Google Data Centers Now Open to the World

For the first time, Google has opened the doors to its data centers, giving the world a look at where all their data is stored. They recently invited photographer Connie Zhou to their datacenters so she could go trigger happy and snap everything that went on there. The photos can…

Little Firefox

Cute and Little Firefox Logo

Hands On Computing

The way your figure on the keyboard show what type of people you are.

The reason why not to purchase Apple iPhone5 [Just for fun]

    This photo is just show for fun, that’s should be none of the above function cannot done by iPhone either.

WinSnap – Window snap shot creator

WinSnap is a small enhancement screen capture tools for you to cpature the screenshot and edit it. WinSnap provide the easy way for you to capture non-rectangular windows with customized and transparent backgrounds, simple and automatic canvas transformations, coloring effects, and the addition of eye-candy drop shadows. You may set…

Weby Icon Set – 100 Free Icons for your blog or site

Weby Icon Set present you the new icon set designed by Asher Abbasi especially for IconsPedia and its readers. There are about 100 icons at the size of 64*64 pixels are ready for you to be used in your application, website, or even webblog. The icons are available in PNG,…

PicReflect – Reflect your image online

PicReflect is a web tools that allow you to add the reflection to your images. It is totally free and resources saver, because many people will use the image editors tools such as Adobe Photoshop to done the job for them. This kind of software normally require a very powerful…

SEO Friendly Images – show your images to search engine spider

I like to put the images in most of my blog post because I believe that with photo, it can make the post look more interesting so that can help to reader to increase the ability to understand the content better. But one of the worst thing is that the…

MobaPhoto – Free photo editing software

MobaPhoto is a freeware that allows you to create some professional looking photo galleries for your webpage. MobaPhoto also allows you to resize, crop or correct red-eyes of all your pictures very easily.  It allows you to create automatically some beautiful photo galleries and upload them on your website without…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0