Simple step to install Lucee in Ubuntu Server

Installation of Lucee on your local machine, following this help link : How to Set Up Railo CFML Engine with Tomcat and Apache on a Debian 7 or Ubuntu 13 VPS Open your terminal and follow the instruction given below Commands : aptitude update aptitude -y upgrade Installing Apache aptitude -y install apache2 Install Lucee wget…

Refreshing Coldfusion Web Service WDSL

Using web service is one of the good solution when you try to consume 3th party or integrate your system with other system without knowing how their internal logic. When you try to call the web service for the first time, CF actually will chace the web service by using…

ColdFusion: ValueList Query to Array List

The most easy way to convert ColdFusion query column to array There are few ways to do the same thing, you may query out the data from the Database using query, than loop through all the row in the result set and append the item one by one. But…

ColdFusion 10 Server Lockdown Guide

The server lockdown guide for ColdFusion 10 is now available on the Adobe website. The ColdFusion 10 Server Lockdown Guide will help server administrators secure their ColdFusion 10 installations. You will also find several tips and suggestions intended to improve the security of your ColdFusion server.  

Merging Two Structs in ColdFusion

The following script showing how to merge 2 ColdFusion structure into one. The following sample showing 2 difference structure which each has two keys Notice the commented out version. That is the underlying method to do the same thing as StructAppend.

ColdFusion 8 Ajax Features Overview

Special thanks for Scott Bennett who is the author of this article, in the article he summarize the CF8 ajax features which is pretty easy to understand the full picture of what CFAjax and provide/do for you.   Enjoy and happy learning.  

Looping through A to Z in ColdFusion

There are always more than single methods to accomplish the same job in programming language. To loop through the letters from A to Z in ColdFusion there are also more than one way, but I personally found out the following 2 methods are simpler and strain forward.   Hardcode the…

Looping over ColdFusion Structure

The following are the reference and sample code on how to loop over a structure without knowing its keys.   <cfset testStruct = structnew() /> <cfset testStruct.key1 = "test1" /> <cfset testStruct.key2 = "test2" /> <cfset testStruct.key3 = "test3" /> <cfdump var="#testStruct#" /> <cfloop list="#structKeyList(testStruct)#" index="key"> <cfoutput> Key: #key#, Value:…

Adobe ColdFusion 10 Release

After few months of beta release for the Adobe ColdFusion 10, finally come to the final release version of CF10. There are a lot of blog, video, website and forum discussing about the coldfusion 10 where you can easily discover the beauty of the new ColdFusion 10. Besides that, you…

Secure Profile in ColdFusion 10

Installing ColdFusion is not an issue for most of the administrator, but the problem come when you try to configure the server at the release state and also secure. There are too many setting and tuning you need to secure your ColdFusion server. So with ColdFusion 10, there is…, pub-3772983857049267, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0