Passing client User-Agent from CloudFront to origin

These few days I try to setup the CloudFront for my website and everything working fine as per expected except the real user agent is not passing from the CloudFront to my origin server, instead it’s replace the user-agent to “Amazon CloudFront” when I check from my Nginx Log. After some Googling, and find out…

Updating AWS CloudFront IP to Nginx

CloudFront become a very common CDN/Reverse proxy nowadays because of their high availability and easy to use. So if you place a CloudFront as a proxy server in front of your Nginx web server, than the Nginx web server not able to get the real customer IP address. Same thing will happen if you using…

Hosting private static content in S3 using AWS Cloudfront

AWS S3 is always a best place to keep your static content for your website due to the nature of high durability and also high availability. And it’s always highly recommend to set your S3 bucket as private, but how to host a web static file without a public access? This is where the AWS…

Auto update CloudFront IP into security group using Lambda

AWS CloudFront (CDN) provide a better performance and low latency to the website visitor by caching the content at the EDGE location which closer to the visitor location. CloudFront not only provide the performance improvement to the end visitor, it’s also provide the lower cost of content delivery from your origin to the end visitor…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0