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Test load your website around the world with

By on June 25, 2013

Loadsin home page

Home page for is a free web application which powered by the WatchMouse performance monitoring service that give you the possibility to see how fast your website loads in a real browser from over 50 locations worldwide. is good for those website either your visitor came from difference country than where your server hosted. It is useful to see how long it takes to load your web pages. With you simply enter the full URL of the page you want to check, and the page is retrieved by a browser at a random location. For each subsequent check you can choose a specific location and browser profile.

As a result you will be presented with:

  • The load time of the web page.
  • Snapshots of the webpage at different times during load.
  • Errors or warnings if they occur.
  • A complete timing break down of all elements of your page in a waterfall chart.
  • The possibility to download the timing results in the Http Archive (HAR) format. is a unique and free tool:

  • Checks your site with real browsers.
  • Choose from Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer or FireFox browser profiles.
  • Checks your site from over 50 locations.
  • Provides snapshots and waterfall charts for each check.
Loadsin result page

Result page after few try on the page from difference country


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