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Facebook phone?

By on August 25, 2012

A “Facebook phone” has been rumored for sometime, however — and many analysts regard its appearance as a matter of when, not if.
“really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call with analysts the social networking company isn’t interested in developing its own mobile phone.
However, his denial hasn’t stopped the pundits from projecting that Facebook still has a handset in the works.
According to Bloomberg, Facebook Inc. is working with HTC Corp. to build its own smartphone for release as soon as mid-2013, people with knowledge of the matter said. The companies had intended to release the device as early as the end of this year, and pushed back the timetable to give HTC more time to work on other products.
Several sources said that Facebook, which urgently needs to find a way to make money from its growing number of mobile phone visitors, has already hired former Apple employees who are believed to be working with HTC on the new project.
Building its own device could allow the site to collect revenue from its existing advertisers more effectively by making sure their commercial content was distributed throughout the phone’s different functions.
HTC and Facebook have collaborated before – the ChaCha and Salsa phones both featured Facebook buttons. But the presence of OS engineers on the new Facebook Phone team suggests that the new handset will feature deeper integration than just a Facebook button.
So have all the rumors simply been hot air and will Facebook instead focus its efforts on improving a widely maligned mobile app? We will know in future.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) has signed a Collaborative Agreement with Milan Utama Sdn Bhd (Milan Utama) for a strategic partnership to provide enhanced content for a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation solution.


Under the agreement, both parties will be collaborating in various initiatives to further enhance the content of Lokatoo, a GPS navigation system developed by Milan Utama. Through this partnership, Yellow Pages business listings and TM WiFi sites will also be embedded into the GPS navigation system. The enhanced content will include more than 3,500 Yellow Pages’ listing and location of more than 23,000 TM WiFi sites.


Azizi A Hadi, Executive Vice President, SME, TM, represented TM at the signing ceremony while Dato’ Wan Mohamad Saleh Wan Mahmood, Executive Chairman, Milan Utama Sdn Bhd signed the agreement on behalf of Milan Utama.


“I believe that the partnership established between TM and Milan Utama will bring both parties closer towards the development of a complete navigational system in Malaysia. It is great to see that this venture has brought another local company to a new level – a step further to stay competitive in navigation industry.” said Azizi.


“TM is indeed proud to collaborate with Milan Utama, which happens to be one of our customers from the SME segment and also the first local company that produces a GPS navigational device. This collaboration portrays TM’s unwavering support to Malaysian companies in developing our own local brand with the spirit of ‘Malaysia Boleh!’ I would like to reiterate, with TM as your partner, our resources are your resources to grow and realise your potential,” added Azizi.


The Lokatoo GPS navigation system will be available for mass consumer segment by end of 2012.


Visit Lokatoo web site for more information

Apple’s main manufacturing contractor, Foxconn, is currently discussing plans with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry to build a new $1 billion facility in the republic. The new manufacturing plant will create approximately 1 million jobs in a region where the average monthly wage is around US$100 (about RM315) a month.


Foxconn already operates several manufacturing plants in China and Brazil, where it assembles electronic goods for many of the world’s biggest technology companies. The company stated that it was attracted to Indonesia over Malaysia and Vietnam due to its high rate of economic growth – around 6 per cent a year. In addition, Foxconn says that the planned Indonesian plant will help manufacture “good quality products and make them available in the markets at lower prices.”


Foxconn projects that the plant to create over 1 million jobs once completed but is quick to point out that “nothing is finalized yet”.


“Several milestones that we have set are already within view. Albeit some of the challenges faced along the way were tough, we have managed to overcome them and we’re set to become one of the few telcos attaining profitability in a record time of under five years. We have garnered a solid and growing subscriber base of over 356,000 users in Malaysia as of the third quarter of 2011. We are looking to cross the 500,000 subscriber mark this year,” saidMichael Lai, Chief Executive Officer of P1.


P1 aims to bridge the digital divide by allowing every Malaysian to have universal, ubiquitous and affordable access to the Internet.

Google Translate Playing Beatbox

By on December 19, 2010

Google not only can help to translate any word to forign language, but you will never think about that Google Translate able to play Beatbox!!!

How to do that?

Just login to Google Translate at
Copy the following word and translate it into German
pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch
And than click on listen button, than you can hear how the Google Translate play beatbox.
Try it out.

Popular online file-sharing service LimeWire was shut down by a US federal court on Tuesday following a lawsuit filed by the music industry.
The move came a little more than five months after a US judge ruled in favor of 13 music companies in a copyright infringement and unfair competition case brought against LimeWire. featured a legal notice on its home page on Tuesday stating it was “under a court-ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software.”
The legal notice linked to the court order from US District Court Judge Kimba Wood ordering the closure of the service.
LimeWire chief executive George Searle said in a statement he was “disappointed with this turn of events.”
“We are extremely proud of our pioneering history and have, for years, worked hard to bridge the gap between technology and content rights holders,” Searle said. “However, at this time, we have no option but to cease further distribution and support of our software.”
Searle thanked users of the service and said “our team of technologists and music enthusiasts are creating a completely new music service that puts you back at the center of your digital music experience.”
“We’ll be sharing more details about our new service and look forward to bringing it to you in the future,” he said.
The 13 music companies filed their complaint against LimeWire in 2006 and Judge Wood ruled in their favor in May. In June, eight members of the National Music Publishers’ Association filed a separate copyright suit against LimeWire.
LimeWire software was released in August 2000 and uses peer-to-peer, or P2P, technology to allow users to share music or other files over the Internet.
LimeWire is owned by the Lime Group, a New York-based company.

What can iPad do in the food and bevarate industry? One of the restaurant owner in Australia has use iPad to replace the tranditional printed manus in his rastaurant with iPad-based interactive menu cards.

Global Mundo Tapas‘, in the North Sydney Rydges Hotel you don’t be suprise when the Waiter hand you and latest Apple product – iPad instead of a tranditional printed menu. The iPad which pass to you are installed with a special menu apps that custom make for Global Mundo Tape.

You may think that the restaurant is crazy by spending so much of money on this, but try to think on the other end, the brand new idea of bringing iPad to replace the menu is not only entertaining and interactive, but also help to protect the environment by saves the trees from being killed to make the paper.

From the image below you may know that if you are apple fans who purchase a Apple Lisa 20 years ago, you are actually spending for 43 iPad for your Lisa 20 years ago. Apple Lisa had mark as the most expensive Apple personal computer in their history of business.

The following image may show you the money value since 1976 up to today.

Apple product price since 1976 to 2010

The Apple iPad is TOO Hot

By on April 9, 2010

It seems as though the Apple iPad has been too hot, so hot that it is reported to be experiencing some overheating problems. After using it under the sunlight for some time, the editor of PC Magazine encountered an error message notifying him that the “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”. It was so serious that he had to put it into the fridge to cool it down so it can be turned on again. It was also reported in several places that other customers are experiencing a similar problem too. The iPad has also been experiencing some Wi-Fi connection problems. Funny how the giant iPod Touch is having so much problems when basically they contain more or less the same things as the iPod Touch. Let’s hope Apple fix these problems before they launch it here in Malaysia.

(Source: DailyTech)


By on March 26, 2010

Home user plan

Home user plan

Coporate package

Coporate package

Another good news for Malaysia broadband user. TM had launch their new high speed internet services and brand it as Unifi.

Their have the VIP package for home user and also the business package for office which range from the difference price and difference download cap.

For VIP,their package as below:

  • VIP 5 (RM 149.00/month)
    • Download speed: 5mbps
    • Max download per month: 60GB
    • Dynamic IP

  • VIP 10 (RM 199.00/month)
    • Download speed: 10mbps
    • Max download per month: 90GB
    • Dynamic IP

  • VIP 20 (RM 249.00/month)
    • Download speed: 20mbps
    • Max download per month: 120GB
    • Dynamic IP

For Business:

  • Biz 5 (RM 199.00/month)
    • Download speed: 5mbps
    • Max download per month: unlimited
    • dynamic IP

  • Biz 10 (RM 599.00/month)
    • Download speed: 10mbps
    • Max download per month: unlimited
    • 1 Fixed IP

  • Biz 20 (RM 899.00/month)
    • Download speed: 20mbps
    • Max download per month: unlimited
    • 1 Fixed IP

with the new launch of HSBB services in Malaysia, hope that it can really help us in the whole country economic and also the IT infrastructure to be more complete in order to compete with other country.

Besides that, also hope that TM can keep maintain their high efficiency of service in order to maintain their new brand name in the market.

Last but not lease, hope that my place also can enjoy this service soon.