Broken Links Remover – Help you in dealing with death link

broken-link-logoBroken Links Remover is a pluging for wordpress to help you to monitor all the link in the blog post and will removes(hides) the broken links from the reader (either is human visitor or a bot).

Broken Links Remover will not actually help you to repair the broken link but it only record it and list it down all the broken link in the management panel for you to update and correct it later on.

This tools is useful when the number of blog post increasing significantly because to checking all the possible broken link become an impossible job for you. Sometime the broken link that you found is becuase of the link destination temporary out of service but is not a real broken link.

Why Broken Link Remover so important?

This is because your reader will get annoyed when the link that they click are bring them to a “404 Not Found” error page or they actually get redirected to some other unknow website. This redirection could even be a result of a hacker. But as your work hard to build your web site and definitely don’t want this to happen to your reader which may bring down your site’s reputation.

Not only for human reader, it also affected your site ranking if the search engine spider found that there are so much broken link in your site. With that, the search engine spider will rank you negatively because they will think of your site either a death web site and no longer active any more.

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Broken link remover options screen shot
Broken link remover options screen shot

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