5 Ways Technology Is Changing Ecommerce

Customers who are keen to using technology have a huge effect on ecommerce business. Those times when customers were thinking whether buying something online is worth the risk have passed. Nowadays, technology helps customers keep track to their online orders. In addition, customers are now able to interact with retailers.

As technology is changing the world of ecommerce, there are certain benefits for both sides. Customers are able to access a range of tools which help them compare prices, get coupons and locate stores, whereas retailers can make their connection with customers stronger and build their brand faster.

Here are some of the ways in which technology is changing ecommerce business:

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Mobile apps are influencing customer/retailer relationship


Apps have given retailers the opportunity to connect with their customers. They no longer have to wait for someone to come to their store since businesses can now reach people everywhere. Even if they are not shopping, ads they have on their phones remind them of brands available out there, as an option.


Retailers are on customers’ minds more than ever


Email notifications are becoming pushed out more and more by marketers in favor of smart phone push notifications. These features allow marketers command consumer attention more than ever. All of those promotions that were once filtered as spam or scrolled down by consumers are now catching customers’ attention right on their home screens. By doing that, retailers inform their customers about the newest sales and promotions.


Personalized customer experience is growing


It’s not new information that customers want personally relevant shopping experience. What is new is the fact that technology is making personalization standard. These marketing methods are good for those who want to build a loyal customer base. Ecommerce sites are starting to realize that they need to adapt to the new customer service standards which are being set by technological improvements.That can be done by servicing customers on various channels- email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other channels that are being used by customers to connect with brands.


Customers like the convenience of lower prices and faster delivery


With the increased demand for convenience, same-day deliveries pose new challenges for retailers. It is not at all cheap to put a driver behind a wheel for the same-day delivery. Due to that, online stores may encounter the need to make their price tags higher. But, technology comes to the rescue. In future, such deliveries could be done by drones or automated vehicles. Sites like Amazon have already started to use drones for their deliveries. Those sites that want to gain competitive edge offer their customers faster deliveries with lower prices.


Small businesses are taking over


The future for small businesses is looking bright, especially for those jumping into the ecommerce market. Consumers are now able to discover brands they have never heard of through their smart phones and social media. Thrift shops can now set up an online shop and offer global access to their products.


Technology is changing our lives more and more every day. Social media, mobile and cloud technology gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground faster or even start up a business from home. Those retailers who want to stay at the top or get there need to start thinking of using all the benefits Internet and technology has to offer.


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