Bought my first iPhone 3Gs 32GB

Finally I bought my first iPhone 3GS 32GB. I been looking for this phone for long time where most of the shop where I ask for the phone, they need me to wait for 30-45 days before actually can get the phone.

But as my friend found out from some forum said that Maxis center in Pavilion, KL have the stock on hand and you may get the phone immediately. So just try my luck after few weeks of looking.

I reach there about 3PM and lucky that time still not much customer there and I manage to ask for 2 black color iPhone 3GS 32GB at the price of RM 2400 including the deposit for the iValue plan with the contract of 2 years (Click here for more detail plan)

After about 1 hour of waiting, I manage to get my new iPhone. While I’m waiting for my iPhone, there are about 5-6 iPhone being sold within 1 hour. As told by the sales men, that’s about 400 iphone sold in a week on average.

iPhone 3GS 003

 iPhone 3GS 012

iPhone 3GS 009

iPhone 3GS 018
Finally power my new iPhone 3GS
Finally power my new iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS 010

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