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HTML table word wrap

By on September 21, 2009

I created a table to display a link which consist of a long verification code plus some variable to pass to the web site. There is no any space within the long url and query string. This is not the problem, the problem is on my table, because of the link is in one long string without any space, so when it display on the screen, the table is expanded.

I come across few solution, some people suggest that using the javascript to split the string in to 2 or more row when it excess the string lenght limit. I don’t think this is the best solution, and finally get the solution of control the table using the CSS.



<table style=”word-wrap: break-word;” width=100>

opera_logoThe competition in web browser market become more competitive after the launching of Google web browser – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 by Microsoft, and Firefox 3.5.

Now Opera is get into the web browser competition by annouch their latest version of browser call Opera 10 with the Turbo. Before this, you may or may not hear about the Opera Turbo, you will ask in your maind what is the turbo doing in the Opera Web browser?

Opera Turbo is actually a features that help you to boosts up your internet bandwith speed on slow connections by using the Opera proxy server to compress data and imgae traffic before it reached the Opera browser on your computer.

There are dozens of new features added, but the most common one are:

  • use Opera Turbo to turn your sluggish a broadband beast.
  • Enjoy Visual Tabs. Just drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.
  • Use Opera Link to keep your Opera browsers synchronized everywhere.
  • Speed dieal that gives you quick access to your favorites web sites.
  • Opera Link that allow you to synchronize your bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, notes, and personal bar wherever you go.
  • Everything build in, no other addon needed.
  • It’s totally free

I personally like Opera very much because of the stablality of the application. In addition, if you are the heavy internet user, with the shortcut key and the mouse gestures you will feel that how easy to use opera compare to other web browser.

There are much more thing and hidden features for Opera 10 Web browser, give a try for Opera and continue to discover it.

Click here to visit Opera home page
Click here to download Opera 10

Most of the developer who working in MS platform will be used to the javascript window.attachEvent.

But maybe some of you don’t know that window.attachEvent is only working on IE7+ and Opera only. Your coding will hit an javascrpit error when running at IE 6 or any version of firefox.

To resolve this issue, you may need to modify your code as such:

Original Code:

window.attachEvent(“onload”, Page_load);

function Page_load(){
//function code

Modify code:

//set page event handlers
if (window.attachEvent) {

//IE and Opera
window.attachEvent(“onload”, Page_load);

} else if (window.addEventListener) {

// IE 6
window.addEventListener(“load”, Page_Unload, false);

} else {

document.addEventListener(“load”, Page_Unload, false);


function Page_load(){

//function code


MozbackupMozBackup is a light and simple utility tools for you to backups your browser profile such as Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Sunbird, Flock, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite, Spicebird and Netscape profiles.

Basically, MozBackup allow you to backup and restore back your bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache and more.

This tools is useful if you like to format your computer but yet want to save time to backup your long and useful bookmart.


Google Chrome LogoMost of the computer mania should had try out the latest browser from the search engine giant – Google Chrome. Although the time of Google Chrome in the market just a while, but they do gaint a significant browser share in the market.

But people will never satisfy with the thing that have now. As there is no way to view/recover/retrive the password and username from the Google Chrome directly. But some of the user may need this and that’s why ChromePass has been developed.

ChromePass 1.5 is a small and light free utility tools that allow you to easily view the username and password store by the Google Chrome. ChromePass doesn’t require any installation process or additional DLL files. In order to start using ChromePass, simply run the executable file – ChromePass.exe.


AM-DeadLink – Bookmark checker

By on January 10, 2009


When we browse on the internet normally we will bookmark some useful web site in order for you to easily come back in the future. But when the time pass, the bookmark list be become very long and it is very time consuming for you to check again bookmark by bookmark and delete the unnecessary, duplicate or no longer availabl. Now, you no longger need worry about that, AM-DeadLink will halp you to handle this with few clicking of mouse.

AM-DeadLink is a useful application to check your browser’s bookmark address againt the web site. If AM-DeadLink found that the bookmark site found no longger available or unresponse then it will help to delete the bookmark permanently. 


The development direction for Google Chrome is try to promote and push the web 2.0 application to the user in order to replace the tranditional window application. So Google Chrome actaully allow us to create the shortcut for the “Application” and place it on your desktop.

The application shortcut is actually directly bring you to the web page that serve your purpose with only single tab in the browser.

For example, you may create the gmail application shortcut on your desktop in order to skip the typing of “”.

What you need to do is first login to your gmail, select [Create Application Shortcut…] -> [Create Shortcut in the following location], you will ask to select the location either on desktop, start menu or quick launch bar -> you will find out that you have a new icon added to your selected location.

Unlike previosly how we open the gmail, now you can just click on the short cut that you just created and it will bring you to the gmail home page with the Google Chrome in full screen.

From this point of view, you may feel that Google Chrome is not just a normal browser like Firefox, or IE, but it more then that. Google Chrome try to step into our desktop by providing the better user experience on the Web 2.0.



Google Chrome - Create window shortcut

Google Chrome - Create window shortcut


Google Chrome - Placement of shortcut

Google Chrome - Placement of shortcut


Gmail shortcut on desktop

Gmail shortcut on desktop


Google Chrome – Dynamic Tab

By on December 26, 2008

Google chrome provide another powerful features is the join 2 difference google chrome window into one or you may separate out the tab into new google chrome window.

What you need to do is just click and drag the tab that you wish to join, or separate out to the black page or to the browser tab bar. You are done.


Google Chrome - How to join tab

Google Chrome - How to join tab

Google Chrome – Home button

By on December 26, 2008

Firefox, IE will have Home button on the top of the browser. By default, you can’t find this button in Google Chrome, but it does not mean that Google Chrome don’t have this features. It just hide it by default, but you can show it out by little configuration.

You may go to Google Chrome Options -> Basics -> Check the [Show Home button on the toolbar], done. You will see the little home button just beside the address bar.

The other alternative to go to home page when you browse through Google Chrome is by the combination of the key [Alt + Home].


Google Chrome - How to show home botton

Google Chrome - How to show home botton