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Uber riders do not have to make stops manually during their trips anymore, as Uber has updated its service to allow passengers to add multiple stops. 


All the riders would have to do is to tap ‘Where to?’ on the app, and select the ‘+’ box. Users are allowed to add up to three destinations, as well as adding and removing stops during an ongoing trip. After the stops are added, the fares will be displayed.


The introduction of the new feature would mean that drivers do not have to depend on a rider’s directions. This would also mean that drivers don’t have to update the destination along the way.



Travel media company Lonely Planet has introduced a new mobile app called Trips by Lonely Planet. The app provides modern travelers with a simple and intuitive way to share their travel experiences by uploading content directly from their camera roll, and create stories to describe their adventures.


On the app, travelers can ‘Like’ trips, find new trips, follow other travelers, and more. Lonely Planet intends to make Trips an independent app that provides users with access to great shared experiences, as they typically get on social media to do research when planning a trip. Not only that, writers and editors from Lonely Planet contribute to the app by curating top suggestions for trips.


Trips by Lonely Planet can be downloaded for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play.


More information on the app can be found here.

You’ve just opened an ecommerce business with great products. What’s next? The success of your business depends on attracting customers. You should think about your marketing tactics. Marketing takes time and dedication, especially when it comes to ecommerce websites. You need to work on increasing your site’s visits and number of followers on social media channels in order to improve your business. Here are some of the tactics that may help you gain more customers on your site:


1. Automatic emails

Founders of ecommerce businesses need to keep their brand top of mind for current and potential customers in order to have successful site. They need to find a way to engage existing customers make another purchase, as well as to attract lost customers and make them have an initial purchase. There are automated marketing platforms which allow you set up triggered emails based on specific formulas. For example, you may have an email set up to be sent to any new customer to encourage them to make another purchase or an email set up to be sent to recent purchasers asking them to leave a testimonial which helps you increase content on your site and improve SEO. For those shoppers who have abandoned their cart, you can send a cart recovery mail. Never miss an opportunity to convert a consumer.


2. Strong online presence

As owner of ecommerce business, you need to be in touch with as many of the potential customers as possible. Having an attractive and user-friendly site is not enough. You need to strengthen your presence on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. The right web content and properly managed social media sites can boost any start up business. You cannot simply publish couple of posts on social media and a few of online advertisements campaigns. You need to reach out to cross-marketing associates, have featured posts and/or pull a stunt in order to be noticed by the press etc. The basic purpose of doing so is for e-commerce world to become acquainted with your presence and to strengthen your existence on social media.


3. Affiliate marketing

In order to generate traffic on your e-store, affiliate marketing is the thing you need. It helps in capturing the attention of potential customers. “Affiliates” refers to third party sites which help you with traffic generation -with the use of Pay per Click- for small cut. If such diverted traffic makes purchases, you will pay the site-owner a pre-agreed percentage of the sale. You can analyze affiliate traffic through the Google Analytics which will enable you to see the sales. Use affiliate marketing to attract customers to your page. After that, you have to retain them there through various incentives and perks.


These three options may help you attract customers to your e-commerce store. Site visit don’t appear on its own and social media followers don’t come out of nowhere. With careful planning, having in mind various marketing options available out there, you can build a strong brand and increase your customer base. 



While you’re still patiently waiting for Hyperlapse to finally arrive on Android, Instagram has decided to fill the void by releasing Boomerang, an app that lets you record one-second videos. Nothing more, nothing less.

At which point we should mention that Boomerang’s one-second videos aren’t technically videos, as they are actually composed of a burst of five photos, which are collated and subsequently played forwards and backwards repetitively to achieve a so-called ‘boomerang’ effect.

Because Boomerang doesn’t have a dedicated, self-contained feed, users will be required to share their GIF-like videos on Instagram, Facebook, or other social networking platforms. In fact, you don’t even need to create an account to use Boomerang.

Boomerang is currently available for both iOS and Android devices for free.

Most of the internet user are stuck in the following infinite loop, are you?


CopyTaste make online sharing easy

By on October 18, 2009

copytaste-logoCopy Tasteis a Google Notebook a like web application that allow you to copy and paste your text and share it over the Internet. To use CopyTaste, there is no log in require, but if you would like to store and managed the post in the future, then may to log in to the copytaste using any OpenID provider as they included.

CopyTaste provide the normal text editor and also Rich Text editor which it also allow you to insert image or video into your note. After you enter your content, you may set the permission whether allow the public to read it or you want to make it private. To make it private mean that you can set the password or let’s the system to choose the random key to view your content. Besides that, you may also set the permission whether this text is allow comments or not.

After all done, just click on Submit button and a copytaste auto generated URL will be display on top of the text area which you may share your text with other by providing this special URL.

CopyTaste also provide the plugin for IE so that you can just right click on the text/content and post it directly from IE to CopyTaste easily.

To view my sample CopyPaste Content: Sample 1, Sample 2

Click here to go to CopyTaste home page

Just type or copy your long long text and paste it over the main text ared

Just type or copy your long long text and paste it over the main text area

A random link generated after the content submited, share your content with your friend by provide them this URL

A random link generated after the content submited, share your content with your friend by provide them this URL

Login to Copytaste using the Open ID to managed your post at anytime

Login to Copytaste using the Open ID to managed your post at anytime

After login, you may easily manage all the post done by you

After login, you may easily manage all the post done by you