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Jailbroken iPhone 3gs iOS4

By on August 8, 2010

Finally updated my iPhone3gs to iOS 4.0.1 after confirm with my friend that it’s able to jailbreak. Finally can play around with the Folder categories and multitasking of iOS4.

To jailbreak your new installed iOS4, just open the safari browser and visit the website or After that, just follow the instruction on the screen and it take less then 5 mins to jailbreak it. After all, you will found that cydia already install in your new iPhone iOS4 page. Please take note that your phone must be able to connect to Internet either using wifi or 3G.

The most easy way for jailbreak ever

If you complaining on your new iPhone4 via Twitter, you can get free a Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. However, there is this “special offer” only valid the United Kingdom!

According to a post from Samsung the microblog – Twitter, if Samsung found that any user post their complaint regarding iPhone 4 on twitter they will be offer the option to exchange their iPhone4 with the latest Samsung Galaxy S smartphones.

“We contacted several users, offering free Samsung Galaxy S to replace them, because we are confident they will get a very amazing post.” Samsung spokesman said.

It seems Samsung is the use of the iPhone 4 antenna isuues to hype their own mobile phone. However, according to CNET UK site evaluation, Galaxy S software is still some small problems, but overall not too bad, as long as you get the free phone.

Samsung this “preferential treatment” is clearly limited to the United Kingdom, Malaysia users do not wishful thinking, or looking forward to iPhone 4 waiting to come!

Antenn-aid for iPhone 4

By on July 21, 2010

Jobs headache most recent estimate is that recently created a hubbub in the iPhone 4 antenna doors, while many have been the first to start with iPhone 4 You believe that the machine is very tangled, has Antennaids the company introduced a lovely Bundy style ” antenna band-aid “, which sells for 4.99 U.S. dollars, up to six units per package fixes the iPhone 4 (average cost of less than a dollar each).

iPhone 4 fragile “wound” was carefully protected, I believe that users can safely use and enjoy without worrying about signal problems.

iPhone Insurance

By on July 12, 2010

Good news for Apple iPhone user, now you can have your iPhone to be protected by Insurance. I believe all the people hear about Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, vehicle Insurance, travel insurance and so and so on.

Now you can get your iPhone to be protected by iPhone Inruance as well. With the Worth Ave Graup iPhone Insurance, you can project yor iPhone from incident such as drops or water/liquid damange, screens cracks as well as being stolen.
The annual premiums start from USD55 for iPhone 3G-8GB or earlier model and up to USD89 for iPhone 4-32GB.
iPhone insurance premium price
* Not sure is this insurance also available in Malaysia or not.

Finally, Apple had release their new version of iPhone 4. Let’s us look back the history of the phone that contribute about 40% of the total Apple sales in the pass 4 years.

From the picture below, you can see that the first iPhone was release to market by at 29 June 2007 has been hit about 1,000,000 units sales in 3 months time. At the mean time, the applications in Apps Store is 0.

On 11 June 2008, Apple bring us the upgrade version of iPhone – iPhone 3G and it only take 3 days to hit 1,000,000 sales. At the mean time, the application in Apps Store has been hit 3,000 apps.

One year later, Apply bring us again the fastest iPhone but the price stay the sames at 19 June 2009. This time only take 2 days to hit 1,000,000 units sales and the application in Apps Store has been hit 100,000 applications.

At 24 June 2010 – iPhone 4 had make another record with hitting 1,500,000 units sold in the first day of release with 600,000 of pre-order units. The application in apps store had hit 200,000 apps.

What can iPad do in the food and bevarate industry? One of the restaurant owner in Australia has use iPad to replace the tranditional printed manus in his rastaurant with iPad-based interactive menu cards.

Global Mundo Tapas‘, in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel you don’t be suprise when the Waiter hand you and latest Apple product – iPad instead of a tranditional printed menu. The iPad which pass to you are installed with a special menu apps that custom make for Global Mundo Tape.

You may think that the restaurant is crazy by spending so much of money on this, but try to think on the other end, the brand new idea of bringing iPad to replace the menu is not only entertaining and interactive, but also help to protect the environment by saves the trees from being killed to make the paper.

If you are thinking of most of the Apple iPhone user are the young and trendy young generation, than you are wrong. That is a study show that 40% of iPhone was sold to corporate customer and being use in business environment.
The main reason of this is because they treat  iPhone as a replacement for the laptop as they are migrated your laptop usage to a small iPhone. Most of the coperate users they may only use 1 or 2 apps that help in daily working life, so instead of spend USD 1,000++ to buy a new laptop, they rather to choose to have an iPhone that more handy and easy to carry.

This is what happen to the guy who has lost the unannounced next-generation Apple iPhone at a bar in Redwood city on the midnight of Thursday, March 18.

From the image below you may know that if you are apple fans who purchase a Apple Lisa 20 years ago, you are actually spending for 43 iPad for your Lisa 20 years ago. Apple Lisa had mark as the most expensive Apple personal computer in their history of business.

The following image may show you the money value since 1976 up to today.

Apple product price since 1976 to 2010

The Apple iPad is TOO Hot

By on April 9, 2010

It seems as though the Apple iPad has been too hot, so hot that it is reported to be experiencing some overheating problems. After using it under the sunlight for some time, the editor of PC Magazine encountered an error message notifying him that the “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”. It was so serious that he had to put it into the fridge to cool it down so it can be turned on again. It was also reported in several places that other customers are experiencing a similar problem too. The iPad has also been experiencing some Wi-Fi connection problems. Funny how the giant iPod Touch is having so much problems when basically they contain more or less the same things as the iPod Touch. Let’s hope Apple fix these problems before they launch it here in Malaysia.

(Source: DailyTech)