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If you’re a Grab user, then you can expect more accurate fare estimations, ETAs, and trip routing from now on, thanks to its partnership with HERE Technologies, a global map data and locations service provider.


HERE Technologies aim to create the most up-to-date three-dimensional representation of the real world in the virtual one, with a fleet of HERE True Vehicles mapping the road network down to 2cm accuracy into a cloud-based map. And now, Grab’s drivers and passengers have access to this accurate map of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Vietnam, and the Philippines.



This partnership also means that Grab will have access to HERE Technologies’ extensive Places of Interest (POIs) database, as well as real-time traffic data sourced from connected vehicles and devices. Both parties will also work together in overcoming challenges of operating in rapidly developing countries with no established national address system, such as Myanmar and the Philippines.



Google Maps Goes Under The Sea

By on September 28, 2012


Google Maps is quite a hot topic lately, mostly due to the fact that the application isn’t available on iOS 6 as yet. And now, perhaps to remind Apple on what they’re missing out, Google has introduced their new underwater Street View collection.


Not that there are underwater streets at the Great Barrier Reef, but the use of the “Street View” branding means users get a 360-degree panoramic underwater view, just like you would on regular Street View. The panoramic images are of fairly high-resolution as well, and they are taken with an SVII underwater camera.


“We’re partnering with The Catlin Seaview Survey, a major scientific study of the world’s reefs, to make these amazing images available to millions of people through the Street View feature of Google Maps. The Catlin Seaview Survey used a specially designed underwater camera, the SVII, to capture these photos”, says Brian McClendon, VP of Google Maps and Earth (and snorkeling enthusiast).


For now, there are only imagery from three of the world’s most popular dive spots found in Australia, Philippines, and Hawaii. But since this is an ongoing project, you can definitely expect more images to appear down the road.

3D generation is coming on Google Map. After months of rumours it was revealed that Apple will indeed move away from its Google-powered 2D map system in the upcoming iOS 6 update, in favour of a home-grown solution. It seems appropriate that Google would pre-empty that announcement to unveil its own improved mapping solution.

Though Google has Street View which is ostensibly a 3D rendering of individual addresses, and Google Earth, which does a great job leveraging the company’s multitudinous data points, there has yet to be a seamless and solid way for consumers to view cities, on a macro scale, in three dimensions. Google is expected to launch that very service five days before Tim Cook’s keynote address at WWDC.

This is another big competition between the both giant IT company and we as a consumer will wait and see what happens on Jun 6th.

Cube is a very neat idea from Google – a game to raise awareness of, and educate you about, Google Maps.

Cube runs in your browser which is HTML 5 competible version (ideally Google Chrome). You play it by completing levels that set you navigational challenges in various cities around the world. I just completed the first level, navigating to a bowling venue in New York city. When you complete a level, you get a link to learn more about a particular feature of Google Maps.

Click here to experience the Cube Game

wikimapia-logoWikimapia is a useful web 2.0 portal which their main idea is to “describe the whole planet Earth”. Wikimapia was created by founder Alexandre Koriakine and Evgeniy Saveliev inspired by Google Maps and Wikipedia. This is a very good idea for all the Internet user especially for those who are always travel or who have no money to travel around.

For the frequence traveller, you may get your detination path via Wikimapia. In the other hand, for those people like me who have insufficiance fund to travel around the world yet still dreaming of travel, then wikimapia may help you to fulfil your dream.

The best part of Wikimapia is every people in the world may help to place the location, so that other people may meet find and meet the location easily. Besides map the place on the Earth, you may also capture the photo, add the description, title in order to help to describe the world better.

It also provide few useful features such as you may view the location in the Map View, Setellite View, terrain view or hybrid. You may also filter out the place highligh by other poeple while you are enjoining your “world jouney”.