Alibaba to launch online payment platform AliPay in Canada

Alibaba Group has announced that the online payment platform AliPay will officially launch in Canada through a partnership with Snap Pay.   Due to this announcement, Canadian retailers will start accepting Chinese currency from Chinese shoppers this week. More than 450 Canadian merchants are said to already accept AliPay in an unofficial capacity. Chinese consumers visiting Canada will…

Alipay rolls out in 242 Starbucks across Malaysia

Alipay has announced is now available for Mainland Chinese tourists at all 242 Starbucks branches across Malaysia.   Chinese tourists can find a nearest Starbucks through the in-app Discovery platform, and pay for their drinks in RMB via Alipay.   Starting from August 18 to October 31, a Chinese tourist using Alipay in Starbucks can enjoy…

China targets mobile payments oligopoly with clearing mandate

China’s central bank has ordered online payment groups to operate through a centralized clearing house, a move likely to undercut the dominance of Ant Financial and Tencent by forcing them to share valuable transaction data with competitors.   China is the world leader in mobile payments, with transaction volumes rising…

Tencent opens its credit rating system

Tencent has opened its credit scoring system to limited group users on QQ, WeChat’s older sibling.   This marks a big step forward for Tencent:  not only does this fill in a glaring gap in their product lineup, it also puts them in direct competition with Alibaba’s Sesame Credit.   According…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0