Hardening ColdFusion Server E-Book

This is a very good tips from Pete Freitag on how to hardening your ColdFusion server. This E-Book include some important topic such as: Installation Tips ColdFusion Administrator Settings Sandbox Security Hiding Version Information Overview of Web App Firewalls [download id=”17″]      

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 keep crashing solution

When working on Coldfusion in the Adobe Dreamweaver 5 and it keep crash. Whenever I restart the applications and start my work again, it will crash again after sometime (about few minutes later on)   Asking around my colleague and get the following working solution by removing the WinFileCache-B2AEB9E2.dat file.…

Enabled telnet service in Window 7

By default, window 7, Window Server 2008 R2, Window Vista and Window Server 2008 come with telnet service disabled. They do that is to hardern the operating system as well as to save the resources as most of the common user will never use this service at all.   To…

CIMB Bank Online SMS Fraud Alert

Yesterday received an email from one of my banking line friend regarding recently always happen fraud case. Please pay very high level of attention when all of you make any online transaction regardless online banking, or purchasing anything from anywhere over the world.  

Google Blogger Apps come to iOS

Google has officially announced that their blogger apps for iOS have been ready for download from appstore. This is a very good news for all the blogger who using blogspot as their platform such as me (my personal daily blogpost). As usual, Google product is always free for download as…

Happy Birthday to Malaysia

Today (31 Aug 2011) is the 54th independent day for Malaysia. Hereby to dedicated a national song for all the Malaysian as the celebration of the special day for our country. At the same time, also wishing our Malay friend Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Javascript to disable right cilck on web site

Just come across with my company SQA team where they request us to do the disable right click features on our front end web site. The initial javascript which exists in our script only work with Microsoft Internet Explorer but not Firefox. So Google around and found the following javascript…

Home make iPad2 protector

The most cheaper and easy to make Apple iPad2 protector. This is the most economic and easy way to protect your lovely Apple iPad2. In addition, this is a very good idea as well where you can reuse any of your old transparent wrapper.

RHB Bank Cash Deposit Machine bugs

Yesterday when I went to make the deposit at one of the RHB Bank branch in KL. I choose the language is Chinese language and everything are working fine until the last step which show me those dummy wording at the screen.   I manage to take down the screen…

To display line number in Visual studio 2008

Today, I found out that the default setting for the Visult studio 2008 is not enable the line number, in order for easy debuging purpose, I have to turn it on.   To turn on the line number for Visual studio 2008 you need to do 2 things: To turn…