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Search Cube LogoAre you ever think of what if the Google search result are not showing in the boring list format with only the blue color as the link, black color as the short description, and green color as the url for the web site? What if the Google search result will look like if everything is converte to 3-D view?

If you can’t imagine how it look like, then you should have a look on Search Cube. Created and maintenace by  Symmetri, a Web and software developement company and power by Google Ajax Search, Search-cube is actually the visually presentation’s search engine, it display the search result in the 3-D cube interface and it can show previews of up to 96 websites, including videos and images.

Whenever you key in any search keyword, the result result will appear in the 3-D cube that show the preview of up to 36 thumbnails.

To control or navigate the 3-D search result cube, just press the [up], [down], [left], [right] button or drag the cube using [Shit] + mouse. To visit the search result page, just click on the thumbnail on the search rsult cube.


wikimapia-logoWikimapia is a useful web 2.0 portal which their main idea is to “describe the whole planet Earth”. Wikimapia was created by founder Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev inspired by Google Maps and Wikipedia. This is a very good idea for all the Internet user especially for those who are always travel or who have no money to travel around.

For the frequence traveller, you may get your detination path via Wikimapia. In the other hand, for those people like me who have insufficiance fund to travel around the world yet still dreaming of travel, then wikimapia may help you to fulfil your dream.

The best part of Wikimapia is every people in the world may help to place the location, so that other people may meet find and meet the location easily. Besides map the place on the Earth, you may also capture the photo, add the description, title in order to help to describe the world better.

It also provide few useful features such as you may view the location in the Map View, Setellite View, terrain view or hybrid. You may also filter out the place highligh by other poeple while you are enjoining your “world jouney”. 



window 7 logoFinally Window 7 beta has been officially announce in Malaysia yesterday (6 Jan 2009) after the announcement make at CES by Steve Ballmer few days ago.

Microsoft emphasised on backwards compatibility for end-user, as they demoed the Microsoft Word 97 being able to run Windows 7. Several UI improvements such as the intelligent show desktop key- hovering over it will hide the opened windows but not close them down (the outline of the windows can still be seen). Internet Explorer 8 will also come bundled with Windows 7.  

Windows 7 also sees improvement for software developers and server administrators.  

The beta version of Windows 7, Microsoft’s next-generation PC operating system, can be downloaded today by MSDN, TechBeta and TechNet customers. Consumers who want to test-drive the beta will be able to download it beginning January 9 at  

Microsoft execs refused to confirm a release date, but hinted that the Windows 7 could be released on 2010.

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windowsxpToday I only found out that actually we can customize the detail to show in window explorer when we switch the view mode to detail (right click -> View -> Detail).

You may either right click on the top of the window folder bar and it will show all the possible detail that you can add to your window explorer. If you want more, you can click on the [More…]

The detail you may view in window explorer are:

  • Name
  • Size
  • Type
  • Date modified
  • Date Created
  • Attributes
  • Status
  • owner
  • Author
  • Title
  • Subject
  • category
  • Pages
  • Comments
  • Copyright
  • Artist
  • Album Title
  • Year
  • Track Number
  • Genre
  • Duration
  • Bit Rate
  • Protected
  • Camera Model
  • Date Picture Taken
  • Dimensions
  • Episode Name
  • Program Description
  • Audio Sample size
  • Audio Sample rate
  • Channels
  • Company
  • Description
  • File Version
  • Product Name
  • product Version
  • Keywords


JkDefrag LogoJkDefrag is a famous disk free and open source defragmentation tools. It is optimizer for windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/X64. Besides that, JkDefrag is completely automatic, very easy to use, fast, low overhead, and can handle floppies, USB disks, memory sticks, and anything that looks like a disk to Windows.

JkDefrag is come with the commandline version (for scheduling by the task scheduler or to work for administrator scrtips), screensaver version, and DLL library version. 

How to run JkDefrag?

There is no installation needed for JkDefrag, you just need to unzip the downloaded file and double click to run the application.


NetMeter is the network traffic monitoring tools, you may monitor your current traffic, expected traffic, daily traffic, weekly traffic and monthly traffic that sending in and out from your computer.

NetMeter also provide the alert features where you may set the triggle to alert you when you hit certain amount of throughput. This is useful for who are using the internet with the limit of download or upload limit.

After you run the NetMeter, there will a small live upload and download monitoring window appear on the desktop to help you to monitor your usage. You may also customize the look and feel base on your preference so that it fits you better


URL shortening web application

By on January 15, 2009

I posted a blog on how to shortening the URL using the TinyURL and KrunchURLin few weeks ago, I believe these are the more common use and famous by providing the URL shortening.

But actually I do find out there are plenty of web site which may help you to do itfor free. Some of them even provide the bookmarking features, some are difference in term of the lenght of the url they allow to hide.

The following are some example that I found on the internet:

Ruby URL

RubyUrl Short URL Service Screenshot

RubyUrl Short URL Service Screenshot


Online PDF to Doc convertor

By on January 14, 2009

convertpdftoword LogoNowadays, more and more free application go online. That mean you can use the application directly via the Internet without any download or installation needed in your computer, same for the online file conversion software.

You may get a lof web site which allow you to convert your Doc to PDF or to TXT, but for the web site to provide the service for you to convert PDF to DOC is not much. Conver PDF to can help you to solve this problem.

Convert PDF Document to word is actually allow you to upload your PDF document and it will help you to convert it to the DOC (Microsoft Word Document)file format so that you may open and view your file with your word editor or viewer.

Click here to go to Convert PDF Document to Word

Convert PDF Document to Word Screenshot

Convert PDF Document to Word Screenshot

Virtual Drive Manager is a very light application that allow you to mount the image file. The file size is about 197KB and because of the small size of application it self, you may just carry it with your pen drive. Virtual Drive Manager not only allow mount the image file, it also allow you to shrink the image file to smaller size.

Virtual Drive Manager support the standard image file such as ISO, IMG, BIN, NRG, and IFU.

How to use it?

To run Virtual Drive Manager, you just double click on the exe and mount the image file to the virtual drive.

  1. Double click on the exe file and run it.
  2. Click on [Mount] -> [Browse] to choose your image file
  3. Select the mounted drive in the Assige field.



CamStudio is a FREE screen and audio capturing software to let you to capture your screen movement and save it in the 

AVI video file. If you have the mic plug into your computer, you may also save the screen motion together with your voice.

Besides that, it also build in with the SWF Producer which can allow you to convert your AVI file into the bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash Videos-SWF.