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VNC LogoReal VNC (Virtual Network Computer) is a remote control software which allow you to view and fully interact with one remote computer desktop (VNC Server) using the simple and light program call VNC Viewer. It may connect to any VNC Server either over the local area network or over Internet. 

With VNC, you no need to worry on the computer’s OS platform because VNC is a platform independent application. You may use the VNC viewer to view any desktop either is Linux, Window Vista, Window XP or Mac computer.

For simplicity, VNC also available in the Java viewer version, so it is not neccersary that the client computer (Local) must install the VNC viewer, it may run within the Internet browser.

There are 3 difference edition for RealVNC, Free, Personal, and Enterprice. You may check out the features comparison table.


Xoopit LogoXoopit(under beta) is a firefox plugin that bring you the new way to browse all your photo and YouTube link that sent to you in a single spot.

The search function in Xoopit allow you to easily find your stuff instead of you mesages. If you wish to find the photo, attachment or the video link that your friend sent to you few months ago, you may seach it using the Xoopit search instead of Gmail build in search. Xoopit will filter the email with your keyword that you enter and display it in the album format.


mycert-logoCyber999 is a service offered by MyCERT (Malaysian Computer Emergency Response Team, it was formed on 13 Jan 1997; MyCERT is one of the service provided by the Malaysia Cyber Security) to handle security issues or incidents faced by computer/internet users within Malaysia.

MyCERT are working closely with the relevant law cnforcement agencies such as Royal Malaysian Police, Securities commision, Malaysia Central Bank and also the Internet Service Providers (ISP), other local CERTs and Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRT).

The main purpose for Cyber999 is to provide the point of contact for reporting the Internet Security Incidents such as Intrusion, Denial of Service (DoS), Hack Threat, Harassment, Fraud, Spam, and also Milicious Code

The main role of Cyber999 is to help the Internet/Computer user to analyse, detect the incidents faced and try to help them to recover it or provide the prevention solution to solve the issue. If there is a necessary, then they will escalating the issue to the third-parties, such as the Law Enforcement Agencies to follow up.

You may also found the early warning on some suspicious virus or vulnerabilities, besides that, you may also found the statistic on the cyber incident that occur and being reported in Malaysia.


Google Reader LogoYou may get a lot of RSS reader if you sear on the Internet. Some of them is the online version of reader, some of the is offline version where you need to install it in your computer then download the feed from the source. There is a pro and con for every single RSS reader, some may like it, some may not.

But for my personally, I stick to the Google Reader since the pass one year after I try out a lot of other feed reader no matter is online or offline. Google Reader is a online version of feed reader, but thanks for the Google Gear, now you may also read your feed while you are not connected to the internet without install any additional software in your computer. (You still need the connection to the Internet to refresh and the feed and store it in your local computer) 

The look and feel for the Google Reader as same as other Google Application such as Google Doc or Google Mail. You may view or managed all your feed subscription at the left panel while the right panel will display your feed content. 

You may view the feed content either in the list view (just the feed title) or the detail view. You may also share your subscription with your friend or discover what your friend are viewing or sharing.

You may discover more interesting features on google reader at

Google Reader old interface Screenshot

Google Reader old interface Screenshot

Google Reader new interface Screenshot

Google Reader new interface Screenshot

hotfrog logoHotFrog is a free online business directory listing portal in Malaysia. This free business listing portal launched in Sept 2006 and they have listed up to 160,000 business detail.

HotFrog have a very good traffic where there is about more then 10,000 visitors average per days. Besides that they did a lot of job on the SEO which it will help your business to be found on the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo or other search engines.

How to add the business into the directory?

As mention early, to listing in the HotFrog, you no need to pay any money. What you need to do is just click on the “Add My Business” link at the top of the web page, then just follow the wizard on the screen

  1. Enter business summary
  2. Search the duplicate on directory
  3. Add the business detail
  4. Double confirm the business add on Google map
  5. Add Keyword of the business
  6. Add the detail description to descripe your business
  7. Review everything
  8. DONE and enjoy the benefit that bring by HotFrog to your business


emailfuture-logoAre you ever thinking of sending tomorrow email by today? Not understand? Then you should check out this web site – is a free way for you to send email in the future. You may use this as your reminder email or auto message to your future self in some time later.

But not put too much hope in this service, it is just have a very simple function where you can only set the email address, subject, email body, email sending date time, and time zone. At the same time, you may also set your email content to be seem by public or only can be seem by the sender and receiver.

EmailFuture Flow

EmailFuture Flow

There are some useful purpose for

Useful Uses

  • E-mail yourself reminders on important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays, valentines day, etc…
  • E-mail yourself reminders on important dates such as when sporting or concert tickets go on sale.
  • Remind yourself of an important due date in the future.
  • Send yourself an Email at the end of the day to remind yourself to buy milk, eggs or any other errands that you may need to run.
  • Maybe you saw something cool on the internet and want to send yourself the link in a couple of days.
  • You can send a message to yourself several years in the future such as a list of goals that you would like to accomplish or where you would like to be in life.

Not So Useful Uses

  • Email your boss an automated out sick message (while you’re at the beach!)
  • Emailing yourself in the past. I haven’t quite figured out how to build the flux capacitor yet to time travel. Maybe soon though!!!
  • Sending emails to addresses that don’t exist….. or is it?
  • Sending yourself reminders for the wrong dates. If yo can’t correctly remember your anniversary, then you’re pretty much hosed.
  • Sending an email to an address that you don’t plan on having when the e-mail is supposed to be sent. For instance. Don’t send an e-mail to your college e-mail account in 8 years unless you plan on having access to that account in 8 years. Chances are, you would have alredy graduated…. I hope 😉

Click here to go to

cpuzicoCPU-Z is a freeware that allow you to detect your computer hardware in very detail base on the Panopsys hardware detection engine. No installation needed to run the CPU-Z, just unzip the files in a directory and run the .exe. In order to remove the program, just delete the files and that’s it.

CPU-Z is applicable if you are thinking to upgrading your system or you are try to overclock your system.

Information that collected by CPU-Z, including:

  • Processor name and vendor 
  • Core stepping and process 
  • Processor package 
  • Processor current core voltage 
  • Internal and external clocks, clock multiplier 
  • Partial overclock detection 
  • Processor features, including supported instructions sets. 
  • L1 to L3 cache information : location, size, speed, technology. 
  • Motherboard information : name, vendor, BIOS, chipset, memory, AGP. 
  • Memory information : size, type, timings, specifications.


Youtube comes on to your TV

By on January 18, 2009

youtube_logoOne way YouTube is making itself more TV-friendly is by including an auto-play option that lets viewers watch related videos in sequence, without the interaction required on a computer

Initially, YouTube on Television ( is available as a beta test through Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii game consoles, in 22 countries and in 12 languages. Additional devices are likely to be added in the future.

YouTube began its migration from the computer in the office to the TV in the living room in June 2007 via Apple TV. Other device makers like Sony, Hewlett-Packard, Panasonic, TiVo, and Verismo soon followed Apple’s lead, aided by the addition of new APIs for partners and external developers in March 2008. 

YouTube’s aim in providing APIs for developers is “YouTube on any screen, any time,” as the company puts it. 

What’s less clear is whether anyone is watching YouTube on TV. TVs, after all, tend to have access to professionally produced content that people, not to mention advertisers, will pay for. Such content presumably fares well when competing for viewers against less-polished amateur videos on YouTube. 

A YouTube spokesperson didn’t immediately respond to a request to provide statistics detailing the number of people viewing YouTube through televisions and other non-PC hardware.

Click here to go to YouTube blog post

ALSee LogoWhenever we talking about the photo viewer tools, most of the people will thinking about ACDSee. But there is a problem for ACDSee where it is a commercial software, you have to pay for the license before you actaully use it(Except you get it from somewhere else that can help you to by pass this step). For those who are looking for the alternative for ACDSee, then you should have a look on this software ALSee.

ALSee is a free software which build in with a lot of powerful features and it also support up to 23 difference type of image format. The image format including the ANI, PCT, FAX, PSD, WMF and more which is almost cover all the image file type in the market today. You may also zoom in and our your photo start with 7% to maximum of 500%.

To view the image in the more entertaining way, you may go into the slideshows mode and ALSee will display your photo with the lighting effect and background music accompany with.


Free PDF Word Converter

By on January 17, 2009

PDF Word Converter

I discuss on how to convert a PDF file to Doc file on the web few post back, and I found another useful application which can help you to convert your PDF file back to document as well, and the best part is it is totally FREE.

Free PDF Word Converter is a easy-to-use PDF to Word Doc Converter freeware and the it is designed to be a desktop version of document conversion tools that will help you toconvert Adobe PDF documents to Word Doc.

The application also can to extract text, images, shapes from PDF file to Doc file and preserve the layout. Free PDF Word Converter is a stand alone application where you may run at the computer which there are no Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word installed.

Here are some of the Key Features:

  • Convert PDF to Word doc file format. 
  • Extract text labels, graphics, shapes from PDF file into Word Doc file. 
  • Preserve the original layout of your PDF in an editable Word Document. 
  • Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file to Word file. 
  • Support Adobe PDF 1.0 – 1.6 formats. 
  • Several PDF to Word conversion options are available for a better result. 
  • Convert in a high speed. 
  • Easy to use, just one click to convert PDF to Word. 
  • Totally for Free