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Microsoft Unveils New Logo for Windows

By on February 20, 2012


With the Consumer Preview of Windows 8 expected to be released soon, more details about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system keep being released. We have already reported on the Metro Interface and the fact that the Start Button may not be part of the final version. Now Microsoft has unveiled its new logo for Windows 8.


Pentagram were hired to do the new illustration and one of their designers Paula Scher’s first question was “Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?”. Hence, gone is the multi-colored, fluttering in the air symbol which we have come to associate with the operating system and it has been replaced with a new single tone design, which is literally a representation of a window.


A history of Windows logos. (Source:

Similarities between the new logo and the initial logo introduced by Microsoft at the launch of the Windows brand are quite evident. Perhaps Metro will mark a new chapter for Microsoft? The switch from command prompt to cursor was quite a leap and Metro might mark the transition to touch input for all devices including desktops, which is worthy of a re-branding effort if you ask us.


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