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Bulk Rename Utility

By on December 16, 2012


Bulk Rename Utility is an easy to use file rename program (a.k.a. file renamer). Renaming multiple files has never been easier! It has a small memory footprint so it can be left running all the time without consuming all your memory. It started as a freeware Visual Basic tool, but as its popularity has grown it has been completely rewritten in C++ to be robust and lightweight – and very, very fast! It can easily handle folders/discs containing well over 100,000 entries… and it can batch rename 1,000s of files in seconds.
The software is freeware and gets downloaded very frequently. It has a large base of regular users. Most of the features have originated from other users’ suggestions. As such, it is continually being enhanced and improved.
As well as being “recommended” by a number of web sites, Bulk Rename Utility has also appeared on many magazine cover-discs, from Brazil to Sweden.

Some of the features provided by Bulk Rename Utility include:

  •  Rename files, folders or both
  • Remove, add or change text in the file names
  • Perform text substitution
  • Change the case of file names
  • Remove characters or words
  •  Remove digits or symbols
  •  Append or prepend text to file names
  • Append dates in many formats
  • Append the parent folder’s name
  • Auto-number files with flexible rules
  • Automatically preview the new names
  • Sort the file details by any column
  • Group configurations into “favorites”
  • “Bulk Rename Here” Windows Explorer extension
  • Directory recursion – process sub-directories too!
  • Regular Expressions support
  • Rename files from an input text-file list
  • Create an “Undo” batch file
  • Log activity to a log file
  • Change file and folder date/timestamps (created, modified, accessed)
  • Change file/folder attributes (hidden, read-only, archived)
  • All settings retained between sessions
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Rename photos using EXIF metadata (i.e. “Date Picture Taken”, “Resolution” and other information embedded in all JPG photo files)
  • Rename MP3 files using ID3 tags (a.k.a. MP3 ID3 tag renaming).
  •  Command line support ***

In addition to Bulk Rename Utility, it also provide the Bulk Rename Command. Bulk Rename Command is a lightweight, fully-compiled executable file contains many of the features of Bulk Rename Utility, but it is designed to be run from a command line. It is perfect for inclusion in batch files, login scripts, or scheduled jobs. The application is controlled entirely via program arguments, with no use made of .INI files or the Windows Registry.

Click here to download

KuWo – All in one music box

By on February 25, 2012


Kuwo Music Box is a free music player for you to search, download, listen music, watch video clip, watch MV, browse forum, download game, images and much more. With such functionality, it should not call as music player, but should call as Music Box, or entertainment center software.

With the build in search engine in the KuWo music player, you can easily search a song or MV either by the song title; arties name, or album name. It includes the song from Asian, European, Japan, and Korea.

If you have no idea what song to listen, then “Today Recommended” may help you to discover the hit song, newer song, and newer album in the market. You may also look at what actually other users are listening at and just double click for the song title to get your copy.

When you found what your favorites song, you may choose either to download or stream it directly from Internet. With the KuWo Music Box, the song lyrics will be search and display to your automatically.

The beauty of this music player is if you are login your KuWo account while you listen at the song, it will actually accumulate some point for you and you will get promoted when you reach some point to enjoy better benefit. In addition, you may also synchronize your play list no matter where you are, as long as you login to your account.


zipeg logoZipeg is a free alternative to WinZip, WinRar, or StuffIt where Ziped support most of the common archive file format such as Zip, RAR, 7z, ARJ, LHA and many more. Zipeg is build on top of the powerfully 7zip engine and it have much more features then 7zip.

The killing features provide by Zipeg is the pictures and photo preview instantly or open in external application without extract it, just mouse over the selected file, a thumbnails will be display in the tool tips. By using this features, you may view the and search the file before you actually export it.

In addition, Zipeg also support the filenames in national alphabets in UTF-8, Unicode and codepage encodings. There is no any limitation in term of the archive file size and Zipeg is fully supported by Mac OSX and also Window XP/Vista.

File that supported by Zipeg:

  • .zip (Zip Archive)
  • .7z (7-zip Archive)
  • .rar (RAR: Roshal Archive)
  • .bz2 (BZip2 Archive)
  • .gz (GNU Zip Archive)
  • .tgz (Same as tar.gz)
  • .arj (ARJ Archiver Robert Jung)
  • .lzh (LHA/LZH Archive)
  • .z (Unix Compress)
  • .cab (Windows Cabinet)
  • .chm (Compressed HTML)
  • .cpio (Posix CPIO/PAX Archive)
  • .ear (Enterprise Archive)
  • .war (Web Archive)
  • .cbr (Comic Book Archive (RAR))
  • .cbz (Comic Book Archive (zip))

Click here to download Zipeg
Click here to go to Zipeg home page

Mouse over the picture or images file to view the thumbnail

Mouse over the picture or images file to view the thumbnail

You may also view the picture and images file in any of the photo viewing application

You may also view the picture and images file in any of the photo viewing application

Supported file list by Zipeg

Supported file list by Zipeg

Recover your mail client password

By on October 18, 2009

Mail Passview is a small password recovery tool that help you to recover your passwords and other account detail for the email clients such as

  • Outlook Express
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 (POP3 and SMTP Accounts only)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007 (POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SMTP Accounts)
  • Windows Mail
  • Windows Live Mail
  • IncrediMail
  • Eudora
  • Netscape 6.x/7.x (If the password is not encrypted with master password)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird (If the password is not encrypted with master password)
  • Group Mail Free
  • Yahoo! Mail – If the password is saved in Yahoo! Messenger application.
  • Hotmail/MSN mail – If the password is saved in MSN/Windows/Live Messenger application.
  • Gmail – If the password is saved by Gmail Notifier application, Google Desktop, or by Google Talk.

For each account, Mail Password will display the

  • Acccount Name
  • Application
  • Email
  • Server
  • Server Type (POP3/IMAP/SMTP)
  • User name
  • Password

Again, please bear in mind that if this application is misuse by some body else, this can be the tools to hack your email.

Mail PassView (750)


IM Password recovery

By on October 18, 2009

I believe a lot of   who do not share their PC will just store the MSN password on the computer and turn on the auto log in whenever the computer start up.

But after long time, you may not remember your long saved password, now you can recover back your MSN password by the MessenPass application to recover the password.

MessenPass is a password recovery tools that reveals the password of the instant messenger application such as

  • MSN Messenger
  • Window Messenger (In Window XP)
  • Window Live Messenger (In Window XP and Vista)
  • Yahoo Messenger (Versions 5.x and 6.x)
  • Google Talk
  • ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003
  • AOL Instant Messenger v4.6 or below, AIM 6.x, and AIM Pro.
  • Trillian
  • Trillian Astra
  • Miranda
  • GAIM/Pidgin
  • MySpace IM
  • PaltalkScene
  • Digsby

Please bear in mind that this is a helpful application that can help you to recover your saved password but yet it also may explore your password to the public if some one misuse it.

To use this application, there is no installation require, just download it and run it from the zip file. It only work if you currently log into your IM application or you chose to remember your password in one of the above IM application

MessenPass (692)
After run the MessenPass, it will immediately disply the Software, Protocol, Username, and password

After run the MessenPass, it will immediately disply the Software, Protocol, Username, and password

Word Art by Wordle

By on September 27, 2009

wrdle-bigWordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes. The images you create with Wordle are yours to use however you like. You can print them out, or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends.

You may create the word clouds by copy and paste your bunch of text in the the text area, enter the url of your blog, blog feed or any other web page that has an Atom or RSS feed. After you get your word clouds, you may edit it by changing the font size, font type, font color, layout, or remove certain language from the wordcloud.

Currently Worlde supported most of the language but not Chinese and Japanese, base on the author, this is because they cannot reconize the word split for this 2 languages.

For more question, you may refer to the Wordle FAQ page.
Click here to go to Wordle home page

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 1

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 1

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 2

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 2

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 3

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 3

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 4

Tech Sharing wordcloud sample 4

opera_logoThe competition in web browser market become more competitive after the launching of Google web browser – Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8 by Microsoft, and Firefox 3.5.

Now Opera is get into the web browser competition by annouch their latest version of browser call Opera 10 with the Turbo. Before this, you may or may not hear about the Opera Turbo, you will ask in your maind what is the turbo doing in the Opera Web browser?

Opera Turbo is actually a features that help you to boosts up your internet bandwith speed on slow connections by using the Opera proxy server to compress data and imgae traffic before it reached the Opera browser on your computer.

There are dozens of new features added, but the most common one are:

  • use Opera Turbo to turn your sluggish a broadband beast.
  • Enjoy Visual Tabs. Just drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.
  • Use Opera Link to keep your Opera browsers synchronized everywhere.
  • Speed dieal that gives you quick access to your favorites web sites.
  • Opera Link that allow you to synchronize your bookmarks, Speed Dial entries, notes, and personal bar wherever you go.
  • Everything build in, no other addon needed.
  • It’s totally free

I personally like Opera very much because of the stablality of the application. In addition, if you are the heavy internet user, with the shortcut key and the mouse gestures you will feel that how easy to use opera compare to other web browser.

There are much more thing and hidden features for Opera 10 Web browser, give a try for Opera and continue to discover it.

Click here to visit Opera home page
Click here to download Opera 10

dreamweaver_logoI believe a lot of people facing the problem of the Adobe Dreamwaver 3 are use up a lot of your CPU resources, eventhough you are not actually open a lot of file in the Dreamwaver.

I try to find a lot of crack to get the issue solve but no luck until I finally found it from one of the forum via Google.

What you need to do it just download the crack from this link and replace the Dreamwaver.exe in your installation folder. Remember to turn off your dreamwaver when you try to replace the file, then just try to open up your dreamwaver and see.

Click here to download the patch

Dreamwavear 3 CPU usage before patch

Dreamweavear 3 CPU usage after patch

Window Run Command

By on May 22, 2009

I believe most of the advance computer user will know how to ultilize the window run command. But for the normal user may not ultilized it but more prefer to click by mouse.


The most common use command is [cmd] and also [notepad]. By using the window run command, you may just press on [Window Key] + [R] on your keyboard and type the command.

The following are some of the window run command that you may or may not use, but I suggest if possible try to remember the most common use which will help you to save your time and also reduce the movement of your hand.

Accessibility Controls

Add Hardware Wizard

Add/Remove Programs

Administrative Tools
control admintools

Automatic Updates

Bluetooth Transfer Wizard


Certificate Manager

Character Map

Check Disk Utility

Clipboard Viewer

Command Prompt

Component Services

Computer Management

Date and Time Properties

DDE Shares

Device Manager

Direct X Control Panel (If Installed)*

Direct X Troubleshooter

Disk Cleanup Utility

Disk Defragment

Disk Management


New in Gmail Labs – Undo Send

By on March 23, 2009

gmail-logoUndo Send – Another amazing new labs features developed by Gmail team.

Most of the people are waiting for this features long long time ago. Most of the time we only notice that we make some mistake in the email immediately after we click on the “Send” button.

Now with Undo Send features, you may still stop and undo the send within 5 seconds after the button clicked. But bear in mind that this features can’t let you pull back the email that’s already done; it can only holds your message for 5 seconds so that you may still recover back the recent make mistake.

How to get this features?

  1. Login to your Gmail account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Go to Labs tab
  4. Go to Undo Send in the long labs features list
  5. Click the Enable radio button
  6. Save the change