9 Ways to Increase Conversions

Conversions are vital to your sales. Many times, small efforts can mean big increases in profits. Here are 10 tips on how to increase conversions:

  1. When doing an A/B test, always have a control group so you know if you’re improving.
  2. Every word is important – which words you choose for your offers make a huge difference, so test different versions. Words like “free”, “trial” or “limited offer” can increase or decrease your conversion rate.
  3. Use Data, not opinions, to make decisions – You may think something looks pretty or would be effective, but you don’t really know until you test it, either with an A/B test or checking your analytics. The best validation of a test is if someone buys. A opinion doesn’t matter if no one is buying.
  4. Be Patient – Allow plenty of time to collect statistically relevant data, at least 30 conversions.tips-improve-ecommerce
  5. Color makes a different – different colors affect people differently, so keep in mind that colors affect conversion rates. For example, red vs. green. Stop and go. Think about how you feel when you see a red button vs. a green one.
  6. Many people dislike reading – try different formats on your site – video, text, images. That way you are communicating in the way your visitors consume information.
  7. Some people like reading – on the other hand, some people, often analytical, like to read and find out all they can. For some products, off the detailed, fine print.
  8. Help people trust you – Many people are hesitant about putting in their credit card and personal information into a website they don’t know. Add trust elements such as the TRUSTe badge or the BBB seal, as well as client testimonials (text and video).
  9. Look at the large picture – there are many steps along the way to conversion: find product, select product, add to cart, enter credit card, check out, etc. Work on each step, but keep in mind that all that matters is if they buy.


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