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Instagram, a Facebook`s application, has partnered with BigCommerce and Shopify to integrate ecommerce capabilities into its platform.


Instagram has been working with both ecommerce platforms over the past year to test out features, and is now moving forward with broader deployments. BigCommerce and Shopify also offer merchants ecommerce integrations with the core Facebook platform.


Shopify powers over 500,000 businesses, mostly small and medium-sized, compared to BigCommerce’s roughly 50,000 merchants.


Instagram has already become an important and growing distribution channel for ecommerce, and these integrations remove friction by enabling in-app purchases of physical products (as opposed to those virtual tractors and other digital consumables that people often buy inside of apps these days).


Instagram is now up to 800 million monthly active users (MAUs), including 500 million daily active users (DAUs) Building out ecommerce is an extension of the ad business that both Facebook and Instagram rely on for monetisation, and handing off tasks like payment processing and merchant support to third-party platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce relieves Facebook of having to develop similar functionalities, while still earning a cut.


It also accelerates adoption among merchants. Instead of having to build up a merchant base on its own, it can tap into large existing merchant bases through Shopify and BigCommerce, and those respective ecommerce platforms will work to help merchants expand multichannel integrations across platforms.



sex with google glass

Google Glass now has an app that lets you see and record all parts of your lovemaking session, according to a developer who claims to have invented the new application, called Sex with Glass.  The developer insists that this is not a pornography app, but instead a way to allow sex partners to see the other’s point of view.  Sex with Glass promises to give an entirely new sexual experience.

The app works when two people wear Google Glass during sex.  Upon hearing the order, “OK, Glass, it’s time,” Sex with Glass will begin to stream live video of one partner’s real time view to the other person’s Glass display, essentially allowing both parties to see what the other sees.  The command, “OK, Glass, pull out,” will cease the live video stream.

The Sex with Glass website claims that the new app will also have the capability to connect with a home’s automation system in order to play mood music and dim lighting.  Not content to simply set the mood, the app, when hearing the words, “OK, Glass, give me ideas,” will search for and suggest different sexual positions to be tried.

Sex with Glass’s developer is also hoping to release a corresponding iPhone app, to be named Glance, which will allow Glass to use the iPhone’s camera in order to see sex from all angles as if watching a movie.  When the sex is over, the app creates a video that can be viewed later that contains footage from the iPhone and both Google Glasses.  Although the video will self-destruct a la Snapchat, it is live and viewable for five hours.

Sherif Maktabi, one of three designers who developed the app, calls Sex with Glass a way to make “sex more awesome with Google Glass.” In other words, the Google Glass sex app will let you see and record all parts of your lovemaking.

Sex with Glass will have a hard time finding a large following of consumers, though.  Google Glass has not yet been made available to the public.  Although Sex with Glass is free, those who are able to buy Google Glass have to pay $1500 each.  To use the Sex with Glass app, both partners have to own Google Glass and be willing to have sex with each other while wearing them as well as agree to see and record all parts of their lovemaking.

Critics are already pointing out possible flaws in the new app.  Google Glass has proven to be hackable, which raises concerns about maintaining the privacy of couples using Sex with Glass.  The live feed will also be easier to send accidentally to the wrong people.

Whether or not Sex with Glass ever becomes a reality remains to be seen.  To date, Google has not offered an opinion of the app.  What is known is that a pornography app developed for Google Glass was banned by Google soon after it was released.  Google also added a provision to its Glass content policy that expressly disallows any apps that contain graphic sex acts, nudity or sexually explicit material.

Even so, Maktabi remains hopeful that his app will meet the criteria, saying that nothing in his app is pornographic or sexually explicit.  Google representatives made no comment about the the Sex with Glass app that lets you see and record all parts of your lovemaking.



Drop N Sync Logo

Uploading photo to Facebook is an easy task for everyone, but uploaded large amount of photo to difference album or downloading your Facebook album photo or any photo that your friend tagged for you is a critical task, because you may need to do it one by one. Drop N Sync is wonderful application that help you to solve the problem above.

Drop N Sync is an easy to use Facebook application that allows you to download and upload all your photos from and to Facebook, including all your tagged photos from your friends’ albums. It allows you easily create albums and synchronize all your photos and albums. The concept for Drop N Sync is about the same with Dropbox where you linked up your Facebook account with your local folder and Drop N Sync will help you to synchronize it from and to the Facebook server.

The best part for the Drop N Sync is that you can set it up very quick and easy, just link up your Facebook account in the application than it will run as the background services in your computer to download or upload photo from to your Facebook account.


When you first start up the Drop N Sync application, it will ask you to sign into your Facebook account and authorize the application with some permissions. Once your sign in your Facebook account, the default setting will help you to download all your album from your Facebook account to the default destination folder for the application.


After you sign into your Facebook account, you need to choose which albums to download and sync with your Facebook account. You can choose between downloading all your albums and photos, no albums at all or just select the relevant albums for you.

To upload your local PC photo to your Facebook account, just create a folder within this folder, than drag over your photo into the folder, Drop N Sync will help you to do the rest of the job silently.

Drop N Sync runs as a background process and uses anywhere from about 15MB of RAM all the way up to 35MB. The range is so broad because it depends on what the application is doing. Obviously when it’s downloading or uploading it uses more RAM.

For my personal experience after using this apps, it’s actually very light and fastest way for me to download any tagged photo from my friend album to create a backup in my local PC. At the same time, the apps is so light and it’s not really affected my normal usage for the PC.

Please do share your experience after using this apps or please share if you have any other similar application which did better job than Drop N Sync

Just visit Drop N Sync website to download and start using it.


Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is an open source network stress testing and Distributed Denail Of Service (DDOS) attack tools. LOIC was initially developed by Praetox Technologies, but was later released into the public domain, and now is hosted on several open source platforms. It’s named after a fictitious weapon from the Command & Conquer series of video games.

The tools come in 2 difference language which are C# and Java. The LOIC not only available in Window Platform, it also available in Andiod platform which you can easily launch any attack to the target machine just using your own mobile phone or tablet which I think may not that efficial 🙂

The Windows version of LOIC has a “Hive mind” feature that lets you point your copy at an TCP, UDP, or HTTP, allowing someone else to control over your LOIC clients application which website they are target to. This is because if you are attacking a website alone using your own computer at your own network, that’s actually no impact to the server at all, but if there are thousands of LOICs all targeting to a same server at the same time than only can bring the real negetive impact to the target machine.

LOIC basically turns your computer’s network connection into a firehose of garbage requests, directed towards a target web server. On its own, one computer rarely generates enough TCP, UDP, or HTTP requests at once to overwhelm a web server—garbage requests can easily ignored while legit requests for web pages are responded to as normal.

There is a bad side for the hackers that you may not know to take control over your computer may be a risk. But because the LOIC client is open source, the chances that a virus or backdoor into a user’s own system could be a hidden payload is minimal.

Because a DDoS knocks everything offline—at least when it works as intended—the log files that would normally record each incoming connection typically just don’t work. And even if they do, many LOIC users claim that another user was on their network or that their machine was part of a bot net—a DDoS client delivered by virus that performs like a hive mind LOIC, minus the computer owner actually knowing they are participating.

You can download the tools at:

Window Binary C# Version

Java Version

Andriod Version


LOIC Window Version

LOIC Java Version

Google LOIC - 4 Google LOIC - 5 Google LOIC - 6
Google LOIC - 1 Google LOIC - 2 Google LOIC - 3

Viber for Desktop

Viber, one of the free mobile messaging in Mobile platform had release their latest version 3.0 for Andriod as well as iOS mobile user, come together with the release, they also announce the newly launched Viber Desktop application for PC and Mac Users.

In a media release, the company said that Viber Desktop and the latest versions of the Viber app were designed from the ground up for individuals using Viber on multiple devices, so they can always use the app that’s right for them, whether at home, in school, at the office, or on the go.

Key highlights of the new mobile app versions include:

  • Video messages
  • New stickers
  • Last online status
  • Enhanced photo experience
  • Performance improvements
  • New voice engine
  • Android version security fix
  • Support for eight new languages and 20 languages overall. Supported languages include: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

Some of the key combined features(Viber Desktop and Mobile apps) include:

  • Seamlessly transfer calls between Viber Desktop and the Viber app with one click or tap
  • Received and Sent messages are shown on all devices, but will only “beep” on the device you are currently using
  • Messages and conversations you delete from one device will be removed from all devices
  • On top of this, Viber Desktop is Viber’s first application to offer video calls. With this new beta feature, users can now make desktop-to-desktop video calls to other Viber users.

Check out the new Viber Desktop for PC & Mac introduction video below:


Viber offers free calls and messages between its users via Internet connection. The app is free to use and can be downloaded from

The company also announced that it now has over 200 million users across the various platforms that it supports including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and others.

DNS Jumper application home page

DNS Jumper is a small application that help the user by providing a one-click system to change DNS servers.The application displays a list of DNS servers that can be activated with the click of the mouse button. Available DNS server range from Google DNS over Open DNS to Ultra DNS, Level 3, Open NIC to the default DNS server of the system.
DNS Jumper help to you find a fastest DNS server around your area and minimizing the time your Internet browser needs to access web addresses and thus speeding up the navigation as a whole seemed like the Holy Grail a few years back. Nowadays, there are many ways of optimizing this process through the use of dedicated tools.

One of those applications that can help you find the best DNS to shorten loading times for all webpages is DNS Jumper. This small utility packs a very good set of features that can be accessed and used via a user friendly GUI.

A great thing about this particular software is that you don’t have to install anything, simply unzip the archive and run the main program. From then on, it’s a matter of a couple of clicks until you can enjoy a faster Internet.

Do not expect the download or upload speed to increase because this is not the purpose of DNS Jumper. Instead, you can expect to have everything online-related load faster and this does include downloads as well as regular webpages.

There are many free DNS services supported by this app and you can choose one from the long drop-down list. In case you want to manually input the address of such a service you should know that the utility provides this function as well.

A neat feature of DNS Jumper is the fact that it enables you to add new entries to the list in a few seconds. All you have to do is write down the IP addresses, give a name to the server and that’s it.

If you have doubts about which DNS server is faster, there is a nice little button you can push to find out. It is called ‘Fastest Dns’ and, when pressed, it will automatically analyze all the entries in your list and then display the loading times so you can choose the swiftest one.

Thanks to the fact that it is so easy to use and has so many useful features, including ‘Backup’ or ‘Flush Dns’, as well as an impressive list of free servers, DNS Jumper is certainly one of the best tools in its category.

DNS Jumper Fatest DNS

DNS Jumper (815)

Bulk Rename Utility

By on December 16, 2012


Bulk Rename Utility is an easy to use file rename program (a.k.a. file renamer). Renaming multiple files has never been easier! It has a small memory footprint so it can be left running all the time without consuming all your memory. It started as a freeware Visual Basic tool, but as its popularity has grown it has been completely rewritten in C++ to be robust and lightweight – and very, very fast! It can easily handle folders/discs containing well over 100,000 entries… and it can batch rename 1,000s of files in seconds.
The software is freeware and gets downloaded very frequently. It has a large base of regular users. Most of the features have originated from other users’ suggestions. As such, it is continually being enhanced and improved.
As well as being “recommended” by a number of web sites, Bulk Rename Utility has also appeared on many magazine cover-discs, from Brazil to Sweden.

Some of the features provided by Bulk Rename Utility include:

  •  Rename files, folders or both
  • Remove, add or change text in the file names
  • Perform text substitution
  • Change the case of file names
  • Remove characters or words
  •  Remove digits or symbols
  •  Append or prepend text to file names
  • Append dates in many formats
  • Append the parent folder’s name
  • Auto-number files with flexible rules
  • Automatically preview the new names
  • Sort the file details by any column
  • Group configurations into “favorites”
  • “Bulk Rename Here” Windows Explorer extension
  • Directory recursion – process sub-directories too!
  • Regular Expressions support
  • Rename files from an input text-file list
  • Create an “Undo” batch file
  • Log activity to a log file
  • Change file and folder date/timestamps (created, modified, accessed)
  • Change file/folder attributes (hidden, read-only, archived)
  • All settings retained between sessions
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Rename photos using EXIF metadata (i.e. “Date Picture Taken”, “Resolution” and other information embedded in all JPG photo files)
  • Rename MP3 files using ID3 tags (a.k.a. MP3 ID3 tag renaming).
  •  Command line support ***

In addition to Bulk Rename Utility, it also provide the Bulk Rename Command. Bulk Rename Command is a lightweight, fully-compiled executable file contains many of the features of Bulk Rename Utility, but it is designed to be run from a command line. It is perfect for inclusion in batch files, login scripts, or scheduled jobs. The application is controlled entirely via program arguments, with no use made of .INI files or the Windows Registry.

Click here to download

PPS Crack to skip the ad

By on November 6, 2012

Thanks for the support from the reader, this is another PPS crack in order for you to bypass the advertisement before the video play. Once again, thanks for the people who contribute their hard work to provide us such a good “application”.


Before you install the crack, please make sure that you uninstall any other version of PPS if you installed it before. After that just download the following app, than login the PPS with your account, than you can start enjoy your movie.


In order to watch the latest Hong Kong and Taiwan drama, you may refer to my previous post which guide you how to bypass the limit.


Enjoy it

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Keep Any Window on top always

By on June 11, 2012

This day, our personal computer have very much resources and power to allow us to do multiple job concurrently such as browsing a web site using Google Chrome and at the meantime, you want to watching your favourites movie at window media player. The major problem is if you switch to Google Chrome, the media player window will moves to background and vice-versa.

If you would like to prevent that video clip from hiding even while you bring the browser to the foreground, you may download “Always on Top” – a free utility that will “stick” any program window to the foreground of your desktop with a simple keyboard shortcut. Some examples:

To make your selected window always on top, just launch the utility, select a window and then press the Ctrl + Space shortcut to stick that window in the front.

Always on top (512)

KuWo – All in one music box

By on February 25, 2012


Kuwo Music Box is a free music player for you to search, download, listen music, watch video clip, watch MV, browse forum, download game, images and much more. With such functionality, it should not call as music player, but should call as Music Box, or entertainment center software.

With the build in search engine in the KuWo music player, you can easily search a song or MV either by the song title; arties name, or album name. It includes the song from Asian, European, Japan, and Korea.

If you have no idea what song to listen, then “Today Recommended” may help you to discover the hit song, newer song, and newer album in the market. You may also look at what actually other users are listening at and just double click for the song title to get your copy.

When you found what your favorites song, you may choose either to download or stream it directly from Internet. With the KuWo Music Box, the song lyrics will be search and display to your automatically.

The beauty of this music player is if you are login your KuWo account while you listen at the song, it will actually accumulate some point for you and you will get promoted when you reach some point to enjoy better benefit. In addition, you may also synchronize your play list no matter where you are, as long as you login to your account.