Xoopit – View your Gmail in the new way

Xoopit(under beta) is a firefox plugin that bring you the new way to browse all your photo and YouTube link that sent to you in a single spot. The search function in Xoopit allow you to easily find your stuff instead of you mesages. If you wish to find the… – Sending future email now

Are you ever thinking of sending tomorrow email by today? Not understand? Then you should check out this web site – is a free way for you to send email in the future. You may use this as your reminder email or auto message to your future self in some time…

Filemail – Sending large file using email

You may face the problem of how to sending a large file to your friend or colleague, either 50MB of PDF file, excel file or 200 pictures. Most of the email server will limit you to the max file attachment of 10MB, even you may send up to 10MB of…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0