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Every eCommerce owner are aware of how important is the social media in order to boost their eCommerce website sales. This is because social media had bring a big change into the digial marketing world. This is because there are maybe more than thousand of eCommerce store that selling the same product with you, so the social media become very important source of traffic where it can help to directing relevant traffic to your site and can help to build a brand identity online as well.



The following infographic that show you the Beginners Guide to Boosting E-Commerce sales using the Social Media:



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Uploading photo to Facebook is an easy task for everyone, but uploaded large amount of photo to difference album or downloading your Facebook album photo or any photo that your friend tagged for you is a critical task, because you may need to do it one by one. Drop N Sync is wonderful application that help you to solve the problem above.

Drop N Sync is an easy to use Facebook application that allows you to download and upload all your photos from and to Facebook, including all your tagged photos from your friends’ albums. It allows you easily create albums and synchronize all your photos and albums. The concept for Drop N Sync is about the same with Dropbox where you linked up your Facebook account with your local folder and Drop N Sync will help you to synchronize it from and to the Facebook server.

The best part for the Drop N Sync is that you can set it up very quick and easy, just link up your Facebook account in the application than it will run as the background services in your computer to download or upload photo from to your Facebook account.


When you first start up the Drop N Sync application, it will ask you to sign into your Facebook account and authorize the application with some permissions. Once your sign in your Facebook account, the default setting will help you to download all your album from your Facebook account to the default destination folder for the application.


After you sign into your Facebook account, you need to choose which albums to download and sync with your Facebook account. You can choose between downloading all your albums and photos, no albums at all or just select the relevant albums for you.

To upload your local PC photo to your Facebook account, just create a folder within this folder, than drag over your photo into the folder, Drop N Sync will help you to do the rest of the job silently.

Drop N Sync runs as a background process and uses anywhere from about 15MB of RAM all the way up to 35MB. The range is so broad because it depends on what the application is doing. Obviously when it’s downloading or uploading it uses more RAM.

For my personal experience after using this apps, it’s actually very light and fastest way for me to download any tagged photo from my friend album to create a backup in my local PC. At the same time, the apps is so light and it’s not really affected my normal usage for the PC.

Please do share your experience after using this apps or please share if you have any other similar application which did better job than Drop N Sync

Just visit Drop N Sync website to download and start using it.

Facebook is set to unveil a new service named Gifts; a result of the company’s acquisition of Karma, a 16-person start-up based in San Francisco. As the moniker suggests, the service will enable users to send tokens such as chocolates, coffee, and other real-life presents to their loved ones and friends via the social networking channel.


However, Gifts is strictly for users in the U.S. for the time being, before it trickles down to other regions in the coming months.


Unlike conventional shopping and shipping procedures, the service also enables recipients to enter their own shipping info, or swap the gift for a different size, flavor, or style (where applicable) before the gift ships. The Gifts icon will be available on the right side of users’ Facebook pages, and it’ll be visible along with notifications of friends’ birthday, weddings, and other life events. Users may access the icon via friends’ Facebook pages as well.


According to The Huffington Post’s article, this service is only accessible to Android-based mobile phone users for the time being. The iPhone and iPad versions will be released later. However, there’s no mention of its availability for other mobile operating systems, such as Windows Phone for instance.


Facebook’s Gift service marks the company’s first and “serious” foray into e-commerce, and understandably, they’ll receive an unspecified cut from each gift item sold.

Facebook phone?

By on August 25, 2012

A “Facebook phone” has been rumored for sometime, however — and many analysts regard its appearance as a matter of when, not if.
“really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call with analysts the social networking company isn’t interested in developing its own mobile phone.
However, his denial hasn’t stopped the pundits from projecting that Facebook still has a handset in the works.
According to Bloomberg, Facebook Inc. is working with HTC Corp. to build its own smartphone for release as soon as mid-2013, people with knowledge of the matter said. The companies had intended to release the device as early as the end of this year, and pushed back the timetable to give HTC more time to work on other products.
Several sources said that Facebook, which urgently needs to find a way to make money from its growing number of mobile phone visitors, has already hired former Apple employees who are believed to be working with HTC on the new project.
Building its own device could allow the site to collect revenue from its existing advertisers more effectively by making sure their commercial content was distributed throughout the phone’s different functions.
HTC and Facebook have collaborated before – the ChaCha and Salsa phones both featured Facebook buttons. But the presence of OS engineers on the new Facebook Phone team suggests that the new handset will feature deeper integration than just a Facebook button.
So have all the rumors simply been hot air and will Facebook instead focus its efforts on improving a widely maligned mobile app? We will know in future.

Facebook is the world most famous and most interactive social networking medium online, other than sharing information and photo, now you can also able to chat with your friend via text, voice or video conference. To use the chat function from Facebook, just log into your Facebook account and at the bottom right hand side have the chat bar, just click on that bar and you can easily chat with your friend.


Many of you may be wondering how to delete Facebook chat history (or) clear chat history in Facebook page. To delete the chat history of any Facebook friend, just follow the few simple steps below:

  1.  Login into your Facebook account and check Facebook chat box at bottom right.
  2. Click ‘Chat’ button on the chat bar to expand it into box.
  3. Then click on setting icon on the top right hand side on the chat box.
  4. Click on clear window to delete the history


You can delete chat history of different Facebook friends using above procedure and clicking ‘Clear Chat History’ link in respective chat boxes. Please note, this will not delete Facebook chat history if you were chatting using desktop client software for Facebook chat instead of Facebook website.

Enough with that silly fake money in Farmville and the lack of real-world thrills in Zynga Poker. The country’s favorite social game company is looking to expand into the world of sin and will offer a poker game that allows players to gamble actual money sometime in the first half of 2013. However, don’t expect it to be hosted – or perhaps even playable – in the US, where online gambling is all but expunged due to several state laws banning the practice.

The announcement came from Zynga CEO Mark Pincus during a conference call today with investors. Just looking at some of the reports when it comes to this market makes it very easy to realize why the company would want to go down this new path. For example, Zynga users currently spend an average of $2 – $3 per month. Of course, multiply that by millions of users and you’re doing pretty well. But by comparison, online gambling sites typically see revenues of around $300 per paying user per month.


It will be the first time such a major name outside the world of gambling hopes to make it big in the online gambling world. Every other noted video game publisher has shied away from it because of many issues, not the least of which is that real-world gambling gives publishers an automatic “AO” rating from the ESRB, and most publishers are ingrained in the video game rating system so deeply that they don’t dare launch a game that doesn’t have that group’s stamp of approval. Of course, the legalities also play a huge role in this. This is going to be an interesting story to watch.


MultiMi is a social media integrator that helps people stay in touch with the people that matter in their life. Whether it’s Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or any other platform, MultiMi lets users stay in touch with one click. They can drag a tweet into an email while simultaneously updating their Facebook status or move a photo from email into Flickr or Picasa. Not only does MultiMi help users to seamlessly integrate multiple channels, it protects people’s online activity with AVG’s renowned LinkScanner® technology.


The existence of the MultiMi is to simplify the way people engage with one another on the internet. Instead of login to multiple website, MultiMi create a single platform for you to post commentaries, tweet news, share holiday photos, post images and more.


MulitMi doesn’t store your personal information instead all information will be saved in your Computer. MultiMi works on Windows XP SP3 or higher Operating Systems require 1 GB RAM.


MultiMi is safe to use because the software is created by the AVG which is one of the leader in security software and they have implemented security measures in this app. This mean that you can browse the latest happenings on all these services with peace of mind.


Facebook create a new way how we engage with people on the internet, MultiMi again create the way we can utilize multiple social platform to having more fun in the most time saving way.


You may download MultiMi for free for window at

You may download MultiMi iPad version at here

MultiMi application home page

The launching of the Facebook app center for Google Android and Apple iOS show that facebook is try to step into the 2 major smartphone maket and try make the smartphone more interesting.

Facebook has announced it is in the process of launching an App Center in the Android and Apple Stores Thursday night. It’s rolling out on three platforms: Android, iOS and (on the mobile web) itself.

With the new launch of the Facebook apps for the iOS and Android, you will soon be able to customize your mobile Facebook app. But will facebook charging for the apps download? Here’s a clue: the company explicitly doesn’t want to call it a “store,” according to ABC News.

“The App Center is launching tonight with more than 600 social apps, including Nike+ GPS, Ubisoft Ghost Recon Commander, Stitcher Radio, Draw Something, and Pinterest,” Facebook reps wrote in an email.

“You’ll only see high quality apps in the App Center, based on user ratings and engagement.”

With Facebook bringing out its IPO, attention is being drawn towards the income Facebook generates from advertising. WordStream folks have created a very interesting infographic comparing the income Facebook and arch rival Google make from advertising. Here is a comparative analysis of Facebook and the Google Display Network, which makes us wonder, whether Facebook advertising really works or not.

After Google announce their cloud service – Google Drive, Facebook also join the game as confirm by the Facebook spokeswomen Meredith Chin. The world largest social networking web site confirm on Friday it was rolling out a storage service for the users to share files within groups.

“We first introduced this feature a few months ago with Groups at Schools. Now, we’re making it more widely available. It’ll roll out to more groups over the course of the coming days and all groups should have it soon.” spokeswomen Meredith Chin said.

With the launch of the new services, Facebook will limit the file sizes up to 25 megabytes and certain file such as music will not allow to share over the service due to the copyright issue. Besides that, other potentially “malicious” file type will also be excluded from the service.

With the booming grow of the mobile computing such as smart phone and tablet, the cloud storage become more important to the user. Many of the cloud storage providers only offer a limited amount of storage for free and allow the user to upgrade to paid service with more space available.