Alpha Payments Cloud becomes Alpha Fintech


Alpha Payments Cloud has announced that it will rebrand as Alpha Fintech, bringing the focus to its API developed for commerce and payments integration.


The company operates an end-to-end middleware solution, connecting the merchant buyer and vendor supplier across the entire payments, risk and commerce spectrum through a single API and UI.


With Alpha Fintech, acquirers and payment gateways can become digital commerce solution enablers by transforming the payment transaction into an information entry point, away from the solution dead-end it is today. This means that acquirers and payment gateways can provide, apart from payments integration, the right vendor combination for each merchant’s requirements.


Furthermore, Alpha is introducing a centralized fintech vendor database to simplify the identification of new vendors and to support promising vendors.


Alpha Fintech provides third party financial technology solution access to international banks and merchants through the AlphaHub platform. The AlphaHub is a single fintech vendor management platform that allows vendors to plug into and expose their solutions.


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