Apple’s new Music Memos iOS app is available for download


Apple has just released a new app called Music Memos, that was clearly designed with musicians in mind.

At its heart, Music Memo is a recording app and draws a lot of inspiration from Apple’s own Voice Memos app. The idea is to take Voice Memos and improve it for musicians by adding features for songwriting and developing ideas for songs and music.

To begin, once you launch Music Memo, the app is intelligent enough to begin automatically recording once it hears that you are playing or singing.

Once you are done, the file is saved in an uncompressed file format, so you don’t lose any audio fidelity. Users can then name, tag and rate it to organize their recordings.

Beyond that, the app can also analyze your recording and can split your recording to measures, and suggest what chords you were playing. It can even fill in with drums and a bass line to help you get your song going.

That said, you can’t add tracks or dub in other musical instruments, these functions will require the more capable GarageBand app.

Singer-songwriter Ryan Adams said, “Sometimes ideas come faster than I can get them into my notebook so I’ve used Voice Memos and Notes to quickly capture songs before they’re lost. Music Memos is like if those two apps came together to form some kind of superpower for songs. It quite literally blew my mind how Music Memos could transform a single guitar idea into a whole composition with a virtual drummer loose enough that it felt like you were having your mind read by some A.I. musician and a choice of stand-up or electric bass accompaniments.”

Unfortunately, I can’t play any instrument to save my life, but hey, if it’s good enough for Ryan Adams, I guess it should be good enough for most musicians too.

Music Memos is available for download now from the App Store.

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