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You’ve just opened an ecommerce business with great products. What’s next? The success of your business depends on attracting customers. You should think about your marketing tactics. Marketing takes time and dedication, especially when it comes to ecommerce websites. You need to work on increasing your site’s visits and number of followers on social media channels in order to improve your business. Here are some of the tactics that may help you gain more customers on your site:


1. Automatic emails

Founders of ecommerce businesses need to keep their brand top of mind for current and potential customers in order to have successful site. They need to find a way to engage existing customers make another purchase, as well as to attract lost customers and make them have an initial purchase. There are automated marketing platforms which allow you set up triggered emails based on specific formulas. For example, you may have an email set up to be sent to any new customer to encourage them to make another purchase or an email set up to be sent to recent purchasers asking them to leave a testimonial which helps you increase content on your site and improve SEO. For those shoppers who have abandoned their cart, you can send a cart recovery mail. Never miss an opportunity to convert a consumer.


2. Strong online presence

As owner of ecommerce business, you need to be in touch with as many of the potential customers as possible. Having an attractive and user-friendly site is not enough. You need to strengthen your presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The right web content and properly managed social media sites can boost any start up business. You cannot simply publish couple of posts on social media and a few of online advertisements campaigns. You need to reach out to cross-marketing associates, have featured posts and/or pull a stunt in order to be noticed by the press etc. The basic purpose of doing so is for e-commerce world to become acquainted with your presence and to strengthen your existence on social media.


3. Affiliate marketing

In order to generate traffic on your e-store, affiliate marketing is the thing you need. It helps in capturing the attention of potential customers. “Affiliates” refers to third party sites which help you with traffic generation -with the use of Pay per Click- for small cut. If such diverted traffic makes purchases, you will pay the site-owner a pre-agreed percentage of the sale. You can analyze affiliate traffic through the Google Analytics which will enable you to see the sales. Use affiliate marketing to attract customers to your page. After that, you have to retain them there through various incentives and perks.


These three options may help you attract customers to your e-commerce store. Site visit don’t appear on its own and social media followers don’t come out of nowhere. With careful planning, having in mind various marketing options available out there, you can build a strong brand and increase your customer base. 


Every eCommerce owner are aware of how important is the social media in order to boost their eCommerce website sales. This is because social media had bring a big change into the digial marketing world. This is because there are maybe more than thousand of eCommerce store that selling the same product with you, so the social media become very important source of traffic where it can help to directing relevant traffic to your site and can help to build a brand identity online as well.



The following infographic that show you the Beginners Guide to Boosting E-Commerce sales using the Social Media:



The head of Google’s webspam team talks about Google view on subdomains- is there any difference for Google between sites set up as group of subdomains or as a group of subdirectories. Here is the video:

Google Webmaster Help has released a video with head of webspam team- Matt Cutts answering a query about parked domains without content. Here is the video:

Online Web Tool is a comprehensive web site for all webmaster that needed such as SEO tools, Domain tools, coding tools, website analysis and stats, etc.


As this is a web tools, there is no any download or installation needed to use it, the most important part is all the tools available in this web site are available free for use. With the user friendly home page, even you are the beginner, you should have no problem to work like a pro webmaster.


Basically the tools available in Online Web Tools as per following:

  • Coding Tools
    • Online HTML Editor
    • Code Packer
    • HTML (En/De)coder
    • Difference checker
    • Up/Lowercase text
    • Popup creator
    • Compress HTML
    • Uncompress HTML


  •  SEO Tools
    • Alexa Rank Cheker
    • Google Rank
    • Domain age checker
    • Popularity Checker
    • Backlink checker
    • Position finder
    • Domain whois
    • Keywords Density
    • Website Analysis
    • Website Analyzed


  • Miscellaneous Tools
    • Resolution checker
    • Resolution checker 2
    • IP Lookup
    • Color Picker
    • Password Generator
    • MD5 Encrypter
    • CMS Detector
    • HTTP Header
    • QR Generator

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Good news for all the new e-commerce seller, especially for those who just start their online business with very low capital (like me).

Now webShaper is target to help this group of people to join the e-commerce market. With this new “Webshaper + Paypal” promotion, you can start your online business as low as RM 1 per day. This special attractive promotion started by today until the end of September 2009.

At the mean time, if you first 100 user who sign up this special promotion within the promotion period, you may get an authentic Paypal Crumpler-Style bag for FREE.

Why Webshaper + Paypal?

I believe of the online user should know that Paypal is one of the world well know payment gateway which allow you to accept 19 different currencies from 190 countries around the world. (Paypal 2009 Fast Facts).

On the other hand, Webshaper is one of the top SEO friendly e-commerce solution in Malaysia. Webshaper is develop by Neowave who they have a very good experience in e-commerce field because they are only focused on building the best and most cost effective e-commerce solution for SME as ranging from one-men-show to large enterprice such as AirAsia and Telekom Malaysia.

With the combination of most powerful, SEO friendly, Cost effective E-commerce solution and the well know payment gateway in the world, now you may turn the whole wold web user become your customer.

Are you ready to turn the world web user become your customer? Just kick start from here.

Email signature SEO

By on February 23, 2009

email-signature-logoA small tips for all the website owner. You may include your web blog url, web site url or RSS link in your email signture to help you in attracting some free traffic to your site.

You may design the signature in HTML form with the editor tools such as Macromedia Dreamwaver or Microsoft front page, then attach it in your email client. But for Gmail Webmail user, you need a tools such as WiseStamp to help you to attach it, as by default Google don’t allow HTML signature.

With the website url and the RSS link provided, you may attract your receiver who are actually wish to know you better. It may be useful for those who like to send the forwarded email to your friend.

I did this few weeks ago and it did help me in increasing my web blog traffic and also increase the subscriber number for by feed.

Hopefully this small tips can help you all.

My sample siganture in my Gmail

My sample siganture in my Gmail

What is bounce rate to do with SEO?

By on February 22, 2009

bounce-rateAccording to Google, the bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits at your website and the visitor left your site from the entrace page without contribue any single click.

Google is using this metric to measure the visit quality. The higher bounce rate generally indicated that the site entrace page aren’t relevant to your visitor. So the more relavent your page content with the keyword, you may keep them to stay at your page with a longer time.

What to do with the Bounce Rate with Google Ranking?

From the Google defination, Google actually look at the bounce rate very seriously when they are ranking your page.So if you page contain the keyword with the high bounce rate, Google will lower your page ranking for that particular keyword. This is because your page content is none related to that particular keyword.

On average, the bounce rate around 50% is consider normal.

How to reduce the bounce rate?

The bounce rate is a value helping you to measure the quality of your website traffic. By analyzing the bounce rate (using the free tools such as Google Analytics), you are able to to fix the problem of your web pages and ultimately increase your website traffic.



Search Engine Spider Simulator

By on February 21, 2009

webconfs-logoAre you know how your web site/blog actually look like from the eyes of Search Engine Spider? What are they see, what are they don’t see?

Actually there are a lot of content and link on the webpage may or may not visible to the Search Engine. Some of them are Flash base content, content generated through javascript, content display as images without the title or alt tag. Besides that, frames are also another killer for the SEO ranking.

This SEO tools (Search Engine Spider Simulator) actually simulate as a search engine spider and will display the contents of a webpage which exactly how the Search Engine would see.

This tools also display the link which will be followed by the search engine spider when they visit your webpage.

So you may fine tune your web page to optimize for SEO. Just visit this page and key in your web site URL and it will display the detail that the Search Engine Spider actually see.