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Alibaba Group has announced that the online payment platform AliPay will officially launch in Canada through a partnership with Snap Pay.


Due to this announcement, Canadian retailers will start accepting Chinese currency from Chinese shoppers this week. More than 450 Canadian merchants are said to already accept AliPay in an unofficial capacity. Chinese consumers visiting Canada will also have the ability to pay through this platform, while Canadian merchants will have the opportunity to access the Chinese market.


AliPay was launched in 2004 and has since then registered more than 450 million active users.




Google has announced that Android Pay will be available in five new markets: Taiwan, Spain, Brazil, Russia and Canada.


So far, Google has officially confirmed that Android Pay is launching in Taiwan. Furthermore, the company unveiled plans to expand its mobile payment app to Canada, Spain, Brazil and Russia.


Russia media reports that Android Pay will be available at the following banks: Sberbank Rossii, Alfa-Bank, Raiffeisenbank, and Tinkoff Bank. Android users, which account for 87% of the total smartphone market in Russia, according to XDA, will be able to make mobile payments using the NFC at these banks.


Google has not confirmed which banks will support Android Pay in Canada, Spain and Brazil.




Following America’s shocking election results, thousands of Americans flooded to Canada’s immigration website, causing it to crash.

Canadian authorities confirmed that over 200,000 Americans had visited the website during election night. About 100,000 of the visitors were curious about migrating over to Canada; this dwarfs the 17,000 people that visited the website one week prior.

The conclusion of the election saw Donald Trump being elected as America’s new president, leading the country into uncharted political territory. During the run-up to the election, Trump had promised a number of controversial topics which include, deporting illegal immigrants, building a country wide wall against Mexico, sweeping away womens’ rights and imposing a mandatory registration of Muslim Americans.