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Along with autoplaying videos, Instagram has now made the decision to autoplay audio from videos depending how you browse videos during a session. 


Here’s how it works: With the latest update, audio will be off by default. If you tap to turn the sound on for one video (by clicking the speaker icon in the bottom left), all other videos will autoplay with sound too for the rest of your Instagram session.


Thankfully, you can still tap to toggle audio on and off. When you close the app, the autoplay audio also resets to off, so there are ways to get around it.


It’s an interesting compromise, and one that we’ll definitely see more social media apps follow suit if proven popular. Instagram stories will still comply with your device settings, only playing with audio if your phone isn’t on mute. But of course, in making audio a feature to ‘toggle’ on and off Instagram is assuming that if we choose to hear sound on one video, we want to hear sound on all videos.


This is perhaps slightly better than Facebook’s decision to fade sound in and out as you scroll through your News Feed. Not only has Facebook decided to autoplay audio, they’re also enabling a feature that keeps the video playing picture-in-picture style so it’s still active even if you try to scroll away. We can certainly foresee users accidentally minimizing videos instead of closing them, so we’d recommend either browsing Facebook with your device on silent mode, or disabling videos from playing with sound completely by switching off ‘Videos in News Feed Start With Sound’ in Settings.


It’s easy to understand why social media players and businesses want to enable audio, as audio is undoubtedly a large part of any immersive video watching experience. Still, it’s undoubtedly jarring (and embarrassing) to have some cheesy jingle blaring from your smartphone in a public setting, so we’ll definitely be watching to see what other developments occur.


The idiom of a picture being worth a thousand words is one that has been uttered time and time again. Rejuvenate that saying for modern times, and you’ll have something that would go along the lines of ‘stickers’ or ’emojis’ being worth a thousand words, instead.

And that’s probably one of the main reasons why we love them so much: they are able to capture and express our emotions without actually us needing to say (or type) anything at all. Of course, not forgetting that we also adore them for their irresistibly cute nature as well.

To give you an idea of just how much we truly love our emojis and stickers, LINE has decided to go the extra mile to compile everything they knew about their user base’s dependence on emojis and stickers, and visualize them in the infographic you see below.

Of course, it would be very uncharacteristic of LINE to celebrate its fourth-year anniversary without a cutesy video featuring LINE mascots Cony and Brown now, wouldn’t it? So without further ado, here’s LINE’s official, and downright adorable, fourth anniversary video.

To download the commemorative limited edition LINE wallpapers, all you have to do is add LINE’s official account on the LINE app.

Facebook phone?

By on August 25, 2012

A “Facebook phone” has been rumored for sometime, however — and many analysts regard its appearance as a matter of when, not if.
“really wouldn’t make much sense for us to do.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a conference call with analysts the social networking company isn’t interested in developing its own mobile phone.
However, his denial hasn’t stopped the pundits from projecting that Facebook still has a handset in the works.
According to Bloomberg, Facebook Inc. is working with HTC Corp. to build its own smartphone for release as soon as mid-2013, people with knowledge of the matter said. The companies had intended to release the device as early as the end of this year, and pushed back the timetable to give HTC more time to work on other products.
Several sources said that Facebook, which urgently needs to find a way to make money from its growing number of mobile phone visitors, has already hired former Apple employees who are believed to be working with HTC on the new project.
Building its own device could allow the site to collect revenue from its existing advertisers more effectively by making sure their commercial content was distributed throughout the phone’s different functions.
HTC and Facebook have collaborated before – the ChaCha and Salsa phones both featured Facebook buttons. But the presence of OS engineers on the new Facebook Phone team suggests that the new handset will feature deeper integration than just a Facebook button.
So have all the rumors simply been hot air and will Facebook instead focus its efforts on improving a widely maligned mobile app? We will know in future.

There are a lot social web site nowadays such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Google+ and so on, but do you know how to make use of it like the expert did? It’s actually more complicated than just posting a status updates at random and seeing what sticks.

When is Facebook most effective? When are you better off using Twitter, or LinkedIn? And what exactly is Google+ good for, anyway?

The business consultant network Zintro recently pulled research from more than a dozen sources including Mashable, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and Quantcast to put together this nifty infographic, which will help you develop your social strategy. Check it out below for the full report.