to block from there.



6. You can also view your blocked list from the settings icon.

After launching your settings, you can choose Phone, Messages or Facetime. You can then view your block list from there, and either add or remove numbers.

Alternatively, if you have your iOS device jailbroken, you may looking for alternative apps from Cydia than using the default features in the phone to block the unwanted incoming call using the apps such as:

  • Call Bliss
  • Call Blocker
  • iBlacklist

Most of the apps from Cydia provide more features than iOS default blocked call features. You can try it out and share with us.