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.Net Version Detector is tiny applications that allow you to check which .Net version are installed in your machine. This tool is useful when you try to run or install those applications that need a particular version of .Net to be pre-installed in the machine.

The .Net Version Detector makes your life easy to find which version is installed or even download the version which may require by the application that you run.


Microsoft Operation System always comes with the difference version of default .net in the difference OS. The program will list out the version of .Net where the installed version are shown in green and others in the red. The programme also provides the links to Microsoft site to allow you to download a particular version of .Net. Besides that, it also list out where the frameworks are installed.


The program requires no installation and works in Windows XP, Vista and 7.


ASoft .Net Version Detector (425)


DNS Bechmark

By on June 4, 2012

The Domain Name System (DNS) playing a very important role in today Internet where it saves our time to remember all those web site IP addresses. What the DNS actually doing is actually it helps us to convert those entire domain names like,, into their server IP addresses.


DNS Benchmark is a freeware which that allow you to test the performance of difference DNS server so that you may select the one which offer the best response time. Most of the user will use the DNS that provided by the ISP, but have you compare How fast/slow, reliable or not the DNS servers that provided by your ISP to resolve the domain name.


Many Internet power users stopped using their ISP’s DNS servers after discovering that they were actually slow down their browsing experience, besides that it may not reliable as other. So from the DNS benchmark, you may find out the answer for this and also able to find a better DNS server that can serve you better.


Domain Name Server Benchmark - Response Time

Owner list of the public DNS server

The program come with pre-configure list of DNS servers, it will also detect the current DNS servers IP that using by your system. The servers in the list are tested for different characteristics which also involves testing for ‘redirection’ behaviour. The performance and reliability of the servers are compared with each other. Results which are continuously updated while the benchmark is underway are displayed in the form of bar graph which makes it easy to see the results. A detailed result is also displayed for each of servers which can be used by network experts. A conclusion tab is present which explain the overall result in simple English for non technical users. The results can be saved to a csv or file or can also be copied to clipboard.


The DNS Benchmark is free and no installation needed. It also able to run on all version of window.




zipeg logoZipeg is a free alternative to WinZip, WinRar, or StuffIt where Ziped support most of the common archive file format such as Zip, RAR, 7z, ARJ, LHA and many more. Zipeg is build on top of the powerfully 7zip engine and it have much more features then 7zip.

The killing features provide by Zipeg is the pictures and photo preview instantly or open in external application without extract it, just mouse over the selected file, a thumbnails will be display in the tool tips. By using this features, you may view the and search the file before you actually export it.

In addition, Zipeg also support the filenames in national alphabets in UTF-8, Unicode and codepage encodings. There is no any limitation in term of the archive file size and Zipeg is fully supported by Mac OSX and also Window XP/Vista.

File that supported by Zipeg:

  • .zip (Zip Archive)
  • .7z (7-zip Archive)
  • .rar (RAR: Roshal Archive)
  • .bz2 (BZip2 Archive)
  • .gz (GNU Zip Archive)
  • .tgz (Same as tar.gz)
  • .arj (ARJ Archiver Robert Jung)
  • .lzh (LHA/LZH Archive)
  • .z (Unix Compress)
  • .cab (Windows Cabinet)
  • .chm (Compressed HTML)
  • .cpio (Posix CPIO/PAX Archive)
  • .ear (Enterprise Archive)
  • .war (Web Archive)
  • .cbr (Comic Book Archive (RAR))
  • .cbz (Comic Book Archive (zip))

Click here to download Zipeg
Click here to go to Zipeg home page

Mouse over the picture or images file to view the thumbnail

Mouse over the picture or images file to view the thumbnail

You may also view the picture and images file in any of the photo viewing application

You may also view the picture and images file in any of the photo viewing application

Supported file list by Zipeg

Supported file list by Zipeg


By on November 7, 2009

Video2MP3 is a free YouTube, MyVideo, Clipfish, Sevenload, Dailymotion, MySpace to MP3 converter. It allow you to convert and download a video to MP3 file online. The best of the is totally free, fast, and no signup is require. All you need to do is enter the video URL into the text box on the Video2MP3 home page, than it will transfer the video to the MP3 for you to download.

Video2MP3 Logo

So you are able to listen your favorite tracks from the selected video hosting portal on any MP3 player.

Video2MP3 provide standard (64k MP3) and high quality (128k MP3) MP3, the higher quality the MP3 is, the slower the downloading speed because it need time to convert it and also the file fize will be bigger.

Click here to go to Video2MP3 home page

Video2Mp3 home page

Video2Mp3 home page

Convert youtube video into MP3 and download it

Convert youtube video into MP3 and download it

Because of I need to handle a project in my comany which include the forum features, but the language is Chinese Simplify, so I manage to find out this 9 years old product.

phpBB is a free and open source forum application. phpBB was created in June 2000 as UBB-like forum solution using the PHP language and the latest version up to today is phpBB 3.0 ‘Olympus 3.5’ (Release at 31 May 2009). phpBB is available at no cost, released under the GNU General Public License.

I choose this as my forum in the new project is because it come with an intuitive adminstration system and extensive customisation capabilities. Besides that, it is capable to supporting hundreds of million of discussions in any language and boatst some of the largest forum communities on the Internet. phpBB is developed by six core developers, more than forty team members and is supported by a community of almost 300,000 users and developers up to today.

The lastest version support the UTF-8 encoding including the Simplify chinese , tranditional chinese encoding, Russian, Thai, Turkish and more. Besides that, it support most of the most common database in market such as MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firefird, SQLList. The release of phpBB 3.0 is come with nearly 500 enhancements, modification and extenstion compare to the previous version.

phpBB also is a highly recomended forum application for those who like to customize and quickly integrate into any content management system or static web site because it come with very flexible framework, documented Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Click here for more phpBB forum features list
Click here to go to phpBB forum official page
Click here to go to phpBB forum download page

phpBB forum home page

phpBB forum home page

phpBB sample forum backend admin control paner

phpBB sample forum backend admin control paner

Just working out on the phpBB3.0 on the user registration integration with the main web site. Because of I plan to write the main web site using the coldfusion + MS SQL, so the only way as I may thinking of to do the integration is write a web service a like page for my coldfusion application to call.

After read through some forum, blog, web site and finally find out the way for the integration and here to share my simple PHPBB 3.0 user registration integration code.

  < ?PHP
  define('IN_PHPBB', true);
  /* set scope for variables required later */
  global $phpbb_root_path;
  global $phpEx;
  global $db;
  global $config;
  global $user;
  global $auth;
  global $cache;
  global $template;

  # your php extension
  $phpEx = substr(strrchr(__FILE__, '.'), 1);
  $phpbb_root_path = "../";

/* includes all the libraries etc. required */
  require($phpbb_root_path ."common.php");
  require($phpbb_root_path ."includes/functions_user.php");

// username of the user being added
$username = 'david';

// the user’s password, which is hashed before inserting into the data base
$password = 'password';

// an email address for the user
$email_address = '[email protected]';

// since group IDs may change, you may want to use a query to make sure you are grabbing the
// right default group...
$group_name = ($coppa) ? 'REGISTERED_COPPA' : 'REGISTERED';
$sql = 'SELECT group_id
        FROM ' . GROUPS_TABLE . "
        WHERE group_name = '" . $db->sql_escape($group_name) . "'
            AND group_type = " . GROUP_SPECIAL;

$result = $db->sql_query($sql);

$row = $db->sql_fetchrow($result);

$group_id = $row['group_id'];

// timezone of the user... Based on GMT in the format of '-6', '-4', 3, 9 etc...
$timezone = '8';

$language = 'zh_cmn_hans';

// here if the user is inactive and needs to activate thier account through an activation link
// sent in an email we need to set the activation key for the user... (the goal is to get it about
// 10 chars of randomization) you can use any randomization method you want, for this example,
// I’ll use the following...
$user_actkey = md5(rand(0, 100) . time());
$user_actkey = substr($user_actkey, 0, rand(8, 12));

// IP address of the user stored in the Data base.
$user_ip = $user->ip;

// registration time of the user, timestamp format.
$registration_time = time();

// time since the user is inactive. timestamp.
$user_inactive_time = time();

$user_row = array(
    'username'              => $username,
    'user_password'         => phpbb_hash($password),
    'user_email'            => $email_address,
    'group_id'              => (int) $group_id,
    'user_timezone'         => (float) $timezone,
    'user_dst'              => $is_dst,
    'user_lang'             => $language,
    'user_type'             => '0',
    'user_actkey'           => $user_actkey,
    'user_ip'               => $user_ip,
    'user_regdate'          => $registration_time,
	'user_dateformat'   	=> 'D M d, Y g:i a'

$user_id = user_add($user_row);

echo 'userid' . $user_id;


Click here for PHP Cross Reference of Architecture PHPBB3

Word Art by Wordle

By on September 27, 2009

wrdle-bigWordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

You may create the word clouds by copy and paste your bunch of text in the the text area, enter the url of your blog, blog feed or any other web page that has an Atom or RSS feed. After you get your word clouds, you may edit it by changing the font size, font type, font color, layout, or remove certain language from the wordcloud.

Currently Worlde supported most of the language but not Chinese and Japanese, base on the author, this is because they cannot reconize the word split for this 2 languages.

For more question, you may refer to the Wordle FAQ page.
Click here to go to Wordle home page

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 1

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 1

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 2

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 2

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 3

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 3

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 4

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 4 puts you at the center of all the conversatinos you care about by letting you easily manage your e-mail, facebook, myspace and twitter communications in one secure place, so you’ll never miss another message.

I believe most of the internet user may have more then one email account nowadays, and we used to login to each email account through the web mail to check your inbox. But it maybe troublesome if you need to login more then one email account just to check your email. Here come the that allow you to check all the conversations and email at one place.

After you register and verify your email account, just login to the and add your webmail account into Fuser. You may add more then one email account into and you may also add the social network account into Fuser.

To add any new email or social networking account just click on the “Add/Edit account” link at the left bar, to edit your account configuration such as adding a new Avartar, changing the password, changing the registered email, just click on the “setting” link at the top right bar.


Good news for all the new e-commerce seller, especially for those who just start their online business with very low capital (like me).

Now webShaper is target to help this group of people to join the e-commerce market. With this new “Webshaper + Paypal” promotion, you can start your online business as low as RM 1 per day. This special attractive promotion started by today until the end of September 2009.

At the mean time, if you first 100 user who sign up this special promotion within the promotion period, you may get an authentic Paypal Crumpler-Style bag for FREE.

Why Webshaper + Paypal?

I believe of the online user should know that Paypal is one of the world well know payment gateway which allow you to accept 19 different currencies from 190 countries around the world. (Paypal 2009 Fast Facts).

On the other hand, Webshaper is one of the top SEO friendly e-commerce solution in Malaysia. Webshaper is develop by Neowave who they have a very good experience in e-commerce field because they are only focused on building the best and most cost effective e-commerce solution for SME as ranging from one-men-show to large enterprice such as AirAsia and Telekom Malaysia.

With the combination of most powerful, SEO friendly, Cost effective E-commerce solution and the well know payment gateway in the world, now you may turn the whole wold web user become your customer.

Are you ready to turn the world web user become your customer? Just kick start from here.

dreamweaver_logoI believe a lot of people facing the problem of the Adobe Dreamwaver 3 are use up a lot of your CPU resources, eventhough you are not actually open a lot of file in the Dreamwaver.

I try to find a lot of crack to get the issue solve but no luck until I finally found it from one of the forum via Google.

What you need to do it just download the crack from this link and replace the Dreamwaver.exe in your installation folder. Remember to turn off your dreamwaver when you try to replace the file, then just try to open up your dreamwaver and see.

Click here to download the patch

Dreamwavear 3 CPU usage before patch

Dreamweavear 3 CPU usage after patch