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WorldPay acquires YESpay

By on March 8, 2013


Global provider of payment and risk services WorldPay has acquired global card payments company YESpay.


By leveraging YESpay’s technology, WorldPay will be able to offer its UK clients a payment service, including merchant acquiring, card processing and payment terminals integrated with point of sale systems. The combined service will allow WorldPay and YESpay customers to exploit the needs of omni-channel shoppers with a single payment service operating in-store, online and on mobile. In addition, WorldPay will acquire YESpay’s businesses and assets including payment platforms and technologies, its 150 employees, based in the UK, Canada and India and over 3,000 customer relationships.


Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.


YESpay provides secure internet, EMV Chip & PIN, contactless and gift card payment processing services to independent and multi-chain merchants. Through EMBOSS, the YESpay Managed Payment Service, merchants can accept integrated card payments within EPOS, kiosks, hospitality and e-commerce systems. WorldPay has 75 national and international payment methods and operates in over 40 countries worldwide.


Throughout the past year or so, PayPal has been working to make its in-store payment platform more robust by bringing in a number of new retail partners, including Home Depot, Guitar Center, Barnes & Noble, and JC Penney. However, today the company has revealed that PayPal users can now pay for items in over 18,000 physical stores throughout the US.


PayPal announced today that 23 large national retailers have begun participating in PayPal Now, and the service is now available at 18,000 retail locations around the United States. PayPal Now officially launched back in May of 2012 to extend PayPal’s payment platform into physical stores. Shoppers simply enter their phone number and a pin code during checkout instead of swiping their credit or debit card.


The service is definitely useful for people who forget their wallets, or for those who just prefer to keep all of their transaction under one roof. There are also opportunities to earn digital coupons and loyalty points by choosing this method of payment, so there’s definitely an incentive to use the new platform other than convenience.


Square is obviously PayPal’s biggest competitor, with its own plans in the retail realm that includes a major partnership with Starbucks. It’ll be interesting to see where the mobile payment industry goes from here. Google Wallet is making the rounds, and while it’s not yet a well-known avenue for payments, it just could be a matter of time before we see it take off.

The billionaire shop

Lembo Aventador

It must be hard to be a billionaire. Apparently there’s no easy way to impulse buy things such as yachts, jets and real estate.

The good news, however, is there’s a new website called The Billionaires Shop, which allows you to throw millions of dollars away in a matter of seconds. Want an $8 million penthouse in Miami? Add it to your shopping cart and checkout. How about a new Ferrari Bugatti Veyron SS sports car? That will be $1,950,000.

Bugatti Veyron SS

Bugatti Veyron SS cost about 1,950,000 euro

The billionaire shop check out

The total checkout amount is 74,100,000 euro

The concept came after the Swedish-based team, which also runs an international gambling company called, realized that — like the classic comedy film Brewster’s Millions — big winners didn’t always know what to do with their cash.

“Gambling companies don’t always take care of the winners by offering advice on how to spend money,” the spokesperson said. “We wanted to change that.”

The most popular category on the site so far is its luxury yacht collection, with private jets not far behind.

Rocket Internet’s Asia-oriented e-commerce site Lazada announced yesterday that the company received $26 million in funding from equity investor Summit Partners. The money will be spent on further business development in its five markets: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand. Maximilian Bittner, the regional CEO of Lazada, adds:

We are very proud to have an investor of Summit’s calibre joining our shareholder base. They have extensive experience in supporting fast‐growing companies which will be of huge benefit as we continue to build out our offering and services to win the Southeast Asian market.

Lazada launched its new fashion marketplace platform in Malaysia on November 21st. The platform allows offline retailers control over logistics and operations while selling their items online. The company plans to introduce this platform to its other four countries in the near future. It’s an interesting diversification, especially as Rocket Internet already has its own Southeast Asia-oriented fashion e-tailer in the form of Zalora.

This is the third major investment that Lazada has received in the past four months. Previously the e-commerce site received $40 million from Swedish investment firm Kinnevik, and before that an undisclosed investment rumored to be in the region of $50 million from J.P. Morgan.

Use Google Wallet to accept payments for digital goods and services — with easy integration and attractive pricing. Customers never leave your website when they pay with Google Wallet.

Click here for more information about Google Wallet for digital goods brings you useful and convenient “buying information” to save you a lot of time, hassle and money. The’s “offer scouts” gather all the relevant information for you on a regular basis and their “discoveries” are featured on the website.

The information that you may get from web site such as

  • Offers that provided by any merchant
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You must take special note of the location where a featured item may be available. This refers only to the particular store or mall in the particular city mentioned, where the information was gathered from. Further, a nationwide store chain often holds sales simultaneously throughout the country. If we can verify that it is indeed a nationwide sale, it will be reported as such. However if only KL is mentioned, you should not assume that the sale is also on in Penang or JB.
By signing up as their free member, you will get the email remainders for

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The only providing the information for your reference and they will never provide any product or services to be purchase at their web site.

What are you waiting for? Just visit to web site and sign up the free membership to get alert on any offer

E-Commerce business is growing so fast from year to year, we all will find it very convenient to purchase and shopping online from a site such as Amazon. But once we confirm the order and make the payment, have you think of what will happen to the item that you had just purchased until it arrives to your doorstep?

What actually happen after you confirm your purchase is your order will send to the warehouses to process, pack and ship. Those warehouses are staffed by people who apparently work in such terrible conditions that a Chinese person making iPhone in China.

The infographic come from Business Insurance Guide where they pointed out some pretty bad stuff going on in the online warehouses, including 12 hour shifts with few breaks, earning minimum wage, being fired if you use a mobile phone, extreme temperatures, health risks, and loss of workers rights if you are temp worker.

InterCity Coach again is another luxury coach company in Malaysia which travel within the peninsular Malaysia from Perlis to Malaka. All the InterCity buses are equipped with wifi and AC power supply at every row of seats which allow the passenger to stay online while they are on the road.


Besides the in bus high speed wifi, all InterCity coach also equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS data will update back to their company web site to show the current location for the bus, as well as the bus speed every single minute. This is the first in Malaysia where the bus company allow the public to check their bus location.


InterCity Coach currently running  few promotions for their online member as per following:

  •  You can get extra 10% discount on your birthday month.
  • If you spend more than RM 1,000 in a single month, you will get 10% Intercity Discount Voucher
  • If you spend more than RM 3,000 in three consecutive months, will get 50% Intercity Discount Voucher
  • If you spend more than RM 6,000 yearly, you will be upgraded as Premier Platinum member where you get 10% off in all the ticket purchase



To learn more detail about InterCity Coach or purchase the bus ticket online you may visit their official web site or their Facebook page


Kuala LumpurMalaysia – Instead of scratching your brains or sneaking around the house looking for a list of things a loved one wants for Valentine’s day, why not try something different and special at the same time this year? Groupon Malaysia invites everyone to its ‘Season of Love‘ microsite that is filled with gifts that is sure to put a smile on the face of those dear to your heart.


The microsite was designed for customers who are looking for the best in retail therapy, as it includes amazing discounts on beauty and wellness treatments, hotel and travel packages, scrumptious buffet dinners, exquisite jewelries, all-access tickets to an indoor theme park and many more. So for those who have a long shopping list, this specialty deals site is the perfect one-stop online shopping destination for him, for her, for them, for you and for all.


Besides just the thoughtful and exquisite gifts, the site also has a unique ‘virtual love letter’ feature that allows users to compose a personalized message and generate a special link that enables the recipients to view and read the messages through e-mail or social media platforms. As for those who are wary of purchasing the wrong gift, there’s also an option that allows users to send the catalog to a loved one so they can pick the perfect gifts they are looking for.


For more information, please visit


Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Groupon Malaysia wants to spread the love and joy with its 'Season of Love' microsite that is filled with gifts that are perfect for everyone


E-Commerce still a very new term for most of the people in Malaysia, but there is a study done by Paypal Online and mobile Shopping Insights 2011 found out that there are significant of increment on the online transaction done online, especially on the festive season. Christmas is the busiest day for online shopper to grab their gift.


Mobile shopping was driven by an increasing number of Malaysians going online via Internet-capable mobile devices. According to a recent InMobi report, smartphone penetration in Malaysians is at a sharp increase, where close to six in ten Malaysian digital consumers used their mobile phone to access the Internet in 2011. The InMobi ‘Mobile Impact on Media Consumption in Malaysia’ report also revealed that mobile is the top choice for Malaysians going online.


Elias Ghanem, Managing Director, PayPal Southeast Asia and India said:

“Online shopping has become mainstream, especially during the festive season as many Malaysians skipped the long queues, searched online for great deals, and bought gifts from the comfort of their homes. This was the first festive season for mobile shopping to become popular as Malaysians reached for their smartphones and tablets to enjoy the convenience of shopping anytime, anywhere. Interestingly, Malaysians planned well ahead for their festive online shopping in late November whereas mobile shopping was widely used for purchases during the Christmas week.”