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Google Chrome – Open tab

By on December 26, 2008

Want to save time when browsing using the Google Chrome is open the few tab at the same time and let the browser to load it concurrently. In order to save time, you should familiar with the shortcut key how to open tab with the minimum of effort and time.

The shortcut key apply in Google Chrome are very similar to other browser such as Firefox, IE, or Opera. You may use it directly. Here are the sample for the shortcut key:


Short Cut Key Function
[Crtl + T] Open new tab
[Crtl + N] Open new window
[Crtl + Shirt + N] Open incognito window
[Crtl] + Click on link Open link with new tab
[Shirt] + Click on link Open link with windowtab


Open new tab in google chrome

Open new tab in google chrome


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