About me

My name is David Cheong and this is my personal blog or a better called it as my personal knowledge base as well as my learning journey on the technology world. I will try to record down and share the knowledge or tools which I learn especially on the cloud technology.

I working as a consultant in Sourced Group in Malaysia, as a consultant for my company, my role is helping our highly regulated and highly compliant client to migrate their workload to the cloud especially to the AWS public cloud.

Before I join my current company as a consultant, I was a Project Manager as well as Cloud Architect for my previous company. I helping them to start the cloud journey by moving the old monolithic application to the cloud as well as refactor it into cloud native application and also into micro service architecture.

I managed to obtained my AWS Solution Architect Associate and AWS Solution Architect Professional certification in year 2018 and 2020, which I working hard to verify my knowledge on the AWS cloud. Learning is a never ending journey and I still working hard to obtain my next certificate. Currently I obtained total of 6 AWS certificate, and 1 Hashicorp Terraform certificate.

I more than happy to communicate with and of you if you have anything wish to share with me.

Hope the knowledge which I shared in my blog may help any of you to solved your problem to you may learn anything from here.