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Payment solutions provider GHL Systems has partnered Alipay to offer Malaysian in-store merchants and online merchants an alternative payment option.


The service rollout is set to start with the in-store merchants before the end of April 2017 and will eventually be extended to ecommerce merchants.


GHL had started its partnership with Alipay in 2016 in Thailand, which allowed both sides to familiarise themselves with the operational methodology. To-date, GHL Thailand has enabled over 600 merchant acceptance points with various chain stores in the hotel, retail and food and beverages space.


In 2016, Malaysia had received 26.8 million tourists, including 2.1 million tourists from China, contributing close to RM82.1 billion in revenues, The Star reports.


GHL provides integrated payment solutions encompassing physical and virtual payments on sale and rental basis, including Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminals compliant to the Europay-Mastercard-Visa (EMV) platform, contactless readers, network access routers, and online payment gateways.




Tesco Malaysia`s online sales are expected to grow in 2017, due to online shopping growth of 18% per year, according to Tesco Stores (Malaysia).


As of 2016, online sales contributed only 2% to the company’s total turnover. Online grocery shopping is growing at a relatively slow pace, as Malaysians still prefer to shop at traditional markets or grocery stores.


Tesco was the first grocery chain in Malaysia to introduce online grocery shopping two years ago. To date, its delivery coverage has grown to reach 50% of the nationwide population. Tesco Malaysia has also partnered with Lazada and Happy Grocer to extend its online shopping services.


Grocery stores larger than 60,000 square metres are challenging to sustain. The optimal solution, which Tesco is also implementing in some of its stores, is to use space better by offering a wider and improved range of products in a smaller floor space.


In 2017, Tesco Malaysia will be opening two new stores and four to six next generation stores (smaller sized stores with a proportionally wider range of products).


These apps and digital tools help reduce the time a solopreneur has to spend on mundane tasks.

Solopreneurs are in a class by themselves. Given all the typical pressure of an entrepreneur that they’re under, and the fact that they have little-to-no outside assistance, solopreneurs need tools to help them reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks.

Additional free time, after all, is a godsend: It allows solopreneurs to maximize their time and creative potential for tasks that actually help their businesses grow.


So, if you’re one of those besieged solopreneurs, here are some suggested tools:

1. WiseStamp

WiseStamp makes it remarkably easy to create a professional email signature that will show your picture and automatically give recipients all your contact information, including links to your website and social media pages. There are several ways to customize the process that are all entirely free. For additional options, the site offers a yearly subscription.


2. Workflow Max

Workflow Max offers everything you need in a single integrated platform. This tool can be used on the computer or on whatever smart device you prefer. You can handle everything from lead and client management, to invoicing and time sheets, job costing, purchase orders and more. There are more than 30 add-ons you can use to adjust the workflow as needed.


3. Zapier

Zapier lets you automate tasks easily by teaching more than 750 apps to work together. The free plan allows you to build individual connections and create basic automation, while the premium plan allows greater customization of the automation processes.


4. Shake

Shake by Legal Shield provides free templates that can be filled in with your specific information and sent to clients or collaborators to sign electronically and return. There is absolutely no cost when you use one of Shake’s free templates, or you can upgrade to the monthly plan to make extensive customizations. For most people just starting out, the free plan will be more than sufficient.


5. Square

Square gives you the ability to take secure payments anywhere you are and has zero fees to get set up. The company will send interested individuals the hardware that attaches to a smart device for free and then keeps 2.75 percent of any transaction that is completed. This gives solopreneurs the ability to accept debit and credit cards from wherever they have the opportunity to make a sale.


6. Adobe Spark

If you’ve read anything about using social media to grow your business, you already know how important it is to have high-quality graphics that are designed for the platform you are using. Adobe Spark lets you do this for free. The premade templates are sized appropriately for whichever platform you are designing for, and the site also gives you the ability to create stunning video with virtually no prior experience.


7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite makes managing all of your social media accounts as easy as delegating the process to a virtual assistant. The free version lets you connect three social media accounts, schedule messaging and see basic analytics information. Plans are available for people who need to organize more accounts and for those who already have a team.


8. GetResponse

Email marketing and connecting to prospective clients through those efforts is incredibly important to effectively grow your business. GetResponse helps businesses do this for as little as $15 per month and includes 1,000 subscribers. As the business grows, higher-tier levels are available within the service. Every company, no matter how small, can benefit from gorgeously designed functional email marketing. Plus, you get landing pages and marketing automation, too. Higher-tier plans include additional features, like webinars, Salesforce integration and campaign consulting.


9. Grammarly

Solopreneurs often begin by doing everything themselves, including writing their own copy for email, social media, website pages and advertising materials. This is an effective way to keep initial costs low, but not all solopreneurs have the requisite skill set to write beautiful copy. Grammarly evens the playing field by catching grammatical and punctuation mistakes often overlooked by word processor applications. The free version also allows you to check for plagiarism, to make sure nothing you’ve read for research accidentally makes its way into your finished product. The upgrade option catches more details.


10. WiseIntro

WiseIntro is a free way to build your online presence without any startup costs. As you gain traction and need more options, it is easy to upgrade to one of the tool’s monthly plans to unlock additional features. This is an especially good choice for solopreneurs. This is because of the strong visual component they have to their work and their need to show prospective clients exactly what they can do while still avoiding — at this early stage — having to pay a graphic designer to create a custom website.


11. Sighted

Sighted is an online invoicing tool perfect for freelancers and solopreneurs. The free plan is perfect for a small business, offering 20 invoices per month in multiple currencies, for up to 10 clients. As the business scales, paid plans (starting at $4.99 a month) allow for unlimited invoices, expenses and 100 or more clients. All plans feature the ability to accept online payments and include a profit and loss report to make tax time a little easier.


12. Evernote

Evernote is a place to store all of those ideas, pictures, mind maps and other assorted information that you want to remember. It can be accessed from a smart device or computer, and when you input something in one location, it will be available from all of your devices instantly. This is a great tool for any planning you do on the go, and it comes with a ton of free storage. If you find yourself relying on it as an extension of your own memory, you can upgrade to a plan with more storage.


13. Portent Title Maker

Everyone gets stuck with creating a catchy title for a blog post or article at some point. Portent’s Title Maker takes your keyword and turns it into an interesting heading to give you a jumping-off point for your next piece of content. This tool can even help generate ideas for newsletters, brochures and emails.



Just because you are a solopreneur doesn’t mean you want to do every single task for yourself. Most businesses owners would agree that having a secretary to take care of details is essential. Unfortunately, it isn’t affordable for everyone just starting out. sets up your appointments by working with your email recipient, automatically adjusting time zones and even rescheduling meetings if something comes up.

Companies have found that by offering a limited version of their services to small businesses and solopreneurs, they are able to develop lasting business relationships that will grow over time.

Then, as their business demands increase, loyal users are more willing to pay for services they have begun to depend on. Take advantage of this marketing tactic yourself, and put it to work for your business today.

mycybersale-malaysia-online-sale MYCyberSALE online shopping campaign is Malaysia’s answer to the United States’ Cyber Monday, Singapore’s Bigger Better Sale and Thailand’s Online Mega Sale. Spanning over a period of 12 days, the campaign will see local E-commerce merchants like Groupon, offering simultaneous online shopping deals and discounts for the Malaysian consumers. It is an initiative by MDEC, the government agency tasked to spearhead the country’s ICT drive and oversee the development of MSC Malaysia. It is believed that #MyCyberSALE is the FIRST & BIGGEST cyber sale to be launched in Malaysia this year #MYCybrSale is aim for online sellers in Malaysia and the objectives are:

  1. Create the awareness and encourage Malaysians to shop online
  2. To boost E-Shopping cultural in Malaysia
  3. To encourage SMEs to be part of eCommerce eco-system
  4. To increase the domestic eCommerce revenue from the eCommerce spending in Malaysia


MDEC has a target of 100,000 shoppers and RM50 million sales for the campaign period. All participating online retailers, marketplaces and voucher/deal websites must be registered with MDEC, and undergo a strict vetting and approval process.


What you as an eCommerce owner will be benefit from the #MYCyberSALE event is that once your application is approved by the organizer, you will actually get the free advertisement and link back from the #MYCyberSALE advertisement page, create the exposure on the ad media such as YouTube, Google Ad, Line, Media print such as The Star, Kosmo, Xin Chew Daily, Digital ads such as OOHM, Radio Media such as Era, MyFM, and more. The best part is everything come with FREE. To join the Malaysia first and biggest sales event, you need to have the following:

  1. Malaysia registered business under Business Act 1956 or Company Act 1965
  2. Must have a complete eCommerce site
  3. Must processed a recognized payment gateway such as Paypal, MOL Pay, iPay88, or eGHL
  4. Your online store must display clear Terms & conditions, Company Contact & etc
  5. Do not have any unresolved customer complaints


#MyCyberSale Campaign Period 29 September – 10 October, 2014 #MyCyberSale Merchants Below is a list of participating E-commerce merchants: MyCyberSales Participate merchant 2 MyCyberSales Participate merchant 1


  The following is the presentation slide of what’s is the #MYCyberSALE about and also the detail.

Online Web Tool is a comprehensive web site for all webmaster that needed such as SEO tools, Domain tools, coding tools, website analysis and stats, etc.


As this is a web tools, there is no any download or installation needed to use it, the most important part is all the tools available in this web site are available free for use. With the user friendly home page, even you are the beginner, you should have no problem to work like a pro webmaster.


Basically the tools available in Online Web Tools as per following:

  • Coding Tools
    • Online HTML Editor
    • Code Packer
    • HTML (En/De)coder
    • Difference checker
    • Up/Lowercase text
    • Popup creator
    • Compress HTML
    • Uncompress HTML


  •  SEO Tools
    • Alexa Rank Cheker
    • Google Rank
    • Domain age checker
    • Popularity Checker
    • Backlink checker
    • Position finder
    • Domain whois
    • Keywords Density
    • Website Analysis
    • Website Analyzed


  • Miscellaneous Tools
    • Resolution checker
    • Resolution checker 2
    • IP Lookup
    • Color Picker
    • Password Generator
    • MD5 Encrypter
    • CMS Detector
    • HTTP Header
    • QR Generator

 Visit onilne web tools now to try out the free and cool webmaster tools

E-Commerce business is growing so fast from year to year, we all will find it very convenient to purchase and shopping online from a site such as Amazon. But once we confirm the order and make the payment, have you think of what will happen to the item that you had just purchased until it arrives to your doorstep?

What actually happen after you confirm your purchase is your order will send to the warehouses to process, pack and ship. Those warehouses are staffed by people who apparently work in such terrible conditions that a Chinese person making iPhone in China.

The infographic come from Business Insurance Guide where they pointed out some pretty bad stuff going on in the online warehouses, including 12 hour shifts with few breaks, earning minimum wage, being fired if you use a mobile phone, extreme temperatures, health risks, and loss of workers rights if you are temp worker.

The following step showing how to by pass the PPS limitation watching Hong Kong and Taiwan series on WINDOWS 7


Step 1:

Go to C:Users[username]AppDataRoaming PPStream and looking for ppsarea.ini and psnetwork.ini. Or another shortcut is go to Run than enter %APPDATA% > ENTER


Step 2:
Open these files and replace the content with the following content

1.) file name: ppsarea.ini

2.) file name: psnetwork.ini


Step 3:
Save the file and than right click on the file > property > check on READ ONLY check box > Apply > OK

Step 4:
Rerun the PPS again, than you will see the latest Hong Kong and Taiwan series on the program list.



Found out that PPS already permanently block the oversea IP to watch any drama using the PPS Software, QVod is an alternative for you to continue watching your favorite Taiwan, Hong Kong drama and movie online.

InterCity Coach again is another luxury coach company in Malaysia which travel within the peninsular Malaysia from Perlis to Malaka. All the InterCity buses are equipped with wifi and AC power supply at every row of seats which allow the passenger to stay online while they are on the road.


Besides the in bus high speed wifi, all InterCity coach also equipped with the Global Positioning System (GPS). The GPS data will update back to their company web site to show the current location for the bus, as well as the bus speed every single minute. This is the first in Malaysia where the bus company allow the public to check their bus location.


InterCity Coach currently running  few promotions for their online member as per following:

  •  You can get extra 10% discount on your birthday month.
  • If you spend more than RM 1,000 in a single month, you will get 10% Intercity Discount Voucher
  • If you spend more than RM 3,000 in three consecutive months, will get 50% Intercity Discount Voucher
  • If you spend more than RM 6,000 yearly, you will be upgraded as Premier Platinum member where you get 10% off in all the ticket purchase



To learn more detail about InterCity Coach or purchase the bus ticket online you may visit their official web site or their Facebook page


Online taxi booking

By on February 4, 2012

Public cab and Sunlight Radio Taxi are now offer online taxi booking service for their customer.  To book the taxi, you just go to their web site to fill up the booking form with your personal detail as well as the booking detail (Pickup point, destination, pickup date time, taxi type as well as number of passenger). You need to book the taxi at lease 1 hour in advance. For SunlightRadio Taxi advance booking, there will be a RM 10 service charges.

Online booking page for Sunlight Radio Taxi


Public cab online booking form


Currently only Public Cab and Sunlight Radio Taxi provide this value added service, but I believe in the near future more taxi company will introduce online taxi booking service as well. So while waiting for the rest of the taxi company to provide the online booking service, you may find the following hotline for taxi booking in Klang Valley:


  • Airport Limo & Taxi Service: 03-9223 8080, 03-9223 8949
  • City Line: 03-9222 2828
  • Comfort Radio Taxi: 03-8024 2727
  • Eco Transit: 03-5512 2266
  • Hotline Radio Taxi: 03-255 3399
  • Mesra Cab: 03-4043 0659
  • Oriental Radio Taxi: 03-2694 4718
  • Persatuan Radio Teksi Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan: 03-2693 6211
  • Radio Taxi: 03-9221 7600
  • Saujana Teksi: 03-2162 8888
  • Supercab: 03-2095 3399
  • SW Radio Taxis: 03-2693 6211
  • TeleCab: 03-4042 1019

Just come across with few web site which provide the free service for malware scanning. It is a very good idea where we should try to scan any unknow or possible malware affected files before we actually open it.


Some of the web site which provide the free downloading software, e-Book may also contains possible malware which may affect your computer, so it’s good idea to scan on that web site before actually access or download any file from there.


Virus Total:



There are actually more and more free tools out there, please feel free to command and share with me if you have come across with any useful online virus scanning tools. sharing is caring.