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The Apple iPhone 4s launching date is getting closer, and I already make the pre-registration on Maxis iPhone 4s via their web site as per discuss sometime early. Yesterday I received the email from Maxis regarding the confirmation of the booking as well as confimation ID.


What we need to do is just print out this booking slip and bring a long to collect the phone on KL Convention Centre at 17 Dec 2011 10AM-2PM.


Happy to get my new iPhone4s

For all the Apple iPHone fan, please mark your calender for 16 Dec 2011 because you will be spending your time to queue up either at Maxis, Digi or Celcom center for your new toys.

This time all the 3 telco will be launch their next generation Apple iPhone together. Before that, you may always visit Maxis, Digi, or Celcom web site to do the pre-registration for the iPhone.

iPhone 4s coming soon banner on Maxis web site

iPhone 4s coming soon banner on Digi web siteiPhone 4s coming soon banner on Celcom web site

iPhone 4s coming soon banner on Celcom web site

Pre-registration for iPhone 4s from Maxis

Apple just release their lastest and most advance mobile operating system, iOS 5 at 12 October 2011. The lastest iOS 5 come with a lot of new features for iPhone, iPad as well as iPod touch. If you already updated your device to the latest or going to upgrading your device but want to know what are the thing that you going to get with the latest iOS, so you may consider to read the manual By Lauchlan Roy – Using iOS: “Your Guide to the Latest and Greatest Mobile Operating System.”


With the help of this manual, you may cut short your time to ultilize all the new features that the iOS given to you. From the manual, you will learn the following thing such as

  • What iOS 5 is, and which devices you can use it on
  • New features in iOS 5, from reminders to Twitter integration
  • Mastering the new, Android-style dashboard
  • Using the new messaging to send texts for free over WiFi, even from an iPod touch
  • Device-specific features, from Siri to
  • iCloud: what it is and what it does

Local mobile application developer, JustMobile Sdn Bhd has announced a new smartphone app called MySOS, a must have app for Malaysians.

With the MY S.O.S app, smartphone users can now access a variety and detailed list of emergency contact numbers, such as funeral services, the various government departments, hotels, taxi services, hospitals, cinemas, banks, highway breakdowns, the general line of nearby police stations, general complaint telephone numbers that covers electricity and water cut, potholes on roads, water pipe leakages, and so forth.


MySOS works on AndroidiPhone/iPad(iOS) & BlackBerry for free.

I believe the bigest question for all the Malaysian Apple fan having now in their mind is when is iPhone 4S coming to Malaysia? Yes, we are growing impatient at waiting for the apple smartphone to hit market in Malaysia. The latest batch of international launch for iPhone 4S has taken place at 15 countries on November 11. According to MalaysianWireless, Apple did originally planned to launch the their latest smartphone iPhone 4S in Malaysia at the end of November, but the plan has been postponed to December 16.


Coming up next, Apple is set to launch the smartphone in another (most probably) 28 countries on December, as the company said they want their smartphone to hit 70 countries by the end of the year. To date, the iPhone 4S has launched in 42 countries.



Is Malaysia included for the December launch? Well, most probably YES! According to MalaysianWireless, Apple will launch the iPhone 4S in Malaysia on December 16. The three mobile carriers in the country, Maxis, Celcom and DiGi will launch the iPhone 4S in the Malaysia market. At the time being, we have no information on iPhone 4S plans as well as the pricing.


However, take a look at the rough pricing for the iPhone 4S.


iPhone 4S 16GB – RM2190
iPhone 4S 32GB – RM2590
iPhone 4S 64GB – RM2890/RM2990
Note that the launch date remains a rumour until there is an official announcement from Apple.


Apple iOS 5.0 or later supports “Over-The-Air” (OTA) software update that you no longer need to download few hundreds MB installation file using iTunes.


In this article, you will learn how to install iOS software update directly from your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) with small download size.

  1. Make sure your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch has iOS 5.0 or later installed.
  2. On your iDevice, goto Settings > General > Software Update
  3. If iOS update available, you will see the new iOS version and the download size and what’s new about the update.
  4. Tap on “Download and Install” to install new iOS over-the-air onto your iDevice.
  5. Download will start and install and restart your iDevice.
  6. Done! Now you have latest iOS version!

Note: Apple iOS OTA software update only works when your iDevice is connected to WiFi, it won’t download software update if you are using mobile connection like 3G network.

This TEDTalk was given by Thomas Suarez at TEDxManhattanBeach. Thomas is in the 6th grade at a middle school in the South Bay, and he’s made several apps for the App Store and established his own company,CarrotCorp.


Besides his fantastic presentation skills, Thomas is an amazing testament to how the younger generation is shaping the world of technology. What a smart kid. Steve Jobs would be very proud.


And we’re downloading his app, Bustin Jieber, as we speak. It looks fun.

A new survey, reported on recently at Apple Insider,  offers new evidence of the iPad’s growing momentum in education, and in particular in schools.

A new survey of technology directors in U.S. school districts found that all of them are testing or deploying the iPad in schools, and they expect tablets to outnumber computers in the next five years.

Analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray revealed the results of the small survey of 25 educational technology directors at a conference on the integration of technology in the classroom. The poll found that all of them were utilizing Apple’s iPad in schools, while none were testing or deploying Android-based tablets.

More interesting points from the survey:

– The directors who took part in the survey expect to have more tablets per student than computers in the next five years – and in this case the word tablet might as well be iPad.

– They also expressed the view that the iPad allows for individualized learning better than a traditional computer.

– iPads are being used to supplement computers – not replace them.

My 8 year old daughter’s class is using netbooks this year. I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn that I think iPads would be much better for them.

What do you all think? Will we be seeing more iPads and fewer computers in classrooms over the next five years? If so, is that a good thing?

The official native Gmail app is back in the App Store today. The long awaited app had initially been released and then quickly yanked back on November 2nd, due to problems with notifications and possibly other bugs.

Today Version 1.0.2 of Gmail is available in the App Store – with this bit of guidance for those who have the original version installed:

If you already have the Gmail app 1.0.1 released on 2 Nov, you will need to uninstall or log out of the old app prior to installing the new app.

It’s interesting that they use the term ‘new app’ rather than update. That first launch was a pretty spectacular fail, so here’s hoping this one goes better for all those iOS device owning Gmail fans out there.

I removed the original version and installed the update just a short while ago. This time there’s no error on launching the app, and it shows up properly under Settings > Notifications – so hopefully Google’s got that part figured out.

Here’s an App Store link for Gmail – which is even more useful than usual as so far the updated app does not show up well if you search for it.

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The funny photo when the whole family is falling into Apple i series product.