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Microsoft Surface Pro Windows 8 Pro tablet is now available in Malaysia for RM2749 (64GB) and RM3049 (128) at participating retail outlets from 7 June 2013 onwards.

Microsoft Surface RT was launched in Malaysia in April 2013. It has pre-installed MS Office Home and Student 2013 RT but only support Windows 8 apps. You cannot install Windows 7 desktop software onto it. On the other hand, Surface Pro runs full version Windows 8 Pro which support all Windows 8 apps as well as Windows desktop software.

“The Surface Pro will be especially appealing to corporations and businesses who are looking for a lightweight, durable, powerful device that is specifically designed with additional enterprise-grade security features, as well as optimized to work with in-house applications they may already have.”, said Carlos Lacerda, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia.

Surface Pro specs

Surface Pro is a 10.6-inch Full HD touchscreen display (1920×1080 pixels) tablet computer powered by Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB RAM, running Microsoft Windows 8 Pro operating system. Two 720p cameras (front- and rear-facing).

Surface Pro support WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity, as well as full size USB 3.0 port, microSDXC card slot, headset jack, Mini DisplayPort. Weight 2 lbs (907 gram).

A Surface Pen is included allows you to do draw and take notes with your handwriting on the Surface Pro.

Surface Pro Spec

Surface Pro price

Surface Pro is available in 64GB and 128GB, the retail prices is RM2749 and RM3049 respectively. Keyboard cover is not included. You can buy touch cover (black, white, cryan, red, magenta) at RM379. Black type cover is RM409.

Where to buy Surface Pro in Malaysia?

Microsoft Surface series can be purchased nationwide from: Challenger Malaysia, Harvey Norman, Thunder Match Technology, SNS Network.


Click here for more information about Microsoft Surface Pro in Malaysia

In Windows Server 2003, Microsoft introduced the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration feature. In many organizations, the first task that admins take is to disable this “feature” as it can very quickly become a hindrance to getting work done. To disable the feature, you had to use Add/Remove Programs, select Windows Components, and un-check the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration check-box and you were back to a normal browsing experience.

Microsoft has also included this security feature in Windows Server 2008. However, disabling and managing the feature in Windows Server 2008 requires a different process.

  • First, open the Server Manager by going to Start > Server Manager
  • In the Server Manager browse to the Security Information section and click Configure IE ESC. In the figure below, IE ESC is located in the very lower right-hand corner of the window.


  • In the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration window decide for whom you want IE ESC enabled or disabled and click OK.

Ahead of its official release, Microsoft Press just made available a free preview of the upcoming book “Introducing Windows 8: An Overview for IT Professionals”. This free PDF download eBook has eleven chapters and it is specifically focus on Windows 8 for companies and Enterprises.


Even though, this book is target to IT professionals, anyone who wish to get to know the latest Microsoft’s operating system should download and read it — You’ll learn a great deal about all the new features in the OS and you can’t beat FREE, right?



This pre-release book covers the following Windows 8 topics:

  1. Overview
  2. Experiencing Windows 8
  3. Windows 8 for IT pros
  4. Preparing for deployment
  5. Deploying
  6. Delivering Windows apps
  7. Recovery
  8. Management
  9. Security
  10. Internet Explorer 10
  11. Virtualization

The new Microsoft Press book is scheduled to be released December 2012 (according to Amazon). If you want the paperback version you can pre-order here from Amazon, and to download the free version of the book head over to the Microsoft Press site.

Introduction to Window 8: An overview for IT Professional (Preview) (548)

The most advance operating system from Microsoft – Window 8 finally release to the market at October 25 2012. This is the most advance and first ever touch-screen-friendly operating system from Microsoft.


The born of Microsoft operating system has change entire people life and way of doing business since year 1985 until today. The first version of operating system from Microsoft named as Windows 1.0 released in year 1985.


Since that, there are several versions of Window OS released including Window 2.0, Windows 3.0, Window 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Window ME, Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and finally come to Window 8.


The following infographic from Freemake showed the evolution of Microsoft operating system since year 1985 until today, it also show that how’s the operating system change our life as well as change the way people using computer

Window Live Messager (MSN) is one of the well know instant messaging program that develop by Microsoft. After 12 years of development and maintenance, Microsoft plan to replace their own developed instant messaging program with the Skype program.


Microsoft is phasing out Messenger use in all regions, in the first quarter of 2013, other than mainland China. So, you can get a head start by downloading the current version of Skype, using your Microsoft log in and using the new Skype platform for your IM (and other messaging needs).


Once you update to Skype, here are some of the other great features Messenger users can expect:

  •  Broader device support for all platforms, including iPad and Android tablets
  • Instant messaging, video calling, and calling landlines and mobiles all in one place
  • Sharing screens
  • Video calling on mobile phones
  • Video calling with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling


We will work with you over the next few months to help you transition and offer information and help along the way. To help you learn how to get the most out of Skype, be on the lookout for some special offers later this year as you join your Messenger friends in the migration. We think you will enjoy using Skype, and encourage you to download the latest version, sign in with your Microsoft account, and experience it for yourself, says a post on the Skype Blog.

Microsoft is changing its entire look and feel to become more in line with a consolidated ethos which should be ushered in by Windows 8. While the title may have changed from Metro to Modern, there is no doubting that the visual elements are settled and constant.


The new logo features the same familiar colors in a square layout that references a Window pane. In addition, the new logo also looks similar to the live tiles which have become a feature of Windows OS phones.


Over the years, the Microsoft corporate logo has resembled a disco-ball, Metallica’s font and Pacman. While the new logo might not be as exciting, it does fit in rather well with the new look Microsoft is trying to establish.


Microsoft just unveiled their latest operating system – Window 8 packaging.


The Verge has managed to get their hands on a couple of images showing exactly how the Window 8 and Window 8 Pro retail boxes look like. There are 2 difference color of the boxes which is white (for Windows 8) and black color (for Windows 8 Pro).


Early reports suggested that Microsoft would no longer provide the retail boxed copies of Windows8, aside from some upgrade DVDs.

Microsoft’s Outlook Twitter account proudly announced on Tuesday night that its new email application had already reached more than 1 million users less than a day after first becoming available. The new email system, which Microsoft is using to phase out its Hotmail system, features greater social networking integration with  Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn, and gives users access to Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools including Microsoft Word, Excel, SkyDrive and PowerPoint right from their inboxes. Microsoft is also promising Skype integration for the new email protocol sometime in the near future.

Microsoft’s latest move to counter the rising popularity of Gmail among Internet users comes in the form of a preview of its new web service, which will eventually replace Hotmail. Here’s a quick rundown of its new features:


Cleaner, More Streamlined User Interface

Users will see a fresh, clean interface where there is 60% fewer pixels and 30% more message visibility in their inboxes. Microsoft also makes it a point to do away with display ads or large search boxes that take up unnecessary space. uses Exchange ActiveSync, which powers your mail, calendar, and people experience on the smartphone, tablet and the new Outlook 2013 preview.


Integration with Social Networks

Recognizing the increasing importance of social networks as tools for people to share and communicate, Microsoft is the first to provide an email service that is connected to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and soon Skype, to make calls from inside This means that your contact list is always up-to-date with photos of your friends, status updates and tweets. also gives you the power to control your experience – what you share, the networks you connect to, and your personal information.


Smarter and More Powerful Inbox will automatically sort out your messages from contacts, newsletters, shipping updates and social updates. The Sweep feature enables the user to move, delete, and set up rules in a few, simple clicks so that you can navigate faster around the interface.

Office Web Apps is included as a free add-on, which allows you to to view and edit Office documents from within the email service itself. is also integrated with Microsoft’s SkyDrive, making it convenient to send files from the cloud storage service without worrying about attachment limits.


Emphasis on Privacy and User Control 

Microsoft assures you that it will not scan your email content or attachments, and sell these information to third parties. Ads will not be shown in personal conversations as well. You are free to customize your inbox according to your preferences by creating your own folders, categories and rules. provides virtually unlimited storage with industry-leading spam protection and world class security.

Chris Jones, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Windows Live said, which builds off the power of the Outlook people have long used on their PCs and Macs, has a fresh, clean user interface that gets the clutter out of inboxes and takes away display ads and large search boxes, and works well with smartphones, tablets, and the new Outlook 2013 Preview., Microsoft’s new cloud mail service, has a fresh and intuitive design, enriches conversations by connecting to Facebook and Twitter, and provides a smart inbox with the power of Office and SkyDrive.


Photo emails are brought to life with slideshows that launch directly out of with one click.


Skype will be coming to soon, so people can video call Skype or Outlook friends, even if neither have the Skype client installed.


For an up-to-date address book, the latest contact info that friends share on Facebook and LinkedIn is integrated into offers a clean, easy way to edit documents from the Inbox. In this example, a family’s budget is shown in Excel. offers the ability to open, edit and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files from anywhere with full fidelity.


From anywhere on, customers like Matt Millmann (shown here) can chat with friends who are using Facebook Chat or Outlook.


Windows 8 is scheduled to launch on 26 October. The next generation of Microsoft software for computers, laptops and tablets will arrive in three months, paving the way for Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 tablets, and the Microsoft Surface.


Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows division, made the announcement during the company’s annual sales meeting, according to the Windows Team Blog.

Windows 8 boasts a new interface, consisting of large coloured squares that act as shortcuts to your apps. It’s a front end that should be great for touchscreen PCs and tablets, but the jury’s out on whether it’ll work on regular computers — click here for our guide to how to use the Windows 8 interface.


With a release date confirmed for Windows 8, Microsoft has cleared the way for tablets powered by Windows 8, and phones powered by the mobile spin-off, Windows Phone 8. These portable versions of Windows are also ready to roll in October.


There will be two types of Windows 8 slate: the full-fat version, and the streamlined tablet-specific Windows 8 RT for ARM devices. The flagship Windows 8 RT tablet is Microsoft’s own Microsoft Surface, challenging the market-leading iPad before the end of the year.


As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one month, October is also set to see the release of the new iPhone 5, along with Apple’s OS X Mountain Lion software. With phones, tablets and computers going up against each other, it’s the first time in years that Apple and Microsoft have squared off so directly against each other — and I can’t wait.