10 Phrases Programmers Use Too Often


1. I can fix that.
This is usually followed by hours of growling in frustration.


2. Just a minute…
This one is also usually followed by hours of growling in frustration.


3. Let me see that.
Developers are “hands on” type of people.  If something is going wrong, they don’t want to watch you fight with it over your shoulder, they want to get their hands on it and fix it themselves.


4. That’s not my code.
When a bug is found, usually it’s “all hands on deck” to figure out where the problem came from and how to fix it.  And when you can pinpoint who caused the problem, well, everyone loves to find a scapegoat!


5. “End of Day”
This phrase gets tossed around a lot.  It represents the final culmination of all programmers’ hopes, dreams, and aspirations.  It also makes a neat talking point.


6. You wouldn’t understand
Developers’ jobs are hard.  They involve complex ideas, hours of intense work, and a lot of pressure.  Helping lay-people understand this work in also difficult, and sometimes ends in failure.  This phrase is the easy way out.


7. Let me Google that…
If you come across a problem, chances are someone has met up with the same issue.  That’s what the internet and forums are for – searching for the solution.


8. Where is the documentation?
Documenting your code as you write it is incredibly important – especially if others will be using the program.  Running across a program with no documentation is frustrating, to put it mildly.


9. Coffee break!
There is a joke: programmers turn caffeine and pizza into code.  While this is clearly meant ironically, it is true that sometimes a little break can help your brain find the break through to a solution.


10. That’s not a bug, it’s a function!
Meant as a joke, but sometimes so true…

If you think there should be a quote which can join this list, leave a comment.



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