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Facebook now is moving into the cloud war

By on May 14, 2012

After Google announce their cloud service – Google Drive, Facebook also join the game as confirm by the Facebook spokeswomen Meredith Chin. The world largest social networking web site confirm on Friday it was rolling out a storage service for the users to share files within groups.

“We first introduced this feature a few months ago with Groups at Schools. Now, we’re making it more widely available. It’ll roll out to more groups over the course of the coming days and all groups should have it soon.” spokeswomen Meredith Chin said.

With the launch of the new services, Facebook will limit the file sizes up to 25 megabytes and certain file such as music will not allow to share over the service due to the copyright issue. Besides that, other potentially “malicious” file type will also be excluded from the service.

With the booming grow of the mobile computing such as smart phone and tablet, the cloud storage become more important to the user. Many of the cloud storage providers only offer a limited amount of storage for free and allow the user to upgrade to paid service with more space available.


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