S3 bucket policy & IAM policy

AWS S3 provide a lot of flexibility on the permission control, you can either attach the policy on the IAM user, buckets or use the pre-canned ACL. That’s no right or wrong way to attach the policy on either IAM or resource level, it’s depend on your use case and you can use both side…

Accessing S3 using VPC endpoints

VPC endpoint enables creation of private connection between VPC to the supported AWS services. As an example use case, we want to accessing S3 bucket from the EC2, we may need to access it over the public Internet. By travel out from our VPC to the public internet and than come back to AWS S3…

Hosting private static content in S3 using AWS Cloudfront

AWS S3 is always a best place to keep your static content for your website due to the nature of high durability and also high availability. And it’s always highly recommend to set your S3 bucket as private, but how to host a web static file without a public access? This is where the AWS…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0