sqlinjectionThere are a lot of web site attacking method now a days, one of the most attacking method that we can easily found is the SQL Injection.

First of all, before you know about the SQL Injection, you may need to know what is SQL. Structured Query Language (‘SQL’) is a textual language used to interact with relational databases.

There are many varieties of SQL; most dialects that are in common use at the moment are loosely based around SQL-92, the most recent ANSI standard. The typical unit of execution of SQL is the ‘query’, which is a collection of statements that typically return a single ‘result set’. SQL statements can modify the structure of databases (using Data Definition Language statements, or ‘DDL’) and manipulate the contents of databases (using Data Manipulation Language statements, or ‘DML’). In this paper, we will be specifically discussing Transact-SQL, the dialect of SQL used by Microsoft SQL Server.

SQL Injection occurs when an attacker is able to insert a series of SQL statement into a ‘query’ by manipulating data input into an application.

The attacker may use the try and error method to study the database table structure and may inject the statement either to read, delete, edit your data in database or more  dangerous is they may take control ovre your database server.

The following PDF file explain the SQL injection in more detail, you may download, study and understanding the most common SQL Injection technique use by the attacker.

sql-injection.rar (2211 downloads)

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