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In recent years, Asia has experienced a ride booking boom. Uber is aggressively attacking Southeast Asia, while Rocket Internet’s Easy Taxi is still fighting hard to gain a strong foothold in the region – sometimes unsuccessfully.

GrabTaxi is the only home grown app gaining traction across large swathes of Asia. Born out of Malaysia (where it’s known as MyTeksi), it’s experiencing a rapid and colourful growth story across Southeast Asia. The start up recently became one of the Southeast Asia’s only home grown start up “unicorn” companies, with an estimated billion-dollar valuation.

Here is a visual timeline of how GrabTaxi went from soliciting business door-to-door in Kuala Lumpur to raising US$340 million in funding – a quarter of a billion of which is from Softbank – and entering six markets across Asia in under three years.




It’s time to do some serious life evaluation. Glassdoor has compiled a list of the top 25 companies with the best-paid internships, and annualized, interns at all of these organizations make more than the median household income in the U.S., which sits at around $53,000. With that kind of money, you know no one’s fetching coffee.

Unsurprisingly, the list is tech-heavy. The highest-paying company for interns, based on average monthly base pay, is Palantir ($7,012), followed by VMWare ($6,966), and Twitter ($6,791). Oil and energy companies also made a strong showing, including ExxonMobil (No. 8, $5,972), Chevron (No. 13, $5,424), ConocoPhillips (No. 15, $5,357), and Schlumberger (No. 25, $4,634). Overall, the average intern makes between $2,400 and $3,100 a month, according to Glassdoor.


This report had some overlap with another list of the best companies to intern with, which Glassdoor released earlier this month. The firms that made an appearance on both reports include Facebook, Microsoft, ExxonMobil, Google, Apple, Amazon, Yahoo, Qualcomm, Intel, and Schlumberger.

WordPress had become the world most famous blogging system since recent years, the following is the infographic on The Power of WordPress and some of the statistic about WordPress.


If you are running a Facebook fan page, are you run out of idea what to share with you follower on your fan page?

The following infographic show the 10 quick tips on how and example for a better status updates on your Facebook fan page.

  1. Post an interesting fact
  2. Share a tip
  3. Endorse content
  4. Don’t always ask a question
  5. Inspire action
  6. Tell users what to expect
  7. Add a P.S.
  8. Use short links
  9. Use images with text
  10. Ask users to comment

Feeling inspired yet? Check out the infographic below:


All Facebook fan page owner or administrator, do you have idea how to engage with your fans after reading it? or do you have any better idea to share which tips or method you think is best to running a Facebook fan page.

Gmail celebrating 9th birthday

By on April 13, 2013

At 1 April 2013, Google email (Gmail) is celebrating its 9th birthday. So much of evolution in the Gmail all start by one user’s feedback that she was tired of struggling to search for her email in the inbox. So the Gmail teams start to build a free webmail system that change the way of people using email.

After so many years, Gmail gone through so many change and upgrade just to serve the user better. The following infographic show the evolution of Gmail from day 1 until now.

Gmail Infographic

The most advance operating system from Microsoft – Window 8 finally release to the market at October 25 2012. This is the most advance and first ever touch-screen-friendly operating system from Microsoft.


The born of Microsoft operating system has change entire people life and way of doing business since year 1985 until today. The first version of operating system from Microsoft named as Windows 1.0 released in year 1985.


Since that, there are several versions of Window OS released including Window 2.0, Windows 3.0, Window 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Window ME, Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and finally come to Window 8.


The following infographic from Freemake showed the evolution of Microsoft operating system since year 1985 until today, it also show that how’s the operating system change our life as well as change the way people using computer

How the social sites like twitter make money? how they trun the followers into profit? here’s a quick look at which revenue stream help major social networking companies go from social service to successful business

Which one are you choose to lose? Phone or Wallet? The infographic below “What Have You Got to Lose?” tells us that 50% of us would rather lose our wallets than our mobile phones. But despite that fact, only 4 percent of us have taken the necessary steps to protect our mobile device with security.


It also show us how much money and time you will lose in order to get back a lose phone or wallet. There are some of the advice from the creator how to prevent such a thing happen to you.  

RAID concept in the real life

By on June 22, 2012

This is the most easy way to understand what is RAID and how’s to referencing the difference RAID technology