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All you have to do is key in the UBER3RDBDAY promo code within the Uber app. Do keep in mind that that the maximum discount per trip is RM5, which means you can’t just hitch a ride to Singapore and expect to be entitled to the 33-percent discount.

That’s not all, in conjunction with its third anniversary, Uber will also be bringing its services to three additional cities in Malaysia: Langkawi, Alor Setar, and Miri – bringing the total number of Malaysian cities where Uber is available to 12.

Happy birthday from Google

By on October 1, 2013

The first day step into last quarter of 2013 is my birthday and thanks for the greeting from all my friend in Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, WeChat and more.

Birthday wish from Google

I’m so surprise when I start my work by Google information online, the first thing I saw on the page is the greeting from Google search engine.

Google 12th birthday

By on September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010 Google’s twelfth birthday is today, the official home page of the Google logo (Logo) on the show to celebrate graffiti, and one after another in countries around the world displayed on the home page.

Google Doodle (Doodle) is a feature-rich Google home page logo, often in countries on the Google home page with some local characteristics of the picture, also to commemorate the holiday, or a certain celebrity culture, or on the website in the world the same graffiti.

Today, Google is also to celebrate his birthday with the graffiti.

Today’s trademark graffiti is very simple, is a birthday cake with a Google word. This is Google in collaboration with the painter Wayne Thiebaud, and authorized by the VAGA NY.