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Adobe has finally announced that it will end its support for Flash in 2020.

An Adobe spokesperson said, “We will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats.”

Although a handful of websites still use Flash, this move should not affect users too much. Most of the major websites have already moved away from Flash. In addition, Apple’s iOS devices has never supported Flash, and it has disabled Flash by default on macOS Sierra and Safari 10. 

Not to be left out, Google has said that its Chrome browser will slowly phase out Flash over the next few years, while Microsoft has said that it plans to disable Flash by default on its Edge and Internet Explorer browsers, beginning from mid 2019 to late 2019.

Flash has come under heavy scrutiny and criticism, especially over the past couple of years, for being laden with bugs and security risks. As a result, vendors like Apple, Google, and Microsoft, had to work diligently to keep up with security fixes.


In the past few years, numerous computer security experts have called for Flash to be culled from existence. Now it’s finally happening. Thank goodness.

Mobile Flash is being killed off. Adobe will no longer be developed for mobile browsers, the company said in a note that will accompany a financial briefing to analysts.


Instead the company will focus on development around HTML5 technologies, which enable modern browsers to do essentially the same functions as Flash did but without relying on Adobe’s proprietary technologies, and which can be implemented across platforms.



The existing plugins for the Android and BlackBerry platforms will be given bug fixes and security updates, the company said in a statement first revealed by ZDNet. But further development will end.


Flash being excluded by the latest Google Android OS 4.1 Jeally Bean and Microsoft also said that the default browser in its forthcoming Window 8 system, expected at the end of 2012, will not include Flash plugin by default.


With the decision by Adobe to drop the Flash in the mobile devices, Adobe plans to cut 750 staff, principally in North America and Europe. But the company spoke person decline to give the correct figure yet.


Adobe will turn their company focus to the latest open standard in the mobile era, such as HTML5 and perhaps they will creating a great HTML5 tools in the future to gain back the market share that they lost after the drop of mobile Flash.