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Emails are one of those things you double- and triple-check before you hit the ‘Send’ button. However careful you are though, the nature and definition of ‘accident’ dictates that every once in a blue moon, you will inadvertently send that cake recipe to your employer instead of your cousin, or send a rant about one of your colleagues to said colleague themselves, or send to a prospective employer an email without your CV attached. And then spend the next few seconds mumbling profanities repeatedly before denial kicks in, and you hope the unintended recipient missed the one you sent in the mountain of other mails that they have to deal with everyday.

Do you wish there was an undo button for emails?


If you use Gmail, there is now. Or rather, there has been for the past six years as part of Gmail Labs, only now it’s a regular part of Gmail. You can now tone down that strongly worded email that you sent and fix that misspelling that you only spotted immediately after you clicked on the ‘Send’ button.


So how do you make use of this panic button? Go to ‘Settings’ after signing into your Gmail account, and halfway through the list you will see the ‘Undo Send’ section. Enabling it gives you the option to choose between 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds window of buffering. Save the changes and you should be good to go.


The next time you send an email and you have second thoughts immediately after, you’ll have the number of seconds you selected to hit the undo button and decide if you’re changing your mind about something. Remember that this undo feature only adds a delay between the time you hit the ‘Send’ button and when Gmail sends out the email. Gmail can’t take back mails that has already gone into the recipients’ inbox, so if it’s going to take more than 30 seconds before you notice something’s amiss with your mail, then you’re out of luck.


Just working out on the phpBB3.0 on the user registration integration with the main web site. Because of I plan to write the main web site using the coldfusion + MS SQL, so the only way as I may thinking of to do the integration is write a web service a like page for my coldfusion application to call.

After read through some forum, blog, web site and finally find out the way for the integration and here to share my simple PHPBB 3.0 user registration integration code.

  < ?PHP
  define('IN_PHPBB', true);
  /* set scope for variables required later */
  global $phpbb_root_path;
  global $phpEx;
  global $db;
  global $config;
  global $user;
  global $auth;
  global $cache;
  global $template;

  # your php extension
  $phpEx = substr(strrchr(__FILE__, '.'), 1);
  $phpbb_root_path = "../";

/* includes all the libraries etc. required */
  require($phpbb_root_path ."common.php");
  require($phpbb_root_path ."includes/functions_user.php");

// username of the user being added
$username = 'david';

// the user’s password, which is hashed before inserting into the data base
$password = 'password';

// an email address for the user
$email_address = '[email protected]';

// since group IDs may change, you may want to use a query to make sure you are grabbing the
// right default group...
$group_name = ($coppa) ? 'REGISTERED_COPPA' : 'REGISTERED';
$sql = 'SELECT group_id
        FROM ' . GROUPS_TABLE . "
        WHERE group_name = '" . $db->sql_escape($group_name) . "'
            AND group_type = " . GROUP_SPECIAL;

$result = $db->sql_query($sql);

$row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result);

$group_id = $row['group_id'];

// timezone of the user... Based on GMT in the format of '-6', '-4', 3, 9 etc...
$timezone = '8';

$language = 'zh_cmn_hans';

// here if the user is inactive and needs to activate thier account through an activation link
// sent in an email we need to set the activation key for the user... (the goal is to get it about
// 10 chars of randomization) you can use any randomization method you want, for this example,
// I’ll use the following...
$user_actkey = md5(rand(0, 100) . time());
$user_actkey = substr($user_actkey, 0, rand(8, 12));

// IP address of the user stored in the Data base.
$user_ip = $user->ip;

// registration time of the user, timestamp format.
$registration_time = time();

// time since the user is inactive. timestamp.
$user_inactive_time = time();

$user_row = array(
    'username'              => $username,
    'user_password'         => phpbb_hash($password),
    'user_email'            => $email_address,
    'group_id'              => (int) $group_id,
    'user_timezone'         => (float) $timezone,
    'user_dst'              => $is_dst,
    'user_lang'             => $language,
    'user_type'             => '0',
    'user_actkey'           => $user_actkey,
    'user_ip'               => $user_ip,
    'user_regdate'          => $registration_time,
	'user_dateformat'   	=> 'D M d, Y g:i a'

$user_id = user_add($user_row);

echo 'userid' . $user_id;


Click here for PHP Cross Reference of Architecture PHPBB3


Another new launch Gmail Labs features where you may preview your messages while waiting for the Gmail to be completely load. The new features is named as

“Inbox Preview”

If you are on the high speed internet connection, then this features may not benefit you. But try to imaging that you are on the very slow internet connect which may take several minutes to only completely load your inbox. How bore you are while you waiting for that and you find nothing to do besides look at the loading bar and counting the movement of the bar.

In addition, if you only found out that there is no any new message for you to read after servaral minutes of waiting, how disappointed you are.

Gmail always try the best to make their product become more user friendly you may have a static preview of your inbox with the 10 most recent messages on the screen.

What you need to do is just to turn the Inbox Preview features on in from the Lab tab under the settings.

Enabling gmail inbox preview in Gmail labs tab

Enabling gmail inbox preview in Gmail labs tab

Inbox preview while waiting for the Gmail inbox to load

Inbox preview while waiting for the Gmail inbox to load

google-labs-logoThe most recent addition to Gmail Labs is a feature that lets you quickly add Google search results to a message. Instead of opening a new tab, typing the query and copying the results, you can now search directly from Gmail. The box that shows up lets you copy the results or just the web addresses, but you can also drag the links to your message.

Google search result pop up box in Gmail

Google search result pop up box in Gmail

Send the Google Search result in Gmail with few clicks

Send the Google Search result in Gmail with few clicks


Suggest more recipients

By on April 19, 2009

Have you ever experient that you may mistakenly left our some important recipient that you wish you to send an email to. Or you may spend your valuable time just to enter/key in the same recipients email address again and again or just spent your time to think who are you going to include from your long list of contacts.

Now, Gmail Labs has deleveped a new recipients suggestiong features call “Suggest more recipients”.

This features will help you to suggest some recipient in the group that you always emailed. For example, if you always email your mom, dad, and sister together, and if you start composing a message to your mom and dad, Gmail will suggest adding your sister. Enter at least two recipients and any suggestion will show up like this:

Gmail suggest some of the recipient that you may interest to add into the group

Gmail suggest some of the recipient that you may interest to add into the group

Insert image into Gmail

By on April 19, 2009

google-labs-logoGmail labs has just release another useful and long waited features by Gmail user – Images inserting features.

Now you may easily insert the images into your email inlines. Just turn on the “Inserting images” features on from the Labs Tab in your Gmail setting.

Enabled images inserting in Gmail labs setting

Enabled images inserting in Gmail labs setting

After you enabled the features, you will get the new toolbar icon like this:

Inserting images toolbars icon

Inserting images toolbars icon

In order to insert the photo into your email, you must make sure you are in the rich formatting mode, else you will not get the images inserting logo show up. Just click on the logo, you can insert imges in 2 difference way: by uploading image file from your cmputer or just providing the image URLs.

Keep in mind that Gmail doesn’t show URL-based images in messages by default to protect you from spammers, so if you’re sending mail to other Gmail users, they’ll still have to click “Display images below” or “Always display images from …” to see images you embed.

Uploading photo progress in Gmail

Uploading photo progress in Gmail

New in Gmail Labs – Undo Send

By on March 23, 2009

gmail-logoUndo Send – Another amazing new labs features developed by Gmail team.

Most of the people are waiting for this features long long time ago. Most of the time we only notice that we make some mistake in the email immediately after we click on the “Send” button.

Now with Undo Send features, you may still stop and undo the send within 5 seconds after the button clicked. But bear in mind that this features can’t let you pull back the email that’s already done; it can only holds your message for 5 seconds so that you may still recover back the recent make mistake.

How to get this features?

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Labs tab
  4. Go to Undo Send in the long labs features list
  5. Click the Enable radio button
  6. Save the change


gmail-logoGmail has launch their new labs features where you can adds your location to your mail signature. Now you may let your reader know what where you actually are when you sending the email to them.

This is a good features for the Gmail user who always travel around.

By enabled this new labs features, Gmail will automatically detects your location and appends the city region and country name to your signature. It use the public IP address to determine your location, so it may not always 100% accurate. Especially in Malaysia, the public IP address that the web site detect is always where the ISP hub is.

How to enable the location in signature:

  1. Log into Gmail and go to labs at the setting panel
  2. Scroll down to the “Location Signature” option, check the Enable box and save the new change
  3. Reload Gmail
  4. Go to your setting, and in the signature options, check “Append your location to the signature”, save the change
  5. Try out the setting by compose a new email see look at your signature part


Multiple Inboxes in Gmail

By on February 7, 2009

gmail-logoIf you has use Gmail everyday and checking your Gmail is a important task for you. Then you may faced a lot of problem trying to multitask your email checking process by viewing more then one panes in difference browser window to read or reply your message.

If you are facing this problem, then the new features that launched by Gmail Labs will help you to solve this problem. The new launched features is called “Multiple Inboxes”.

Multiple Inboxes allow to you view multiple label in difference panes at the same time. As a result, you can have the quick view for your important labels such as Starred, draft, or your custom lebel at the same time.

How to enable this features?