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WhatsApp has reached another milestone this year  one billion people are using WhatsApp everyday


The latest milestone comes more than a year after WhatsApp shared that one billion people used its instant messaging app every month, which has now grown to 1.3 billion monthly active users. It also revealed other interesting figures such as: 

  • 55 billion messages sent per day 
  • 4.5 billion photos shared per day 
  • 1 billion videos shared per day 


WhatsApp has seen its usage statistics increased over the past year. A recent study conducted by the Reuters Institute revealed that people in some countries (Malaysians included) use WhatsApp to get their news. Earlier in January this year, a WhatsApp spokesperson informed VentureBeat that 63 billion messages were sent on New Year’s Eve, which included 7.9 billion images and 2.4 million videos! In June 2016, WhatsApp stated that there were more than 100 million voice calls made through its app everyday. 




Facebook has obtained an e-payments license from the Central Bank of Ireland, signalling that the ability to pay people through the Messenger app (already available in the US) could soon be coming to Europe.


The Central Bank of Ireland’s approval of the payments license was authorised to Facebook Payments International Limited (FBPIL) in October 2016 for “e-money issuance” and “payment services.” TechCrunch reports, cited by As a member of the European Union, passporting rights mean that the Irish license would apply throughout the other 27 EU member states.


Currently, the payment service only works in the US. It allows customers to send money to friends via the Messenger app, a feature which it has recently been promoting. It has been reported that the social network will soon be adding payments to businesses, as well as friends, via the app.

Facebook M

There have been talks about Facebook working on a virtual assistant and if you’ve been curious about what type of services Facebook could introduce, here it is. The company recently unveiled M, a personal assistant found in Facebook Messenger.

Facebook M is more than just a digital assistant like Siri and Cortana. The social networking company says that “it can perform tasks that none of the others can” like suggest a restaurant based on your criteria and make a reservation for you, send gifts to your loved ones, make travel arrangements, and way more.

Facebook M Personal Assistant

All you need to do is send M a message from Facebook Messenger. The software, which uses artificial intelligence that is trained and supervised by people, will then respond to your message and send updates until the task is completed. Facebook claims that they will not pull information from your account (for now at least), so if you ask it to do something, it will only make suggestions based on your answers to questions it asks you, and previous conversations.

Facebook M Example

Sadly though, Facebook M is only in its testing phase right now, and is only open to a couple of hundreds of users in San Francisco. The company says that the service will be available to all Facebook Messengers eventually, let’s hope Malaysia is in the list because it does sound like a pretty cool service.