AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Around 2 years on board onto AWS platform, finally I get my first AWS Solutions Architect Associate certificate. It’s take me about few months to prepared and 2 weeks of intensive study + unlimited exam practices, finally I manage to pass the exam in my first attend.

Just to share my journey to get my first certificate, it’s really worthy for anyone who are currently using the AWS platform to attending the official training classes and get certified by challenge your self to take the exam. Yes, without the training and exam, you still able to learn and pickup the tools by reading the AWS documentation as well as learn from YouTube, but when you attending their physical training classes or virtual classes, you will understand even better how’s the AWS product working and how to implement it in a proper way.

After going through the exam, I strongly encourage the existing AWS user who are on the AWS platform for more than a year and have a strong passion on the technology, please go and get certified and proving your skill to your company or future boss. For me, this is another milestone for my career where I know that I’m on board with the right technology, right knowledge and right skill to doing my job. But this is not the end of learning a new knowledge, it’s just another beginning for my career where I need to sharpen my skill even more in deep.

My first ever AWS Solution Architect Associate badge

For those who are going to take the exam in the near future, I encourage that go and subscript the following Udemy practice ( and keep trying to get as high score as possible in every single test before step into the exam room. After you completed all the practice in the Udemy, you should be confident enough to pass your exam in the first trial.

The next thing that I going to pick up after the solution architect is DevOps as well as the Python programming, hopefully I able to achieve my target by end of this year where at lease I can kick start a small microservice which written in Python.

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