17 Frustrations Every Programmer Can Relate To

1. You become the computer repair guy. Truth: Most of the time you just Google the problem. 2. You suddenly forget how to code because… Stack Overflow is down. 3. When you change one line of code. Advertisement 4. When you try to solve a bug. 5. End user have no idea…

9 Things Developers Hate to Hear

1. Uh oh…No one likes hearing this – not parents, not repairmen, not developers. They don’t like hearing others say it, and they don’t like hearing it come out of their own mouths. It usually means bugs.    2. Can you fix my computer?This question is the bane of all…

10 Phrases Programmers Use Too Often

1. I can fix that.This is usually followed by hours of growling in frustration.    2. Just a minute…This one is also usually followed by hours of growling in frustration.    3. Let me see that.Developers are “hands on” type of people.  If something is going wrong, they don’t want…

This mother thinks her son ‘runs the google’ on her computer

This mother thinks her son ‘runs the google’ on her computer

RAID concept in the real life

This is the most easy way to understand what is RAID and how’s to referencing the difference RAID technology

Are you living in the Internet infinity loop?

Most of the internet user are stuck in the following infinite loop, are you? .

iPhone vs Android vs BlackBerry – How Smartphone Users See Each Other?

Found this interesting info-graphic online on how the iPhone user, Android user and BlackBerry use how they see each other as well as them self. This infographic was created back in 2010 and Window Phone 7 was excluded. 

iPaid Apple

The funny photo when the whole family is falling into Apple i series product.

What's the difference between 15 years ago and today

The advance of the computer today has change our life style since many years. The way we listen music, watching movie, reading news, playing game, and socialize.  

The reason why not to purchase Apple iPhone5 [Just for fun]

    This photo is just show for fun, that’s should be none of the above function cannot done by iPhone either., pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0