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auslogics-logoAuslogics Registry Defrag is a free utility tools that help you to keeping the registry as compact as possible. The more compact the registry, the better the computer performance will be.

Registry in your computer are very much similar to your computer hard disk drive, after install and uninstall the application or software from your computer, all the registry will become messy and not in order, so it will slow down the performance when try to accessing the registry. 

With the Auslogics Registry Defrag, it will help you to defragment and compact the windows registry in less than a minute. The program will scan through the registry to remove slack spaces, reducing the registry size and ultimately the amount of RAM the registry takes up, and improving your computer performance.


500 Free Flash game for download

By on February 5, 2009

Flash game lover, is time for you to claim the 500 free download flash game. Click on the following download link to have fun with the portable and fast flash game.

With the light storage capacity + low cpu capacity usage but you may gain much more entertainment.


Click here to download 500 free flash game – Part 1
Click here to download 500 free flash game – Part 2


Virtua Tennis follows the easy-to-play style of its Dreamcast predecessor. With Exhibition, Tournament, and World Circuit Modes, Virtua Tennis enables you to perfect your game, play in world tournaments, or develop and train players. A multiplayer mode allows up to 4-players to go to the net on courts made of grass, clay, concrete, and more…

Click here to download virtual tennis


How to download MP3 for free

By on February 5, 2009


BeeMP3 is a free MP3 downloading site. You may found most of your longly MP3 song here. To download your love song, just simple key in the song name, album name, or the artist name on the search text box and click on search. Once you found the song that you like to download, just simply click on it and BeeMP3 will direct you to the download page.

The most important for BeeMP3 is they are not storing the MP3 file, but it only help you to locate where all the MP3 file over the Internet. Up to date, the BeeMP3 crawler searches already index up to 800,000 mp3 file in thier database and approximately 10,000 files are added daily.

Hope you enjoy this MP3 search engine and benefit from it.


Gmail offline beta

By on February 4, 2009

google-labs-logoGoogle Labs has just releasing the new experimental features that help the user to enhance the usage of Gmail experience. Thanks for the Google Gears, there are a lot of Google features supporting for the offline mode.

The new release beta “Offline Gmail” are available for the Gmail user to test it out. Now you may access your Gmail while you are not connected to the Internet.

Once you turn on this feature, Gmail uses Gears to download a local cache of your mail. As long as you’re connected to the network, that cache is synchronized with Gmail’s servers.

When not connected to the Internet, you can simply point your browser to and have access to your emails and be able to edit, read, and even write emails but they will not send until the user connects back to the Internet.


4D result and statistics website

By on February 2, 2009

4d2u logoGood news for the 4D lover, now you can check all the 4D result and statistics on This is Malaysia’s first and most completed 4D results statistics website.

The free and user friendly interface has make become most popular websites not only in Malaysia, but also other country like Singapore.

You may check your result here after the official result released. Besides that, you may also check the result using the SMS services, just key in the short code as show in the website.

Click here to go to


MozbackupMozBackup is a light and simple utility tools for you to backups your browser profile such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird and Netscape profiles.

Basically, MozBackup allow you to backup and restore back your bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache and more.

This tools is useful if you like to format your computer but yet want to save time to backup your long and useful bookmart.


pdf-hammer-logoPDF Hammer is a web version of PDF editor, it allow you to easily edit your PDF files online without install any thing in your computer.

PDF Hammer allow you to upload your PDF file, view it in your browser, perform your edits, and then save back your file into your computer.

PDF Hammer online PDF editor features:

  • Combine PDF – Create single polished PDF files by merging multiple files together
  • Edit PDF pages – Quickly rearrange, reorder and delete the pages from existing PDF files
  • Secure PDF – Protect the contents of PDF files with password-based security
  • Update PDF metadata – Make PDF files more useful and usable by setting the document information (metadata) fields, including author, title, subject and keywords.


PrimoOnline logoPrimoOnline is a super-fast way for you to create your PDF file online without need to install any PDF software. Primo Online PDF Convertor support about 300+ types of file to convert to PDF documents

How to convert the document to PDF using PrimoOnline?

  1. Go to the home page of PrimoOnline
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Upload the file (either from your computer or directly from the web site)
  4. Click on create PDF
  5. Wait for the PDF document to be send to your email

The limitation for PrimoOnline PDF convertor is the file size. They limit to online 5MB per file that allow to create. Besides that, when you received the PDF document that just created, it come with a full page of advertisement.


Glary Utilities LogoGlary Utilities offers numerous powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC.

Glary Utilities is a combine of multiple tools that help you to optimize, clean, and boost the speed of your merchine. Besides that, it also include the tools that help to protect your privacy and security, block the spyware, trajans, and adware. It also can help you to fixing any application error that may affect your system.

What is include in Glary Utilities?

  • Clean up & Repair tools
  • Optimize & Improve tools
  • Privacy & Security tools
  • Files & Folders tools
  • System tools

There are still a lot of sub module with in the categories