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Facebook has allowed video creators to generate income from content that have been pirated by others.

Facebook users will utilize a ‘Rights Manager’ feature, which provides a video matching software that automatically identifies videos that were re-posted of ripped off. This allows user to generate some revenue by claiming a portion of the money generated from mid-roll ads in the video.

With Facebook developing its own TV App to become a premium video destination, it is important that they protect the users that post their videos through the social network giant. When ‘Right Manage’ was first released last year, users could only take down the pirated video or leave it be for additional reach.

YouTube has also implemented a similar measure through their Content ID that allows users to detect similar videos. Like Facebook, YouTube allows video creators to take down videos or monetize pirated ones as well.

Less than two weeks ago, mobile app analytics firm App Annie estimated that Pokémon GO generated US$950 million from players around the world last year. Well, it doesn’t take long for the mobile game app to cross the US$1 billion mark, according to app analytics firm SensorTower.

SensorTower estimates that Pokémon GO has surpassed US$1 billion in worldwide gross revenue on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Considering that the game was launched barely seven months ago, it’s really impressive! In comparison, Clash Royale managed to generate about US$550 million revenue in the first seven months.

Although daily revenue has been decreasing since late July, SensorTower expects consumer spending to pick up in the coming weeks and months as Ninantic announces new events and major updates for Pokémon GO.