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The New iPad price in Malaysia

By on April 20, 2012

20 April 2012 is another big day for Malaysia Apple fans where The New iPad officially launch in Malaysia at 12am and ready for online orders. As expected, the price is still the same as iPad 2 previously which is RM 1,499 for the lowest spec.

If you don’t wish to go for The New iPad, you may also get the iPad 2 with discounted price goes as low as RM 1,199 for the 16GB wifi version, RM 1,599 for 16GB 3G version.

Since Malaysia is not officially “4G” ready country yet, so we can’t enjoy the full features for the new technology, but we are still able to enjoy the more faster speed than 3G which is HSPA+ with the download speeds up to 42Mbps. But this is currently only supported by U Mobile.

Just visit to Apple Store Malaysia portal to get your New iPad and it will be deliver to your door step within 5-7days.

If you’ve been downloading Google Currents through unofficial channels, you won’t have to do that anymore. Previously found only in the United States, Google Currents is now available across the globe.

Launched in December 2011, Google Currents is essentially an app for Android and iOS that gathers RSS feeds onto an easy-to-read magazine layout. Think of it as Google’s answer to Pulse or Flipboard. To date, Google has seen nearly 400 publisher editions and over 14,000 self-produced editions available on Google Currents.

A new dynamic sync feature is also added to Google Currents, with content constantly refreshed when you’re reading news off Google Currents. If you’re worried about a reduced battery life from the constant syncing, Google claims that the dynamic sync feature will use a minimum of the phone or tablet’s battery, bandwidth and storage.

Going international also means that Google is prepared for multiple languages. Other than its global availability, Google Currents also adds Google Translate into its mainframe, providing support for up to 38 languages. However, this is still subjected to whether international publishers, through Google Currents Producer, choose to make their publications available globally and enable auto-translation.

Android users can make your way to Google Play and push the app to your Android devices, while iOS users can visit the iOS App Store for the app.

According to a note by Macquarie analyst Ben SchachterApple made US$1 billion off Google last year by having it as the default search engine in Safari. He observed that Apple seems to be moving away from Google Maps, which doesn’t affect Google much. But if Apple decides to stop using Google for search, it could be a major blow to Google, since the iPad appears to be gaining a lot of popularity around the world. If the iPad overtakes the PC in the next five years and it becomes the preferred method that people use to make their search, then Google will be in trouble.

Schachter believes that Google searches on iOS devices resulted in US$1.3 billion in gross revenue, and Google has a 75% traffic acquisition cost associated with that revenue.This means that the Internet and software corporation only gets US$335 million in net revenue from searches on iOS and Safari.

Apple iPhone 5 leaked images

By on January 8, 2012

MacRumors has recently commissioned a professional set of images based on leaked design specifications that are allegedly for the iPhone 5.These images line up with previous interpretations of the handset, and they also have Chinese manufacturers hard at work on producing new iPhone cases, as reported.


The design specifications give precise measurements of the device and shows portions that need to remain open for power, audio/video inputs and button controls. As one can see in the images, specs call for a wide space near the bottom of the phone, which indicates that the home button could take up on a more horizontal and oval shape. The screen is also wider and the device itself has a tear-drop thickness with the bottom end of the phone being the sleekest part.


Presuming that the case design specifications are accurate, the commissioned images will look very similar to the final product. We are speculating that Apple may release the iPhone 5 by October 7th in the U.S. while its worldwide release by the end of the month.


The report claims that, a source have the access to iPhone 5 prototype for about two weeks and it confirms the next gen iPhone to carry the features including

  • 4-inch screen
  • Aluminum back
  • liquid metal technology to make colored iPhones
  • Capacitive home button
  • “Flatter” form factor
  • Much faster than current hardware, but poor battery life
  • 10-megapixel camera
  • Siri prototype known as “Assistant”

The most wanted features in Apple latest smartphone – iPhone4s is the Siri Virtual Assistant. You can get real voice control and voice recognition features through Siri. But the bad thing is that this features only available for iPhone4s but you can’t use this features on older version of iPhone or Android.


But with the Vlingo, you can get Siri link features in other version of iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Nokia platform. With Vlingo, you can get more features if compare to Siri where it support more than 10 language and integrated with more apps. The most beautiful thing for VLingo is totally free for all platforms.


The following infographic (created by Vlingo) show the comparison between this few apps


24 December 2011 – The Grammys is going to award late Apple CEO Steve Jobs a special “Trustees Award” for “outstanding contributions to the industry in a non-performing capacity”. The Academy credited Apple’s iPod and iTunes, noting that it revolutionised the industry and change the way music was distributed and purchased.
In a statement, the Recording Academy said –

“As former CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs helped create products and technology that transformed the way we consume music, TV, movies, and books.”

This is the second Grammy Apple is getting for contributions to the music industry, where it won a technical Grammy Award a decade ago.

A formal acknowledgement of his award will be made on February 12th in Los Angeles.

The Apple iPhone 4s launching date is getting closer, and I already make the pre-registration on Maxis iPhone 4s via their web site as per discuss sometime early. Yesterday I received the email from Maxis regarding the confirmation of the booking as well as confimation ID.


What we need to do is just print out this booking slip and bring a long to collect the phone on KL Convention Centre at 17 Dec 2011 10AM-2PM.


Happy to get my new iPhone4s

For all the Apple iPHone fan, please mark your calender for 16 Dec 2011 because you will be spending your time to queue up either at Maxis, Digi or Celcom center for your new toys.

This time all the 3 telco will be launch their next generation Apple iPhone together. Before that, you may always visit Maxis, Digi, or Celcom web site to do the pre-registration for the iPhone.

iPhone 4s coming soon banner on Maxis web site

iPhone 4s coming soon banner on Digi web siteiPhone 4s coming soon banner on Celcom web site

iPhone 4s coming soon banner on Celcom web site

Pre-registration for iPhone 4s from Maxis

Apple just release their lastest and most advance mobile operating system, iOS 5 at 12 October 2011. The lastest iOS 5 come with a lot of new features for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch. If you already updated your device to the latest or going to upgrading your device but want to know what are the thing that you going to get with the latest iOS, so you may consider to read the manual By Lauchlan Roy – Using iOS: “Your Guide to the Latest and Greatest Mobile Operating System.”


With the help of this manual, you may cut short your time to ultilize all the new features that the iOS given to you. From the manual, you will learn the following thing such as

  • What iOS 5 is, and which devices you can use it on
  • New features in iOS 5, from reminders to Twitter integration
  • Mastering the new, Android-style dashboard
  • Using the new messaging to send texts for free over WiFi, even from an iPod touch
  • Device-specific features, from Siri to
  • iCloud: what it is and what it does

Local mobile application developer, JustMobile Sdn Bhd has announced a new smartphone app called MySOS, a must have app for Malaysians.

With the MY S.O.S app, smartphone users can now access a variety and detailed list of emergency contact numbers, such as funeral services, the various government departments, hotels, taxi services, hospitals, cinemas, banks, highway breakdowns, the general line of nearby police stations, general complaint telephone numbers that covers electricity and water cut, potholes on roads, water pipe leakages, and so forth.


MySOS works on AndroidiPhone/iPad(iOS) & BlackBerry for free.