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google-news-logoOnline news publishers should take note of the 8 importants tips that annouce by Google News to help them to crawl your site better.

8 most important way:

  1. Keep the article body clean – Remove all the broken tags, ads, sidebars or other non-article content from your article body
  2. Make sure article URLs are permanant and unique (Read more)
  3. Take advantage of stock tickers in Sitemaps (Read more)
  4. Check your encoding – make sure it’s consistent and uniform
  5. Make your article publication dates explicit (Read more)
  6. Keep original content separate from press releases (Read more)
  7. Format your images properly – use large images (JPEGs are crawled better) with “reasonable” aspect rations as well as descriptive captions.
  8. Article Titles in Google News – be sure to have the title in both the title tag and as the headline of the page (Read more)

You may also find the complete article on Google News official blog

Please do leave your comment to share with other what your opinion and your finding as well.

What is more important then SEO?

By on February 16, 2009


We also found the blog post on SEO, but what is more important then SEO where every site owner/webmaster should be take into consideration before you start your SEO journey for your web blog or web site?

The answer is Web Hosting.

The main objective for doing SEO is to increase our traffic, attract more and more reader come to our site to read our content, by that, you may increase your ad revenue. No matter how good you did your SEO job and you get a very good ranking in the search engine result page, but without the uptime reliable hosting it mean nothing.

Can you try to imagine that if your reader come to your site and hoping to get some interested topic or content, but they are keep getting the error message of server down, server too busy, page not found. What will your reader think? Will them visit again? Will them introduce your site to other?

Besides that, bandwidth is another question for the site owner. When you start your new site, you will not feel the pain of the heavy traffic. If your traffic increase, then your site will go down very frequently. By that, you lost your valueable reader again.

The other important issue is the disk space. For a blog site, you actually don’t need too much of disk space. The hosting package that provide your around 50MB – 100MB will be more then enought for you. Unless you get more space bit with the same price then will be fine. I believe most of the hosting company do provide the facilities for you to upgrade your package from time to time.

Do communicate with the hosting company and check with them where is the server located. Try to get the datacenter as close as your target reader as possible. This can maintain your web site speed and also the uptime.

Last but not lease, every site owner or webmaster, please bear in maid that do more research on the package, hosting company that you are going to sign up with. Do some comparison on the package provided before you start your long journey on SEO.

interlink-logoSome of you may not know that what is Interlink actually? This is the most easy way for you to increase the number page indexed page in Google when the Google Bot visit your page.

Put it in the simple word, interlink actually is the link url within your blog. For example, I wrote a post is regarding the “WordPress SEO Plugin“, so I try create a link to my other blog post which may relate to this topic as well. It just like you try to link up all the related content within your blog.

How it helping in SEO?

Google Bots are actually crawl the Internet world by the link. But sometime the Google bot are so busy and it may miss out to index some of your post. So by creating a link to other article you actually create a new path or road to show the Google Bots to index that article as well. By creating a new road for Google Bots to crawl your blog, you actually can decrease the percentage of unindex topic in your blog post. By making the Google Bot happy, it actually will pay a return to improve your search engine ranking.


broken-link-logoBroken Links Remover is a pluging for wordpress to help you to monitor all the link in the blog post and will removes(hides) the broken links from the reader (either is human visitor or a bot).

Broken Links Remover will not actually help you to repair the broken link but it only record it and list it down all the broken link in the management panel for you to update and correct it later on.

This tools is useful when the number of blog post increasing significantly because to checking all the possible broken link become an impossible job for you. Sometime the broken link that you found is becuase of the link destination temporary out of service but is not a real broken link.


Must have plugin for wordpress

By on February 9, 2009

wordpress-plugin-logoIf you are serious in your blog world using WordPress, then here are some of the plugin that you must have in order to help you to manage your blog better, optimize it for search engine, and also have a better interaction with you reader.

After few months of dealing with wordpress, I had try out more then 100 different plugin for different purpose and finally settle down with the few of them as the following.

Here are some of the Plugin that currently using for my blog:


Reader interaction

Blog administration

Sitemap LogoSitemap play a very important role in the world of SEO, so it is a much has component for your wordpress. But most of us are not really familiar with what is sitemap, how it look like and how to generate it. 

Thank to the Arne Brachhold with the wonderful XML sitemap Generator for wordpress, now you no need to worry how to generate sitemap.

The XML sitemap that generate by this plugin are compliant with the format use by, Google, Yahoo and also MSN Search.

Another best part of this plugin is it will help you to generate your sitemap automatically and will submit it to the major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and also MSN Search. You just need to configure how you want your sitemap to include, what to exclude, the location of the sitemap, that’s all.

Click here to go to XML Sitemap Generator home page
Click here to download XML Sitemap Generator for wordpress > 2.1 (recommended)
Click here to download XML Sitemap Generator for wordpress < 2.1 (discontinued)

seo logoJandrick from Live Search Webmaster Center has recommend some of the wonderful tips that we may need to take into a consideration in order to optimize our web site for the search engine.

Here are some of his tips for all the webmaster:

  • Canonicalization/Normalization. That means exposing URL per piece of content to the engines.

  • Add or remove the trailing /
    • TO

  • Remove the index or default
    • TO
    • TO

  • Avoid CamelCase — convert your text to lower case
    • TO

  • Remove query string variables or rewrite to readable URLs
    • TO

  • Remove Port Numbers
    • TO

  • Avoid exposing secure HTTPS version
    • TO

There are still a lot of tips given by Jandrick at the Microsoft Webmaster central blog

Important of ALT Tags in SEO

By on January 22, 2009

Most of the SEO guru will recommend that try to minimize the use of image if you wish to maximize your web site SEO to the search engine. This is because the search engine spider can only read text, but cannot see the images. 

But a picture worth then a thousand word, with the text + image, you may help your reader to understand your topic better. So please remeber that whenever you use any images in your blog or web site, please add your keyword to your images alt-tags. 

With the Alt tags on your images, then only the search engine spider can “SEE” your images. But please remember not to spam your keyword, else you will be ban by the search engine.

What is Alt tag for images?

Alt is the images attributes that use to display text in case of someone that visit your page with the browser that can’t show images, or in case they have image loading turning off so that they can load the page faster. So they will see the empty boxes with your ALT tag as the text in the boxes to show what the image actually is.


Google SEO ebook

By on January 11, 2009


There are a lot of tools either is free or paid to help you to increase your site traffic, one of the important is the SEO. The search engine giant – Google do provide us a lot of tools for free such as Google Webmaster to help us to increase our site traffic by bringing in the web user from the search engine.

But are you really understand how actually the search engine actually work and how to increase your ranking in the search result page? This e-book i get from one of the tech blog in Internet where this e-book named as  “Marking the Most of Your Content”.