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If you complaining on your new iPhone4 via Twitter, you can get free a Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. However, there is this “special offer” only valid the United Kingdom!

According to a post from Samsung the microblog – Twitter, if Samsung found that any user post their complaint regarding iPhone 4 on twitter they will be offer the option to exchange their iPhone4 with the latest Samsung Galaxy S smartphones.

“We contacted several users, offering free Samsung Galaxy S to replace them, because we are confident they will get a very amazing post.” Samsung spokesman said.

It seems Samsung is the use of the iPhone 4 antenna isuues to hype their own mobile phone. However, according to CNET UK site evaluation, Galaxy S software is still some small problems, but overall not too bad, as long as you get the free phone.

Samsung this “preferential treatment” is clearly limited to the United Kingdom, Malaysia users do not wishful thinking, or looking forward to iPhone 4 waiting to come!

iPhone Insurance

By on July 12, 2010

Good news for Apple iPhone user, now you can have your iPhone to be protected by Insurance. I believe all the people hear about Life Insurance, Accident Insurance, vehicle Insurance, travel insurance and so and so on.

Now you can get your iPhone to be protected by iPhone Inruance as well. With the Worth Ave Graup iPhone Insurance, you can project yor iPhone from incident such as drops or water/liquid damange, screens cracks as well as being stolen.
The annual premiums start from USD55 for iPhone 3G-8GB or earlier model and up to USD89 for iPhone 4-32GB.
iPhone insurance premium price
* Not sure is this insurance also available in Malaysia or not.

Finally, Apple had release their new version of iPhone 4. Let’s us look back the history of the phone that contribute about 40% of the total Apple sales in the pass 4 years.

From the picture below, you can see that the first iPhone was release to market by at 29 June 2007 has been hit about 1,000,000 units sales in 3 months time. At the mean time, the applications in Apps Store is 0.

On 11 June 2008, Apple bring us the upgrade version of iPhone – iPhone 3G and it only take 3 days to hit 1,000,000 sales. At the mean time, the application in Apps Store has been hit 3,000 apps.

One year later, Apply bring us again the fastest iPhone but the price stay the sames at 19 June 2009. This time only take 2 days to hit 1,000,000 units sales and the application in Apps Store has been hit 100,000 applications.

At 24 June 2010 – iPhone 4 had make another record with hitting 1,500,000 units sold in the first day of release with 600,000 of pre-order units. The application in apps store had hit 200,000 apps.

If you are thinking of most of the Apple iPhone user are the young and trendy young generation, than you are wrong. That is a study show that 40% of iPhone was sold to corporate customer and being use in business environment.
The main reason of this is because they treat  iPhone as a replacement for the laptop as they are migrated your laptop usage to a small iPhone. Most of the coperate users they may only use 1 or 2 apps that help in daily working life, so instead of spend USD 1,000++ to buy a new laptop, they rather to choose to have an iPhone that more handy and easy to carry.

This is what happen to the guy who has lost the unannounced next-generation Apple iPhone at a bar in Redwood city on the midnight of Thursday, March 18.

Apple this morning will give select members of the press a sneak preview of the next-generation iPhone operating system.

The event is scheduled for 10 a.m. PT at Apple headquarters.

The iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad all run iPhone OS 3.0. Apple has not yet officially disclosed any details about iPhone OS 4, but a few rumors hint that a highlight feature will be enhanced multitasking. The current iPhone OS only allows a few core apps, such as iPod and Mail, to run in the background while another app is active.

A more recent rumor claims that iPhone OS 4 will debut Apple’s mobile advertising platform, which is corroborated by its $300 million acquisition of mobile advertising firm Quattro Wireless.

And perhaps more relevant to consumers, another last-minute rumor claims iPhone OS 4 will support printing from the iPad. (There is currently no native, systemwide printing feature for the iPad, though some third-party apps offer workarounds.)

Yours truly will be reporting live from the iPhone OS 4 event at Apple headquarters this morning. Stay tuned on this post for updates.

UPDATE 7:30 a.m. PT: Change of plans — rather than live blog, we’ll be posting a news report of the event. We’ll update this post as major announcements are made.

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Apple new generation product

By on April 3, 2010

Apple iPhone next generation product

What is inside the iPad packaging box? In case you’re wondering what the box contains, then take a look at the two very first iPad unboxing videos published on the internet.

In the box, you’ll find the documentation manuals, a dock connector to USB cable, a 10W USB power adapter, Apple logo stickers and of course the iPad itself.

iPhone 4G leaked photos

By on April 1, 2010

iPhone 4G ‘leaked’ photos have once again started popping up, and of course, they are fake (or may be not?) by the looks of them.

This time, the leaked photos are not just of the iPhone device, but also includes unboxing, accessories, a dock etc.

The first glance at these photos tell you they are fake because Steve Jobs isn’t that dumb to call the next-generation iPhone as the iPhone 4G (what the Internet world call it as).

Check out some of the screen shoots below:

Extreme Beauty - Familiar but like no other.


Things are being constantly changing. The world is divided into two eras – the world before and after iPhone.

Even though most of your telecommunication is being done via iPhone, we know that you still have a wired desk phone or IP phone on your desk. Are these traditional devices still essential in this new era of iPhone? Probably yes until the advent of Desk Phone Dock.

With Desk Phone Dock, use your iPhone as your one and only integrated wired desk phone in your office or home environment. You can make and receive calls like you did with a traditional wired phone. You don’t have to look up a phone number in the other devices any more. Your iPhone is always fully charged and ready to go at any time. It is very convenient for your business and personal needs.

Desk Phone Dock has built-in two stereo speakers, microphone, volume control, instant mute and USB & AC power dual sources. With these built-in features and distinctive design, Desk Phone Dock will keep your desk neat.

No more multiple phones, bunch of cables and other accessories on your desk. Use your iPhone smarter with Desk Phone Dock.


Integrated Adapter Box provides power to your iPhone via USB and electrical outlet simultaneously. Desk Phone Dock always keeps your iPhone fully charged while using either of them. This simple function gives you great convenience. No more annoying plug switching or turing your PC on and off. Keep them connected and forget all others. Data sync is also provided via USB port.

No outside physical switch

Space & Arrangement

Designed for any generation of iPhone with/without case