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Along with autoplaying videos, Instagram has now made the decision to autoplay audio from videos depending how you browse videos during a session. 


Here’s how it works: With the latest update, audio will be off by default. If you tap to turn the sound on for one video (by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom left), all other videos will autoplay with sound too for the rest of your Instagram session.


Thankfully, you can still tap to toggle audio on and off. When you close the app, the autoplay audio also resets to off, so there are ways to get around it.


It’s an interesting compromise, and one that we’ll definitely see more social media apps follow suit if proven popular. Instagram stories will still comply with your device settings, only playing with audio if your phone isn’t on mute. But of course, in making audio a feature to ‘toggle’ on and off Instagram is assuming that if we choose to hear sound on one video, we want to hear sound on all videos.


This is perhaps slightly better than Facebook’s decision to fade sound in and out as you scroll through your News Feed. Not only has Facebook decided to autoplay audio, they’re also enabling a feature that keeps the video playing picture-in-picture style so it’s still active even if you try to scroll away. We can certainly foresee users accidentally minimizing videos instead of closing them, so we’d recommend either browsing Facebook with your device on silent mode, or disabling videos from playing with sound completely by switching off ‘Videos in News Feed Start With Sound’ in Settings.


It’s easy to understand why social media players and businesses want to enable audio, as audio is undoubtedly a large part of any immersive video watching experience. Still, it’s undoubtedly jarring (and embarrassing) to have some cheesy jingle blaring from your smartphone in a public setting, so we’ll definitely be watching to see what other developments occur.



While you’re still patiently waiting for Hyperlapse to finally arrive on Android, Instagram has decided to fill the void by releasing Boomerang, an app that lets you record one-second videos. Nothing more, nothing less.

At which point we should mention that Boomerang’s one-second videos aren’t technically videos, as they are actually composed of a burst of five photos, which are collated and subsequently played forwards and backwards repetitively to achieve a so-called ‘boomerang’ effect.

Because Boomerang doesn’t have a dedicated, self-contained feed, users will be required to share their GIF-like videos on Instagram, Facebook, or other social networking platforms. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account to use Boomerang.

Boomerang is currently available for both iOS and Android devices for free.

1. You become the computer repair guy.

Can you fix my computer
Truth: Most of the time you just Google the problem.

2. You suddenly forget how to code because… Stack Overflow is down.

3. When you change one line of code.

When you change one line of code

4. When you try to solve a bug.

Fixed a bug but more bugs come out

5. End user have no idea how to use your software.

end user

6. Critical issue… cannot reproduce.

Can't reproduct bug

7. JavaScript.

8. When your manager thought more developer means faster development.

When manager thought more developer means faster

9. More tasks on Friday afternoon.

More tasks on Friday afternoon

10. Hey can you please add a button before it goes live?

When client wants to change requirements at last minute

11. CSS in a nutshell.


12. This code looks like crap, let me refactor it.

Code refactoring

13. When you try to fix something else’s code.

When you try to fix something elses code

Congratulations, it’s now your problem!

14. Everyone thought you are a hacker.

Everyone thought you are a hacker

15. When you read other people’s code.

Reading other people's code

16. When you are given 2 days instead of 3. Because you don’t have leadership skills.

When you have 2 days instead of 3.

17. This sums up programming.

Sums up programming

Drop N Sync Logo

Uploading photo to Facebook is an easy task for everyone, but uploaded large amount of photo to difference album or downloading your Facebook album photo or any photo that your friend tagged for you is a critical task, because you may need to do it one by one. Drop N Sync is wonderful application that help you to solve the problem above.

Drop N Sync is an easy to use Facebook application that allows you to download and upload all your photos from and to Facebook, including all your tagged photos from your friends’ albums. It allows you easily create albums and synchronize all your photos and albums. The concept for Drop N Sync is about the same with Dropbox where you linked up your Facebook account with your local folder and Drop N Sync will help you to synchronize it from and to the Facebook server.

The best part for the Drop N Sync is that you can set it up very quick and easy, just link up your Facebook account in the application than it will run as the background services in your computer to download or upload photo from to your Facebook account.


When you first start up the Drop N Sync application, it will ask you to sign into your Facebook account and authorize the application with some permissions. Once your sign in your Facebook account, the default setting will help you to download all your album from your Facebook account to the default destination folder for the application.


After you sign into your Facebook account, you need to choose which albums to download and sync with your Facebook account. You can choose between downloading all your albums and photos, no albums at all or just select the relevant albums for you.

To upload your local PC photo to your Facebook account, just create a folder within this folder, than drag over your photo into the folder, Drop N Sync will help you to do the rest of the job silently.

Drop N Sync runs as a background process and uses anywhere from about 15MB of RAM all the way up to 35MB. The range is so broad because it depends on what the application is doing. Obviously when it’s downloading or uploading it uses more RAM.

For my personal experience after using this apps, it’s actually very light and fastest way for me to download any tagged photo from my friend album to create a backup in my local PC. At the same time, the apps is so light and it’s not really affected my normal usage for the PC.

Please do share your experience after using this apps or please share if you have any other similar application which did better job than Drop N Sync

Just visit Drop N Sync website to download and start using it.

For the first time, Google has opened the doors to its data centers, giving the world a look at where all their data is stored. They recently invited photographer Connie Zhou to their datacenters so she could go trigger happy and snap everything that went on there. The photos can be found here.


In addition to being able to view these great photos, users can also virtually explore Google’s Lenoir, North Carolina data center. With Street View, you’ll be able to walk through the front door, head upstairs, hang around the data center floor, or simply stroll around the exterior of the building.


The Google team has also said that they will be sharing some upcoming plans with the public, and explain more about the photos that were taken by Zhou at their Google Green Blog. No details as to when this information will be shared, so it’s best to follow the team over at their blog. Here are some more photos from the album:

While uploading high definition photos is not new to Facebook, only now has the social media giant introduced an update that will display photos in high resolution by default. The photos can be up to four times larger than before, depending on the user’s display.

Besides displaying photos in their high-res glory, the Facebook photo viewer will also allow users to view photos in full screen, with the maximum resolution the photo viewer can handle being 2048 x 2048. Just remember that uploading them requires some patience as it takes longer to upload a high resolution photo compared to a standard or low resolution photo.

Most of the internet user are stuck in the following infinite loop, are you?


iPhone 4G leaked photos

By on April 1, 2010

iPhone 4G ‘leaked’ photos have once again started popping up, and of course, they are fake (or may be not?) by the looks of them.

This time, the leaked photos are not just of the iPhone device, but also includes unboxing, accessories, a dock etc.

The first glance at these photos tell you they are fake because Steve Jobs isn’t that dumb to call the next-generation iPhone as the iPhone 4G (what the Internet world call it as).

Check out some of the screen shoots below: